Running out of August

By | August 27, 2023

in person, August 2018

High Five for the 5th runversary. Thanks Jenn for the collage!

Five years ago this week, Liz and I got to run together in person. In subsequent years we’ve occasionally managed to run at the same time, at the same clock time in our respective time zones or the same distance. A couple of weeks ago I said to Liz that it wasn’t happening. I knew Wednesday – the actual runversary – was meetings heavy and unlikely to work for running. She also doesn’t run Wednesdays so we decided to make it a runversary week, because it’s about the spirit of running together. I’m laughing as I read last year’s post, I had to do the same re-staging of the photo this year. Linking up with Kim and Deborah for more of this week’s shenanigans.

here kitty kitty

  • never miss a Monday: 90 before some gorgeous weather so I decided to run into work for runversary take one. Selfies don’t work for high fives, but I always love running down Cat Hill.

one day..


  • Tuesday: I don’t run back to back, except when it’s 65 in August and I have an appointment near home that frees me with some time for a weekday Central Park run. It’s a very good day that begins and ends in Central Park.

with humans for scale


  • Wednesday: lunch in Long Island City, an afternoon meeting at the Museum of Natural History. Although I’d twice been to the new Gilder Center, I hadn’t seen the re-installed Hall of Gems and my favorite geode. Its scale never ceases to amaze me, and this sign was just mean when I had no ice cream nor cookies.

love this sign near the office

  • Thursday: one way to do speed work —  run late to meeting up with someone after yet more photos, one of which ultimately worked for the collage. It was super humid so the run was nothing much anyway.

mm lunch

can’t not buy this in hard copy

100% agree

  • Friday: off day. Up to Katonah to visit with a friend before doing some trip errands when I returned including the new Barnes & Noble. The day before I escaped The Strand’s UWS location without buying anything, but would I really be human if I escaped a bookstore on consecutive days?

spectating Grete’s Great Gallop

do I really need to put them down and walk?

  • Saturday: The plan was to run ten by the river before spectating some friends, but either my alarm didn’t go off, or I didn’t hear it. Oops. I woke in time to spectate, which was really all that truly mattered as I had time to run later. I’ve done ten miles on the treadmill once before. I really hope it’s another four years before I have to again. This wasn’t bad — I had a great Peloton stack and the Notre Dame game – but it’s just a long time. I love the gym’s Woodway treadmills, but the jelly leg when you step off is real. Another good chance to test fueling ahead of September’s race. I love the waffles, but only when I have a lot of water. It’s a weird 3 week pseudo taper, but it will work for me.

Citi Bike


  • Sunday: 4m walk through Central Park with a friend, recovery ride home. I appreciate that Citi Bike thinks I’m a crow. I’m a little hurt that it didn’t have me ride across the bodies of water. The wiggle back to Park? I forgot what a hill Lex is. Otherwise packing and erranding.

12 thoughts on “Running out of August

    1. cari Post author

      yeah. I won’t be sad if I never run double digits again on one, but it’s a useful tool when it’s gross out. I think I’d rather run on the treadmill than not run right now. That’s a shifting equation though.

  1. Susanne

    10 miles on a treadmill? That sounds tough, so well done! Personally I get bored so easily when I use indoors machines (I’m struggling with the bike at the moment) but it sure is good to have them as an option.

  2. Coco

    That is a LONG time on a tread, no matter how nice it is. Congrats for getting it done.

    That geode is amazing.

    LOL on the sandwich sign.

  3. Jessie

    way to go on the long treadmill run! Takes mental strength, but having something good to watch helps pass the time. You’re ready for your race!

    I’m really more of a Kindle girl as we didn’t move much for books overseas, but its hard to resist buying real books in a bookstore, I almost always do even though I know I don’t want to have to move them around! But the Kindle is so easy as I often just read the app on my phone on the train and you don’t need wifi to do it…BUT my heart still belongs to a real book, ha!

  4. Michelle

    My goodness that’s a long time on the mill – I don’t think I’ve ever made it passed 8 – Well done!

  5. Deborah Brooks

    Nice work this week with your runs! Love your tradition with Liz. Hope I have the chance to meet her IRL sometime. Have a fab week ahead!

  6. Chocolaterunsjudy

    The longest I ever ran on a treadmill was 8 miles; a super long time ago (in Winter, of course!). Great job!

    Looks like lots of fun things went on this week.

    I’m ashamed to admit that Amazon is my bookstore, but seriously, I like my Kindle & I get some great library books (real books) through them.

  7. Wendy

    My TM PR is 11 miles and that was in the dead of winter. I did 6 miles last week and I didn’t mind it too terribly. Either I’m getting more tolerant (not) or I’m enjoying my new workout space (more likely), it wasn’t so bad.

    I love that you and Liz celebrate your runversary! Hopefully, you can do an IRL meet up again!

    As much as I love a ‘real’ book, I do almost all my reading on my iPad. It’s easier and solves the problem of ‘what do I do with the book when I’m done?”

  8. Jenny

    Love the virtual runversary!!! And nice job on the treadmill run- that’s hard to do. I agree that the treadmill is better than nothing, and better than running in terrible weather.
    You were in a bookstore two consecutive days? You had to buy something! Now I want to go to Barnes and Noble : )

  9. Jenn

    Ten miles on a treadmill is rough! But maybe the books make up for it!

    I’m always happy to help edit pics when I can!

    Great week for you! Keep it going!

  10. Debbie

    How fun that you continue to celebrate your runniversary with your IRL run with Liz!

    I can attest that long runs on a treadmill are no fun. I had to do a couple of 20-milers and some 16’s on the treadmill when we had a particularly snowy winter leading up to the 2010 Boston Marathon.


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