a weird week

By | March 21, 2021

A good weird week, but still a weird one. Routine was a little upside down, but you roll with it. Also, I got excited about cooking something that wasn’t salmon, which never happens. OK, I should say making, not cooking, but utterly obsessed with Deborah’s dill pickle ranch dressing. It made my baby carrots way more appealing. I love fresh veggies, but carrots just bore me for some reason.

I can’t wait to run in these

While I wish I wore Launch because those are gorgeous, I can’t wait for these Ghosties to come in the mail. While I have two pairs of shoes still in rotation, they’re both over 100 miles and I just retired my last pair of New Balance 1080s so I really did need a new pair. The pandemic has taken my love of not matching to a whole new level and these shoes will help.

Alice in Covid Wonderland

If we’re Facebook friends, you may have seen me occasionally bumping a March 28, 2020 photo of Central Park’s Alice in Wonderland statue with a new season photo. I’m not an Alice person but there’s just something stable about something that was always there through this crazy year and especially in spring when my knee was cranky, she was often my morning walk turnaround point. These are a few favorites.

One random upside to Peloton and Apple Watch. Without the need for other music, I don’t need to carry my iPod which means phone in the pocket and no running belt. I like my SPI, but sometimes it’s just annoying. The iPod is coming up on two years old and it was a refurb, so I don’t regret that purchase especially for the long solo runs during marathon training.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

  • The wind was bad during my Sunday Pi run (to the extent that Kim’s sign blew away!), but I’d missed how strong it was going to get. I knew I was going to miss a Monday after running two days in a row, but when I woke to a 12 degree wind chill I had zero interest in even a walk. Luckily it “warmed” up and I took advantage of the long daylight to walk the long way to Target via Central Park and Alice. Target was an 0fer on the two things I wanted, but I did get a chocolate bunny so not all is wrong in the world. I am so glad we don’t have the York Peppermint Patty Easter Bunnies here as while I made one last a month, I could also kill one in a day.
  • Tuesday: Was supposed to be a running morning, but it was still obscenely cold and I had no interest. It was less the taste of spring last week and more the prospect that there was warm(er) daylight after work available. One of the benefits of that decision was that when I was feeling good 2.5 miles in, I could turn it from a four to a six mile run because there were no time constraints. I got snowed on briefly, but it was a really solid, fun run. Since there was no plan to run six, I still haven’t done the Manatees virtual race. Oops. I’ve avoided the Peloton police, but please don’t report me to the virtual race police either. 😀
  • Wednesday: 30s felt tropical so I kicked off the day with a nice three mile loop to and around the Great Lawn. Reminded me of last summer with all the puppies (any dog is a puppy) off leash and with fewer layers needed people are beginning to emerge from a winter clothing den. Great way to start the day.
  • Thursday: finally back to a morning run routine and it felt good to get the day started right. We were actually hoping to get out for a spring return of the office run group, but mother nature wasn’t having it. I didn’t mind running solo in light rain and it also meant I had the chance to try the new Balega Ultra Glide socks that Marcia mentioned and I love them. I runfess that I cheated on Balega with crap socks while in Florida and paid for it with a blister when I was caught in the rain. No more.

such a welcome sight. Cameo from PS72, they just don’t build schools like that anymore.

  • Friday: magic. The first day of the city’s Open Culture program and while it was frigid, couldn’t have a more beautiful day. I headed up to El Museo, the closest site to me, to enjoy the Fogo Azul dancers. To my surprise, the galleries were open to event attendees and I got to safely museum hop. While I did some museums in the fall before the holiday spike, I hadn’t been inside one in way too long and I got unexpectedly emotional. While I have enjoyed all the outdoor time and truly believe humans are meant to be outdoors, it was so nice to have art on my instagram again. I can’t wait until more people are vaccinated and being indoors feels normal.

fun random bird sighting


  • Saturday: oh hello spring, welcome home. Weather aside, I knew the day was going to be great because I was meeting my original running buddy. Somehow I can’t find any posts on it, but when I first graduated to running outside I joined a meetup group and Beth and I met. We clicked in a way I didn’t with the others and have become good friends, although we haven’t run together in a few years. When we met for a walk and talk last week she said she was thinking of running again and we’d decided to meet up. Whee! Our group always ran the bridle path and so we did loops upon loops in a run/walk with stops for crocuses, and by the time I got home I’d crossed 10 miles, a mental barrier for many months. It is so nice to run with people and it really made the miles go quickly. I spotted this friend as I of course had to pop by Belvedere Castle on my way home. A funny moment while running, I took off my outer long sleeves and my gloves slid off my wrist, which another runner helpfully rescued. So yes, short sleeves and gloves on my wrist. Oh March. After a shower, change I headed back outside to read because it was warm enough to sit outside! I can’t even explain how happy that made me. After dinner I sat on my stoop and finished a book and people watched. Life is weird, but good.
  • Sunday: pleasantly surprised not to be sore after yesterday’s miles (thanks all the stretching classes!) and headed outside with my Kindle soon because it’s way too nice to be inside.

24 thoughts on “a weird week

  1. Liz Dexter

    I do need to do those stretching classes rather than just watching the videos to see what they’re like … Also yay 10 mi!

    1. cari Post author

      depending on the day, strength or stretching are my favorite classes. Basically depends on the run. I think after 11 today you earned a stretch or six

  2. Deborah Brooks

    I have noticed that so many cute Brooks patterns seem to come in the launch and not my Glycerins. Oh well! I am so excited that you love the ranch dressing. I will be making some more myself this week. Enjoy! have a great week ahead

    1. cari Post author

      I’m on my second batch – the one I sent you the pic of made from relish. They’re both really half batches as I bought the small chobanis. Need to see if Peapod has the larger one in stock.
      Boo on missing out on the fun patterns. I’m loving what’s in the Brooks as other than my NYC Marathon ones, New Balance were solid so these are all fun

  3. Wendy

    Glad you were able to partake in some art too! It feels like one more step closer to ‘normal’, right? Ok, off to check Brooks to see what they’ve got in the Adrenalines!

  4. Beckett @ Birchwood Pie

    I cannot justify getting the tie die shoes since I just got the Lucky’s and I know that I’ll want the Old Glories…but I sure keep looking at them;-) I don’t wear Ghosts but they really upgraded the Launch this year so the insides match the cool designs.

    1. cari Post author

      I loved your Luckies when you posted them. I don’t have any fun Brooks so this was an easy buy
      How cool re: inside match. The Ghosts have words too but they didn’t match

  5. Jenn

    I’m sorry you had a weird week. It was one here, too. I love that you get to safely museum hop. That has to bring such joy and hope to you.

    Now I want dip. With chips. Because that sounds divine.

    1. cari Post author

      Seriously. Museums are my escape but also my dose of and hope for normalcy. If I could have one piece of that safely, maybe we’re trending toward some true recovery
      Someone made me want hummus so we’re equal!

  6. Kim G

    Sounds like you found the perfect way to jazz up carrots!

    I wish I wore the Brooks Ghost sneakers because those are super cute! I just purchased a pair of the Adrenaline 20’s since those are now on sale and I really like them, but the color isn’t that spectacular, lol.

  7. Jenny

    Yay for a ten miler! That must have felt good.
    Brooks are usually too narrow for me in the toe box, but apparently they have a brand new shoe, Trace, which is wider. I’m going to check it out!

    1. Lisa @ TechChick Adventures

      The Trace is the model of shoe that I was a product tester for! I’ve received 3 of them for testing. I really liked them! What is really crazy is that I started testing them in March 2019. I started to think they were never going to make it to production!!

  8. Darlene S Cardillo

    Ha Ha – I bought purple shoes too.

    I have nYC Ghosts just because.

    This was such a cold windy week ..I skipped runs and I rarely ever do. Maybe I can make up for it this week. The weather looks so much better but I don’t want to jinx it.

    1. cari Post author

      I have NYC 1080s, but wasn’t wearing Brooks until this past summer. So glad I made the switch.
      Hope your weather gets it together.

  9. Michelle D.

    Those are fun shoes! Now I feel the need/itch to go check the Brooks site 😉

    Well done on the double-digit run!

    So glad you got to enjoy some art. I so miss going to museums…sigh.

  10. Coco

    Wow on the 10 miles. I am trying to psych myself up for that next weekend. Yay on the museum – or art gallery? I ran by the Sculpture Garden in daylight a few weeks and even seeing that was a treat. LOL on the shoes. See, I’d be thinking they’d go perfectly with my purple leggings. 😉

  11. Kimberly Hatting

    My week was a bit weird, too. Odd weather, travel, vacation busyness & all kinds of literal March Madness. Yay for museum time! BTW, SPI belts annoy me, too LOL

  12. Marcia

    Sitting outside and people watching sounds divine! Omg those shoes! So pretty! Hooray for some museum visits too. Can’t even remember the last time I’d been to one.
    Wait: There’s a YPP BUNNY?? I need to get one for my mom. I’ve got a college care package filled with all things Easter set to go out today.

  13. Chocolaterunsjudy

    While I actually do enjoy crunching on baby carrots yum on ranch. 🙂

    Fun to meet up with a friend (any friend at this point, my life has been a little crazy with all the trips back & forth to my mom).

    Way back I ran with an Ipod Touch and a phone, because the Ipod Touch had a better camera. Eventually I switched to an Iphone. Much better (except the whole running out of space thing now).

    Sounds like a good week to me!

  14. Renée @runlaugheatpie

    Hooray for a museum hop! I can not WAIT to go to museums again!!!

    And how fun to go running with your friend Beth. That actually inspires me to one day run with the guy who inspired me to run in the first place. We live very far from one another but he actually works in the city I live in 2 days a week. No idea what his fitness level is so if it’s bad he could probably easily run with me haha!

  15. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    Yay for your 10-miler and finally getting to visit a museum. Doing both had to feel good!

    I had no idea that York makes peppermint bunnies. I need to find one for Bill’s basket! Deborah’s pickle dip sounded good, but I haven’t made it yet. Gotta try it!

    Hope you’re having a great week!


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