Crazy week! Week of 9.16

By | September 23, 2018

This is one of those weeks that turned into the reason why I was historically very good at gym reimbursement for the first half of the year but until I started running I never did a year of visits. It just gets too busy. This week ended up less than ideal, but I’m proud of myself for pushing through and getting in what I could. I finished strong, and that’s what kept me optimistic about progress. This is also the reason I missed many posts this week. I’ll try to catch up, but I am not optimistic.

Not at all running related, but a bunch of us here in the Wrap are height challenged, and I know you’ll appreciate this chapter of #ShortPeopleProblems featuring a winter coat. That’s right up there with running tights that continue on for a foot past the end of my ankle. On the plus side, I found another one that might work, and an insane Kohls fall sale. I definitely shape shifted this summer as my fall clothes definitely needed some replacement. Mainly pants. I’m feeling more comfortable in tossing the too big clothes as this running journey has showed me an ability to maintain even if I’m not actively losing.

I’d worry about purging clothes leaving me without enough but that notion was thoroughly disabused when I dropped off my laundry yesterday in an alternate bag as I hadn’t put away the load I had done two weeks ago. Oops. Looking forward to less laundry and hopefully lowering my laundry costs in fall. $128.55 Jan – May 31; 89.15 June 1-today. Eek!

Speaking of shopping, thanks all for your watch answers. It’s looking Garmin, and luckily Charity Miles has a 20% off promo running through month’s end, although I’m not sure I’m buying that soon.

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Weekly Wrap linking up with Wendy and Holly:

doing the colorful thing on crosstrain day

Shoes-and best leggings ever. Spur of the moment Walmart purchase when in Palm Springs as the ones I’d brought with me had fallen apart. Shoes are the running ones that didn’t work for me.

  • Monday: knew I didn’t want to run after two days in a row. I also knew I likely was going to be exhausted after two after work events so I decided on a 2K row. Surprisingly I had more in me so I went for another 2K with a goal of beating my first time. Done! Followed this up with a good stretching & foam roll session because I was quite tight despite rolling at home.
  • Tuesday: didn’t have time to run long, so did what I could. My usual intervals, which I now know I can increase.
  • Wednesday: mental health off day. I had my gym bag, and my dinner plans cancelled due to both of us being slammed so I could have gone, but I decided I needed a day off and hopefully an early night. Don’t regret this choice as it was also the day my period arrived which always makes me feel slightly physically off for about 24 hours.
  • Thursday: TribecaTV screening for SVU 20th. Plan was gym after, reality was a light dinner with old and new friends. Was wishing I could have run, but was so glad to see them

Quick catchup with Judy. Photo: Mr. Judy

  • Friday: speaking of new friends! Judy was in town for a few days and although our schedules didn’t align for a run, we got to meet up and I can confirm she’s just as lovely “live” as she is to read. πŸ™‚
  • After another long day at work I got to the gym. I knew I was too tired for a long run and had two runs planned for the weekend so didn’t want to overdo it. Since I’ve been wondering whether my sub 10 mile splits were accurate, I decided to see whether I could run a mile when I knew what the pace was. BAM! Goal was to try for one mile, hope was .5 or even .75. Total? 1.28 (yep, Strava math) If I had water, I probably could have gone further. This is insane to me. I think my immediate next step is to change my speed work from .25 mile intervals to .5 mile. Curious to see whether I can sustain 6.2 over a second or third interval. I’m excited about this development.

stretching after 5K. Peekaboo #sweatpinklaces

  • Saturday: one of my first world problems in loving my New Balance Vongo2s is the black ones are my favorite and I have two, both with mileage left on them. They’re two different sizes and I knew the tongue size tag wouldn’t differentiate them for too long. Luckily I spotted Sweat Pink’s laces on a freebie and knew I had my answer. Plus, who doesn’t love a splash of color?! Coupled with busy week, I had a late start today. I slept in and then enjoyed coffee and email catchup while watching Notre Dame football. At least one of my teams is making me smile this season! I didn’t have an exact plan, other than not going to Central Park. I decided to head along the route I did last week, but to see how far I could go on the Promenade now that I knew where to cross the FDR. I was pleased to see it’s open almost to Target. When I saw my splits for miles two and three I decided to pause the run at 5K to see how I was time wise. I knew it wouldn’t be a PR due to traffic lights in the first mile, but I was curious. Not too shabby! After the stretch above, I decided to see how strong I could close out the final mile-ish. It wouldn’t be as good as Friday night due to the lights, but I was happy with the pace as it came after three fairly hard miles. Training for the 10M hasn’t been what I wanted it to be, but I think I’m ready.

final stretch, in both meanings

action shot at the Boat Basin

  • Sunday: NYRR/New Balance hosted a shakeout run ahead of next week’s race and I was excited about a new route, but slightly nervous about the available pace groups. Spoiler: I not only didn’t get left behind, but I stuck with the front pacer of the 11mm-ish group for about six miles. Backing up, after running to the train because I was running late, I got to Yankee Stadium around 9:30 and we milled around a bit enjoying the crisp fall morningΒ  before heading off on this fun route. I wish I had my phone out because it was gorgeous as we crossed Macombs Dam, ran across 155th and then had a wonderful downhill alongside Trinity Cemetery before going under a tunnel and down stairs to cross the West Side Highway ramp before hitting the greenway. Otherwise dark, overcast but perfect running weather. I was flagging by the Boat Basin as my hip was sore and I had a bizarre side stitch which first flared yesterday. I said I had to run until the end of the Greenway and then I could walk the hills to the Run Center. My first and last mile reflect the walk/run periods but overall pleased with this run ahead of next week’s race even though it was probably too fast for me after yesterday’s run. Definitely going to rest the hip this week and rolled today as I watched some football.

Run center ham. I am a total buff convert

Starbucks’ smoothie

Was eager to try the new Starbucks’ smoothie as I’m not generally a fan of cold brew. It was OK — I think I prefer Just Salad’s one, but it’s nice to have another non-dairy on the go option especially one that encompasses coffee.

Bronx 10M training mileage (July 31 to date): 111.87. Pretty sure I’m just going to roll that into 15K training. We’ll see longer term whether I do a Half before February. Even better, just 1.8 miles off pace for 700 miles run on the year.

This Week:

Hopefully work a little less busy as I’d like to get in a couple of solid runs ahead of the Bronx 10 Miler. Do I have a goal? It’s going to be weather contingent. Currently looks like good running weather, but who knows. 1:57:11 is my record at the distance on a cool day but with a very photogenic course. The Grand Concourse? Not so much. So 1:57:00?

Race LinkUp: Building off the Tuesdays on the Run post earlier this month because I’ve since added a few. My updated fall running plans are:

27 thoughts on “Crazy week! Week of 9.16

  1. HoHo Runs

    How fun you got to meet and chat with Judy. I’ve had the pleasure of doing the same. Running on the Promenade looks very pretty. Well, I guess living in NYC make all of your runs scenic. All I see on my runs are trees and houses. πŸ˜‰ Good luck at your race next weekend. Thanks for linking!

    1. cari Post author

      I am completely spoiled rotten with my courses. Yesterday I went from the low 80s to 117th or so on the East side, today was 155th to 59th on the West Side. One day we’ll be able to do the whole perimeter, but in the mean time I love my segments. Especially the breeze in summer. I love suburbia running sometimes.
      I saw that photo — I think Darlene posted it? So glad you all had an amazing meetup. Thank you! I’m feeling good ahead of it

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Sounds like running is going great despite a crazy work schedule! I love running in CP but there was just no time this trip. Not sure when I’ll be back. πŸ™

    It was great to meet you! It’s always great to put a face/voice with the blog.

    And BTW, get rid of the too big clothes. You worked hard to lose the weight now show it off! Plus I think you’re a bit taller than me. Most people are. Except my MIL & SIL!

    1. cari Post author

      I was probably in slight heels. I’m 5’2. The only one in my family I’m taller than is my mom who is 4’11. I’m going to stash the clothes under my bed and hopefully toss them in spring. I did that with my too big capris at the end of last summer.

      Friday – Sunday isn’t a sustainable training schedule, but I’m riding it right now.
      And likewise, look forward to it again.

      1. Chocolaterunsjudy

        Hey, I’ve trained for a half on 3 x week (although admittedly more spread out). You do what you gotta do sometimes.

        Well, even without the heels, you’re still taller than me. My mom was taller than me, but she’s shrunk a lot now & I tower over her.

        1. cari Post author

          Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday worked well for a while and I think probably will again in time. Fingers crossed

  3. Wendy

    I didn’t know Starbucks had a smoothie! I got a free Starbucks this week for my birthday–I always get overwhelmed when I go there and order the same thing. Next time…smoothie!

    I’m glad you got to meet Judy! She is nice, isn’t she?

    Good luck with your race next weekend. 10 miles is my favorite distance. I need to find more races that are 10 miles!

    1. cari Post author

      It’s relatively new — someone just posted about it and it reminded me that I wanted to try it. I wouldn’t order it with a line though, too complicated. I’m a peppermint or white chocolate mocha girl myself, but this was nice with the protein powder. Happy birthday!
      She’s lovely — I’ve had a great run of blogger meetups these last two months and look forward to more.
      Thank you! It/15K definitely a distance I love. Also the 5M. Today I was dying on the 7 mile because there’s something about that “supposed to be done” at 5M place.

  4. Kimberly Hatting

    How fun to meet Judy!! Well, you mentioned your “height challenge” and I’m on the total opposite end of the spectrum. I’m 5’9, and all of my height is in my legs…so a lot of leggings/tights are capri length on me by default LOL I have found some nice options at Kohls, though, and Old Navy (not a fan of paying top dollar for a name brand LOL).

    1. cari Post author

      Funny – just had that same conversation with a local tall friend this weekend — she can’t find shorts that aren’t indecent.
      Completely agree re: full price. We don’t have a convenient Kohls, but Old Navy and TJ Maxx are my go-to. Also love Poshmark for cheap brands, although I don’t generally find the brands necessary. I have to wear capris or 5/8s as tights are ridiculous but at least they cuff well. The Kohls is about 5M from the train I take to mom’s and that is often our first stop since I love their Tek Gear.

  5. Liz Dexter

    Yay, you’ve met another weekly wrapper!! And good work this week in a busy week. Re differentiating shoes, I write a number inside in a few places with an indelible pen, as I have THREE pairs of sauconys the same.

    And a buff convert, eh? Could I have something to do with that? I am into full buff not hairband now it’s a bit cooler – much easier to control. I brought out one I haven’t worn for ages yesterday.

    1. cari Post author

      I have *no idea* who would have turned me on to them. And further no idea who might have given me one that so matches a shirt I’m wearing if I do a Halloween run.
      I had the size written on the tongue and a marker on the sole, but I didn’t trust either to last.

  6. Shathiso

    We are on the same page re: work. It just seems non-stop for me at the moment, and I count every run I manage in the chaos as a huge victory. Well done, for getting it all done and for taking a mental break when you needed to. I love that you met Judy – she is one of my favourite bloggers and I just love her perspective on life.

    I know I have mentioned it before – but I just love when I find someone who is similar to me in terms of pace! I did a 10 mile long run over the weekend, my best time yet in 02:00:48 so I am just 3 minutes behind you. You would be such a great pacer for me!

    1. cari Post author

      Yep I think we first started reading one another around when I ran the Brooklyn Half and we realized our paces were close. Wish we didn’t live so far from each other.

      I know myself well enough to know that while running is an escape, sometimes I need more than that to avoid burnout. Good luck navigating your busy time too.

  7. Lisa

    It’s tough to make time for workouts during a busy week but you did great! How how fun that you got to meet Judy. Hope your 10 miler goes well!

  8. kookyrunner

    I had to laugh when you were describing the short people problems. I definitely fall into that category which can make shopping for certain things a little rough.

    So nice that you were able to meet up with Judy last week!

    1. cari Post author

      You, me, Judy, Coco, Marcia. We’re a tiny but mighty team.
      Currently wearing a pair of petite, short pants that still drag.Ooph

    1. cari Post author

      I went back to my white chocolate mocha yesterday. Sometimes new isn’t better

  9. therightfits

    I love to hear about bloggers meeting in real life πŸ™‚ Connections…I love it. The promenade looks very nice! I’ve run in NYC quite a bit but not there. Great job on all your workouts this week!

    1. cari Post author

      Thank y ou! Both riverside runs are great. The west side is more continuous so a better run, but I can’t beat the convenience of the east side. Let me know if you’re going to be in town any time — happy to give you some new routes or join you.

  10. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    How fun that you got to meet Judy! I bought a few new pairs of capris last year so I’m set for this winter! I used to be 5′ 6-1/2″, but I’ve shrunk to 5′ 5″. #oldpeopleproblems πŸ˜‰

    It looks like you’ve got a busy fall racing schedule.

    1. cari Post author

      Old people problems + short people problems = world domination. Hopefully!


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