Don’t like the weather?

By | January 28, 2024


last Saturday, thawing my thighs with last of their heat

Thursday night, running in a skirt

Just wait five minutes… All the seasons this week. Linking up with Kim and Deborah to talk about running through some of them.

A runner and her shadow

  • never miss a Monday: a rare Monday WFH day and the chance to run by the river. My warmup was way faster than it should have been and decided to take that burst and turn it into some 400s-ish. Ish because the path is a bit torn up and there’s some ice to contend with, but the session felt good. Isn’t that what running should be? I took advantage of being at home and got to the gym after work for a strength session and some rowing.

Lunch with colleagues

Hi, Grandma

  • Tuesday: My department and our research team work closely together and we’re both small so we do a team restaurant week lunch once or twice a year. We focus on Jan/Feb restaurant week since the SVPs of both teams are February bdays and why not have more reasons to celebrate? Fun takeaway from Tuesday, it was finally dress-ish weather after some frigid temperatures and when I reached in my pocket and felt something I assumed it was a mask, receipt or something equally boring. No, it was $16.  Funny story, when Grandpa died we buried him with toll money because he always gave it to Dad when he drove them home after Sunday dinner. When mom, my uncle and grandma were cleaning out his closet they found bills squirreled away in pants and jacket pockets. Grandma put that toward a piece of jewelry she bought after he died and would say Nick bought it for her. Tuesday was the anniversary of grandma’s death and grandpa would have been 109 yesterday. I don’t know what I believe in, necessarily, but that made me smile big.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink and eat udon

  • Wednesday: speaking of smiling, a many times postponed udon date with a colleague. The portions were insane and it was delicious.

such a fun day… 2018

  • Thursday: I never say no to the chance to run outside in January after work. Total glow worm moment as I did not expect it to be warm enough to shed the coat-typically my lower body is warmer than upper. I used to be a religious M/W/R runner, but it’s not working well with three days in the office so I’m running when I can rather than stressing about when I can’t. Dessert was a Crumbl cinnamon bar which, happy Cari! Was also the anniversary of one of my favorite work moments. The Met had a Michelangelo exhibit, we were working with Nickelodeon and had Mikey et al as our Family Ambassadors and… insert magic. We took him into the exhibit and Dendur, and it was such a blast.

proudly ridiculous

who stole the skyline?

  • Friday: mani/pedi, dinner in DUMBO with friends. It wasn’t quite as warm as Thursday but more than comfortable enough to wander around ISO dessert. Wanted to see the Bridge’s new lights but it was so foggy it was surreal.

We CAN all come and go by bubble

  • Saturday:  my weekend long runs have drifted later and later in the day, which isn’t odd for winter when there’s no heat clock to get out the door. Two of the friends I was with Friday asked if we wanted to meet Saturday morning and it did feel very good to have 8 miles done by 10:30 or so. I went to the gym after to stretch and otherwise had a low key day with a good book: Sarah Pekkanen’s House of Glass if you’re on NetGalley.

all the data

  • Sunday: row row row your boat, indoors and out. Been a while since I did a 5K row but it felt good.  I am so glad I made the decision to join the gym. It gets me out of the house on rainy off days and it’s so nice to have all the space for stretching and strength. Other than that, just some football and reading ahead of a busy week on tap at work.

11 thoughts on “Don’t like the weather?

  1. Darlene S. Cardillo

    Yes a crazy weather week. Lots of rainfall but now it’s snowing.

    I missed Fred today. But I did get in a race in the rain. I walked the whole thing and had fun. That’s what it’s about.

    Love the bubble.

    I agree about the gym. I’m heading there tomorrow before work. Otherwise I’d sleep in.

    See you at the end of March.

    1. cari Post author

      The snow would be less wet, but I don’t mind the rain runs as much as it’s mild. I was not sad mot to be running Fred. Everyone was in the park yesterday to avoid today’s weather. Yay fun!

  2. Debbie

    Yay for found money! I love that your family put toll money in your grandpa’s pockets before he was buried. My sons gave my dad a bag of M&M’s to take with him – he’d always given them M&M’s when they were little. The undertaker put the M&M’s right in my dad’s hands so it was quite the conversation starter at the viewing.

    1. cari Post author

      I love your undertaker’s sense of humor and that’s a sweet idea from your sons to honor their memory of him. Grandma took atlantic city money with her, and then a doll that we had no idea what to do with but she loved. It’s all about honoring them

  3. Deborah Brooks

    A definite bizarre weather week everywhere! That’s a fun memory about your grandparents. My grandma used to always squeeze some cash into my hand when I would see her too “just in case”. Even after I got married she said I should always have my own money just in case. Miss my grandma too!

    1. cari Post author

      I love your stories of adventures here and there with her. <3
      We should definitely always have our own money even if the traditional reasons of a pay phone or cab fare don't necessarily apply

  4. Wendy

    That’s such a fun story about the money in your pocket. I love it when that happens and sure, maybe it was your grandma who put it there! Nice work on the running–I’m not a fan of this gloomy weather, but the temperatures can’t be beat!

  5. Jenny

    Well, it got hot and humid here again last week, but today it was 50 degrees for my run!!! It’s supposed to be cool like this all week, and that makes me very happy.
    Love your photos- especially the bubble! Are you coming down to Florida this winter? I can’t remember. I know Darlene will be here in February!

  6. Kimberly Hatting

    Awhhh, what a gesture from Grandma 😉 I’m sure it warmed your heart. We all need little feel-good finds like that. I love that pic of the lighted bridge! The fog may we gloomy, but it does make for an artistic backdrop!

  7. Jenn

    That story about your grandmother (and grandfather) warms my heart. How lovely.

    We have had many seasons, too.

    Love Michaelangelo! I’m a Donatello girl, but ninja turtles are always cool!

    Love that you were able to get in some runs and some gym time. And look at that udon!

  8. Liz Dexter

    Love the story and the money in the pocket! And the bubble. Am so behind but some have escaped the blog post cull *waves*


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