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#GoTheDist: Halfway There

Whooah, we’re half way there
Livin’ on a prayer
Take my hand and we’ll make it – I swear
Livin’ on a prayer

Holy crap. Not only am I way more than halfway to my 500 miles goal, but I’m almost halfway to my original goal of 750 which I revised in early May. Part of that is due to the improved weather, part due to some ridiculous walks and part due to my determination to beat my daily Jawbone goals. Competitive with myself? Never! But I love my data.

Here’s to an even more amazing Q3 and second half.

Go The Dist: Revised

I did it. I finally bit the bullet and revised my #GoTheDist goal for the year. Not because I’m less active than I thought, but because my initial goal was essentially a math error. I bike at roughly 3x the speed I walk, there was no way I was going to hit what was essentially a bike goal. So the new goal is 500 miles. That’s still highly debatable, but at least it’s realistic-ish.Here’s my mileage so far this year:

Walking ///  Biking
Totals for January 16.28 ///  58.89
Totals for February  20.52 /// 54.15
Totals for March  25.08 ///  37.61

Totals for 1Q   61.88 ///150.65

Totals for April   56.5 ///  17.71

I walked nearly as much in April as I did in Q1! Partially a factor of the improved weather, and partially helped by 16m in two days, but there’s no reason I can’t keep it up. I walked all over the planet last Spring and can do it again. I did realize it’s a good thing I’m not going to do the Great Manhattan Saunter since 9 miles killed my feet on Sunday. All isn’t good with those numbers though — reflects a drastic decrease in gym visits. Time to fix that.

#GoTheDist: Q1 Complete

with today’s workout complete, Q1 of the #GoTheDist challenge is as well

Q1 mileage:
114.23 bike / 4.01 walking

62.18 bike / 8.61 walking

62.57 bike / 31.24 walking

238.98 bike . / 43.86 walking

Although only the ~239 miles counts for #GoTheDist, I’m very impressed with those totals. While it looks like I wasn’t any more active in March than I was in a (sick & traveling) February, it’s more that I walked home a lot more. Not as strenuous as the gym, but good activity and good for the head.

Thought about adjusting up my #GoTheDist goals but as the weather gets better, I’m morel likely to spend more time outside, so might not be as easy to hit my goals so I’ll keep it at 175, and re-evaluate in April or early May. Where on earth did this year go? In the interim, I’ve added goals. Beginning March 1 I recommitted to tracking (22/31 days. Infinitely better than the 0s the previous months) and this month I’ve committed to strength training. So we’ll see.

I also finished Tales from the Scale. Mixed feelings on it, but glad I read it