2015: it’s a reading wrap

By | January 3, 2016

my final 2015 numbers thanks to another beach author binge: 102 read with 38 unfinished.

Wow, just wow. I didn’t finish the A-Z challenge but that’s mostly a product of not wanting to read what I’m told to read so 2016TBRPile challenge it is. While I hope to read more, my goal is 75 due to a lack of series to binge on. I do want to read a better cross section of fiction and non and am happy that of the two books I’ve read so far, it’s one apiece

Some thoughts on 2015 reads:

  • I really was all over the map: from Tess Gerritsen, Mary Higgins Clark and Nevada Barr to non fiction on making of sushi, people who never lived and a number of sports books. I really do like to read most anything with words.
  • I wanted to do a genre breakdown like I did last year, but with 102 books it’s just too long. Maybe I’ll try to go as I go along this year.
  • Kindle Unlimited is awesome. So many new to me titles and authors
  • My unfinished tell me more about my reading interests than those I finished. While a friend referred to those as books I’m “saving for later”, I really don’t think so. They’re just either not my personal interest or so poorly written. The few that I think I might return to – usually a case of running out of time before the library hold ran out:
    • Among the Truthers – Jonathan Kay
    • The Colossus of New York – Colson Whitehead
    • Hungry Monkey – Matthew Amster-Burton
    • Moby Duck – Donovan Hohn
    • The Tastemakers – David Sax

Maybe ones for the 2016 challenge? I did just join this challenge to go with the TBR one:

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge

6 thoughts on “2015: it’s a reading wrap

  1. Barbara Olson

    Hi Cari, Congratulations on your accomplishments for the year! Since you seem to love to read, would you like to review my brand new book called “THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF ARIZONA”? I noticed that you reviewed one about travel tips in the southwest. Although mine is mostly photographs of Arizona, along with some light history and copy about my “grand tour” of the state, it seems to be an area of the country that you enjoy! Please reply and I will let you know how to download a pdf for your review.

    Keep up the good work! ~ Barbara

    1. cari Post author

      Hi Barbara. Please do let me know how to access a PDF as well as your timelines and whether you’d like me to post it here/Goodreads or elsewhere. I’d love to read & review it as I’m hoping to return to the southwest later this year.

        1. cari Post author

          Thank you. Confirming that I was able to download it. I should be able to read it as soon as I finish my current book. What wonderful photos.
          One suggestion – see if there’s a way to edit the file name so it shows the book title? When I load it in iBooks I just get the file name as title. I think it would better “sell” the book that way too.

        2. cari Post author

          I just finished & posted reviews to Goodreads, Amazon & LibraryThing. Beautifully done.

          1. Barbara Olson

            Wow! Thank you so much for that great review and I’m thrilled that you loved the Route 66 pages. That was a highlight of one of our trips. I’ll have to investigate the LibraryThing. Thanks again!


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