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By | November 26, 2017

No, thanks. But wow

How do you know a book is going to take you on a wild adventure? I’d say a subhead like that one is a good indicator! Oddly, Antarctica was on my bucket list back when this was actually a travel blog, so in some ways this has come full circle.

Race Everything: How to Conquer Any Race at Any Distance in Any Environment and Have Fun Doing It

I really love all that Bart Yasso has to say, so I was excited when this book was announced. Early reviews seemed to indicate that there wasn’t enough new material for it to be worth retail, so I was glad when the library had a hard copy ahead of a weekend with some travel. This is a slim enough volume though that it fit easily in my purse.

This book is equal parts a race memoir and training tips. A lot of Badwater Bart’s personal details are known due to his frequent writing for Runner’s World, but I enjoyed some new to me details, such as the specific races that his Lyme flares affected. I liked his history with some of the iconic road races-like him, some of these races have aged and are no longer the race they were, so this was a nice look back through running history as well as Yasso’s running history.

I appreciated that the general training plans (the Runner’s World standard ones, I think) were accompanied by race-specific ones. Of particular use is his plan to “callous” the quads, which he covered in his chapter on Boston. This isn’t anything that can’t be found online, but it was nice to have it in one volume.

Overall, I’m glad I read this but glad I didn’t buy it, as it isn’t one I’d keep and there wasn’t a ton of material if you’re already familiar with Bart’s Runner’s World career. And if you’re a runner at all involved in the online running community, you probably are because there’s a reason he’s a legend. David Willey’s foreward set the perfect tone. The book gave me some nice training tips I plan to implement and some races I might think about (running definitely re-scratches the travel itch! But hasn’t rekindled Antarctica fire), but nothing earth shattering. A fun, light read. My one complaint, he kept writing “breaking” when he meant “braking”. It was slightly distracting


On another note…

Although it’s not one of their offered books, I think this is the first running book I’ve read since I learned of the Taking the Long Way Home book club. Another running bookclub? Win, even though I’m bad at actually doing book club read alongs. I’ve read a few that they’ve suggested (Your Pace or MineRun the World, Running Like a Girl and 4:09:43) and have a few (A Beautiful Work in Progress, The Long Run) on Mt. TBR, it’s mainly adding to Mt. TBR and I so love it. I look forward to their 2018 suggestions.

8 thoughts on “Review: Runner’s World Race Everything

  1. Liz Dexter

    I will never race in Antarctica either! Sounds like an interesting book but with a few reservations. The tweaked training plans for specific races would be useful.

    1. cari Post author

      Yep. Library or thrift shop/cheap Amazon copy but not full Kindle retail. His race sightseeing was a little like the Phil Hewitt book with a historical lens as he’s been running since the 70s.
      I tried to take in the downhill one today but ended up focusing on not busting my ass on leaves.

        1. cari Post author

          It makes me laugh – was my fear on first 5K with snow on hills and is still true, luckily without snow. Made for good hopping ala obstacle course

  2. Wendy

    Thanks for the mention! I was eyeing this book but I just didn’t know if it would be good for the book club. I’m glad you reviewed it–I think I’ll take a pass!

  3. Wendy

    I thought I left a comment but it disappeared? Any ways, I was considering this book for my blog book club but it just doesn’t have that same appeal as his last book did. I’m glad you reviewed it and confirmed what I was thinking!

    Thanks for mentioning the book club!

    1. cari Post author

      Not sure why you went to moderation on that. Released & auto approved now so shouldn’t happen again.
      I couldn’t figure out the link graphic, sorry about that. As I mentioned to Liz above this is definitely a library/second hand book. I look forward to making my way through your suggestions in 2018 and some of your 2017 ones that are new to me.

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