Tuesday Topics: Do Frozen Penguins Play Football?

By | February 5, 2019

if they do, I bet they’re better than I am. I love the pre-race football throw at the NYRR Super Bowl Sunday race but I am laughably bad at it. Tiny hands (not politics, a pure fact when you’re 5’2) and footballs don’t mix.

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Linking up with Kim and Zenaida to recap this weekend’s runs.

NYC Runs Frozen Penguin 10K

My beloved first race, which I did again in 2018. I noticed only after I’d signed up for Sunday’s NYRR race that NYC Runs had moved this race from March back to February. I wondered what that would mean for weather, but remembered last year’s Super Bowl run as quite temperate. I figured I’d have survived a January Half by then, so why not. I also appreciated it not falling the day the clocks changed.

As we’ve all blogged over the last couple of weeks, winter got the memo it didn’t in November-December and while we didn’t get as cold as the midwest, NYC was unpleasant last week. Luckily it showed some signs of warming for the weekend.

2018 was warmer than 2017

that was sort of true for 2019 v. 2017

That 8:42 on Saturday morning’s screen shot? Yes, I was a last minute Sally arriving. Running in 20 degree weather? Doable. Standing around waiting in it? Nope. Not going to happen. Alarm went off at 7 and I hit snooze until 7:30 when I finally got moving and got an Uber around 8:20. Like the Half, there’s no easy way to 108th & Riverside Drive. Maybe in warmer weather I run it. Maybe.

No flat Cari as bib pickup is day of, but layers were:

  • Bottom: Cuddl Dudds Climate Smart leggings under full-length tights
  • Top: Hanes base layer under Tek Gear with thumbholes under last year’s shirt topped off by a windbreaker. I knew I’d get too hot with all of that, but wanted the windbreaker for the lap that is on the water.

Speaking of shirts, while I didn’t (and still don’t) love last year’s shirt

animatronic penguin

it made way more sense than this year’s

which hemisphere is this race in?

I miss the t-shirt from the first year and there’s a reason I still wear it a lot, it’s just perfect.

When I got to bib pickup, I was looking around and spotted the 2019 shirt. Hah! I had plans to ditch last year’s shirt in favor of this year’s so I didn’t have to carry it while running, but this years is getting donated as I chafe just looking at that. I waited until the end to pick it up, not caring if they’d still have my size.

Despite arriving just 20m ahead, I still had time to kill as they let us know there would be a few minutes’ delay to deal with some ice issues at mile one. That’s the one thing about this course that always gets me — the ice and frequently leaves on the hills. They solved the issue with a small semi circle onto the adjacent hill. Yep, walked both of those so I didn’t turn an ankle.

The course is two giant loops and miles 2/5 are pretty cold right on the water, but they’re also absolutely gorgeous. No pics as phone died of frostbite pretty much on arrival. I won’t lie, I had a moment of wanting to bail after the first loop, but I didn’t. For the sake of preserving my ankle for Sunday’s run, I did walk the hills on the second lap

Speaking of last year’s shirt… I was way happier the first time

Done. This 10K managed to feel harder than the half marathon. I wasn’t miserable despite how wonderfully awful this photo is. More like “oh shit, there’s a camera. Will my bib read. Where’s the hot chocolate?” This race will never be a body then & now photo with all the layers. I would have liked to keep the windbreaker on, but it was easier to take off and hold then the top shirt would have been. Crazy that you can indeed get “too warm” when it’s 19. Legs though were perfect.

Last year, I ran to the bus. This year I sipped my hot chocolate and walked to the subway. I stretched and iced when I got home and my ankle wasn’t too bad when I went out to drop off a library book and got my favorite post-race meal.

sushi rungry

I actually hadn’t tried sushi the night before a run in a long time and was curious. It was more late lunch/early dinner, but it worked.

NYRR Gridiron 4M

long sleeved, and way more practical than last year’s white

I know that Super Bowl is a protected term, but I wish they’d call this race something less silly. Game Day 4M? Gridiron is just so dated to the point of being silly. It was another last minute arrival as I hit every light between my apartment and the park. Amazing how tropical 34 can feel after the Vortex and I was caught indecisive in what to wear, hence another race with no flat Cari. Opted for:

  • same tights as Saturday since I had a layer between them in the first wearing
  • tee shirt, last year’s race shirt and an Eli Manning tee
  • light gloves, Lebow hat both of which were off by about mile two.

one eyed, one horned, flying purple people-eater!

Last sighting of last year’s shirt, post-Holi. It never really did get clean. Less purple, yes. White? Not really

I found myself wishing for my windbreaker. Not for weather, but for the pockets. Phone, keys, metro card are a little too much for one hand and I didn’t want to, but ultimately did wear my belt. I really need to find a smaller one soon.

Corral K crossed the start line about 7m after the start. 102nd might be my favorite starting spot because you have time to get your legs under you before the west side rollers and at only four miles, you’re not trashed before you hit Cat Hill. I was pleasantly surprised the ankle didn’t voice an opinion on Cat Hill. All in all it was a good if uneventful race. I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere close to last year’s time and decided to just enjoy a gorgeous day in Central Park.

Goofball alert! (c) CheerEverywhere.JPG

Did I have fun? Not one bit. LOL I Ham, therefore I am. Life is way too short to take yourself too seriously  I really love the Cheer Everywhere team and was so glad to get this via DM.

Only oddity of this race? I had a larger dinner Saturday night than Friday and ate a breakfast bar before the 4m. Which race was I ravenous after? The 4M of course. Bodies are weird — even accounting for the hot chocolate at the end of Saturday to take the edge off.

Best news of all came Monday and will lead to fewer fun runs and more training runs, I have a referral for PT for the Achilles. Podiatrist who specializes in running also gave me some stretches to do and I did them at the gym after work.

Fingers, toes crossed.

Do you enjoy moments of silliness when you run?

Does podiatrist just sound like a doctor for old people based on its name?

23 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics: Do Frozen Penguins Play Football?

  1. Liz Dexter

    Well you know I ham it up like nobody’s business on my runs. I’ll send you a pic Trudie did on our run on Sunday which was spectacularly unflattering but you will love it. And I still have one of me and Ruth at parkrun I have yet to use on a post which is hamtastic. Great race reports and well done getting through racing two days in a row!

  2. kookyrunner

    I am notorious for flashing a huge grin as soon as I see a photographer during a race, LOL. I figure I should at least get some good race photos, even if I’m hating the race, haha.

    Great job on your double race weekend!

    1. cari Post author

      Yep! And the guerilla ones are all too often easier to spot than the officials. I’ve had the worst luck with official NYRR photos

  3. Laurie

    My hubby laughs at the way I ham it up for race photographers. Hey, I want a good picture, right? Congrats on the races, even if they were not your favorites.

  4. Kimberly Hatting

    I think it’s perfectly acceptable to be a little silly in a race. I know I’m not gonna win (and AG placings are usually contingent on who ELSE shows)…why not make the best of it? If I was a sponsored elite (and my livelihood was dependent on winning/placing), that would be a different scenario 😉 I like the tank top…but, it is odd to have a tank for a winter race. I guess you could always layer it over a real winter shirt LOL

    1. cari Post author

      Yep! I’m running because I love it (most days), so why not be silly.

  5. Zenaida Arroyo

    Not every race will be a great one so the least we can do is have fun!

    I do like last year’s race shirt for the Frozen Penguin 10K. 🙂

    1. cari Post author

      Animatronic was a thing for sure, the Ted Corbett was similar but with less penguin
      And yes, fun is key

  6. Deborah Brooks

    Ha ha on the tank top! They started doing winter hats for a few of the big races here and I liked that option. My 10K felt so much harder the other day too. I am hoping it was the just the cold. Congrats-a finish line is always something to celebrate

    1. cari Post author

      Yes! I think only Lebow and Dash to the Finish do hats here, but such a nice change. One of the random summer 5Ks did a ball cap but I gave that away right away as I never wear them. I keep hoping Dunkin’ will come back with hats for the NYC Half.
      And yes, finishing is always good

  7. Shathiso @thegaboronerunner.com

    Two finish lines in one weekend! Well done you! Haha, I always smile for the cameras and that thumbs up sign of yours looks fantastic! Crossing all fingers and toes for that Achilles – I’m so glad the podiatrist you saw specialises in running. I think that actually makes a big difference.

    1. cari Post author

      Yes. And the PT and his student are also both runners
      Taking that as a good omen
      Thank yOU!

  8. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

    Congrats on your races! Yes, the tank top seems a little bit ironic LOL, but the penguins are cute! I tend to ham it up in front of the camera, it’s one of few times that I enjoy being obnoxious!

    That sushi looks so good!

    I hope all goes well with your PT!

    1. cari Post author

      Running brings out the ham & pink lover in me
      I know you’re occasionally in NY — if your travels take you to the Upper East Side, Yuka Sushi. It’s not destination dining, it’s my local hole in the wall but oh so good
      Thank you!

  9. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    Congrats on your back to back races! I enjoyed reading your recap.

    That race tank is really cute and I would wear it in the summer and laugh about the logo. I think I would wear a race tank for running much more than a short sleeved shirt. If it’s a really cool designed shirt, I’ll wear it for work (training clients); otherwise, whenever I wear it, it would be hidden under my jacket. I tend to go from tanks to long sleeved because short sleeves are usually too warm. But then my body temperature runs so hot that I’m in tanks down into the low 40’s… LOL

    1. cari Post author

      If my penguin twin Kim doesn’t want it, you’re welcome to it although I think it’s too big for you.
      Laughing about the logo is exactly what I did when I wore the tee shirt in Florida a couple weeks back
      I can wear capris the way you do tanks. My lower legs are fine in the cold.
      My favorite cotton racing tees like the NYRR Retro one and a Brooklyn finisher I bought get repurposed for post-race lounging and /or PJs depending on how they fit

  10. Marcia

    You’re a racing machine in the dead of winter! Go you! I like the earlier penguin shirt way better too. Mad props to you for racing in the cold. I seem to have lost any desire to do so. That, and there are really almost no races here in Chicago at this time of year. All the best with your PT exercises.

    1. cari Post author

      Hah. Only when I prepay. THis weekend I did not want to go out. But really, who wants to leave a comfy couch when it’s penguin weather?!
      Thank you. I’m cautiously optimistic

  11. Darlene

    You are a running machine. LOL.

    A tank!! What were they thinking. Then again I just got a long sleeved race shirt in Florida where it was 80 degrees.

    I love that photo in the Giants shirt. Of course. We have to get cheesy for the photographer. it keeps us sane sometimes in a race.

    Good luck with PT. My arch is painless but now my shin/calf hurts – after a walk on the beach. IT band, strained muscle?

    Good luck with PT. It cured my achilles issue. along with orthotics.

    1. cari Post author

      Funny, it’s usually my arch that up and quits after walking on the beach. I so miss it. Hope shin/calf feeling better and I am ooptimistic re: PT
      Guessing the Florida one meant as a sun shield? But the running store I do the fun run through when I’m down there has a long sleeve version and the only ones I’ve seen wear it in FLL are the locals who find 50 freezing. Snowbirds just buy to support when home.

      1. Darlene

        Shin/calf is no better or worse. Just an annoyance and wondering if it will disappear without rest. Probably not.


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