Tuesday Topics: Running in a skirt

While I am a Skirt Sports ambassador, I had this post planned before the summer sale was announced. I guess that makes me a really good ambassador. LOL. Linking up with Zenaida and Kim to discuss my first ~ six months running in a skirt.

If you had asked me a year ago whether I’d ever run in a skirt, I probably would have said you were crazy. I don’t wear skirts as part of my regular wardrobe, dislike sports that make women wear skirts while men can wear shorts and didn’t understand the appeal of running in a skirt. To be honest, I didn’t even wear shorts in a race until almost a year ago.

And then I began to read more about them – especially that they had pockets. I ran for the first time with Darlene last August and I saw how comfortable she seemed to be in a skirt on a hot summer night and I began to give it some thought.

I don’t actually know when I ordered my first Skirt, but I quickly came to love that black and white lotta breeze capri.

Sweaty SkirtSports stork

and I even wore it for the Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon after taking it for a spin on a long training run. The twitter caption of dirt in a skirt is still so often true.

would you like some ham with that cheese?

It took some trial and error on sizing and pocket weight. While I wore a different Lotta Breeze capris for the NYC Half, I dealt with some more sliding and chafing than I had in Fort Lauderdale. I realized it was the weight of the iPhone X in my pocket. Hasn’t happened since as I’ve learned to hold or otherwise deal with the phone in the rare moments I run with it

pre-race Jetsons extra

I quickly fell in love with the pockets and how comfortable they were and added another pattern Lotta Breeze and my first skirt to gym workout routines

trying out new Lotta Breeze capri skirt


Workout in a skirt

As winter turned into spring, I began to appreciate an understated element of the skirts: keeping jumpies decent. Top one is a venture into the Lotta Breeze skirt and the bottom is my beloved Gym Girl, the model I quickly fell in love with.

39 going on 5!
reaching new heights!

As spring turned into summer I tried two more models: Cascade and Cool It. I LOVE Cascade, but jury is out on Cool It with only one wearing.

So sweaty, so happy. So un ladylike.
Star Sisters

and I wrapped June wearing Skirt for something not even running related: pockets for the Pride March. This could also have been captioned the return of dirt in a skirt since city dirt plus sunscreen = dusty mess. But oh this was the perfect wardrobe choice

Skirts are good even when you’re not running

I am so glad I “discovered” Skirt. Would I have been fine continuing to run in leggings and shorts? Probably. Am I glad I’m not? Absolutely. One of the best and unexpected benefits is how they fit on short people like me — I’m 5’2. the Pocketopia capris are nearly full length tights – something that doesn’t exist at my height without some major folding back. And Lotta Breeze hit where capris should, they don’t turn into full length pants!

Happy drowned rat
capris that turn into full length tights


Do I have a favorite? That’s a tough call.

  • Gym Girl is comfortable and mostly do not move around. They’re my go-to for short runs or any gym cross training.
  • Cascade has become my BFF for longer runs as I love the fit and how well they stay put.
  • Lotta Breeze – my first love, which I haven’t touched since April due to weather. I look forward to wearing them and Pocketopia more in fall & winter when I’m outdoors.

I look forward to seeing what the fall lineup brings and how a change in my training pattern influences which skirt I grab. I still don’t wear skirts in my day to day life, so I’m not sure I see Skirt being part of my regular wardrobe. The ones that I tend to run in would be too short for daily wear for my professional world, but I can totally see them as a summer casual option similar to when I toss on a pair of shorts. If I’m running indoors and don’t need the pockets, I’ll still occasionally wear my old leggings. But outdoors I love the freedom of not needing to wear the race belt for metrocard, keys and gels.

  • Do you have any Skirt favorites I should try?
  • Any wardrobe changes that changed your running experiences?
  • Do your run clothes sometimes creep into your non running world?
just watching you shop. LOL

For anyone who isn’t an ambassador, although I think everyone here has considered them, here is the sale info:

Save up to 60% off on Spring/Summer 2019 product, and don’t forget to check out the Skirt Outlet for screaming deals up to 80% off. Some exceptions may apply, no additional discounts, sale ends July 14th. Shop here with my code.

29 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics: Running in a skirt”

  • I never expected to be a skirt lover either! I am kind of obsessed with the now. So comfy. I do not like to put my phone in the pocket for running either. I feel like it pulls them down!

    • Yep. Let’s both blame Darlene and Judy ๐Ÿ˜€
      It really does, especially the large size. I love not needing the belt. I ran to the gym and errands this morning with only my small iPod, metrocard and cash to pick up laundry. Streamlined is wonderful sometimes

  • I love all of the colors of your shirts!

    I used to run in skirts too (I had a few from Brooks) but I stopped when I discovered the Oiselle long roga shorts. Now those are my favorite and use them for running.

  • I have a few skirts but still reach for my shorts first — although when I wear my skirts I’m happy with them. I think I think they are more complicated? It sounds like you’ve got a good variety.

    • I know that feeling – tends to happen with some work clothes that I never reach for but when I do, I love them

  • I love running in skirts, but my love is InkNBurn! I like the styling. They have pockets too. The skirts are shorter, so I don’t feel them hitting my legs when I run (which bugs me).

    • Hitting my legs was exactly the issue I had with CoolIt. I think I can manage it though
      I’d seen your/Coco/some Run the Year folks post InkNBurm but never saw one in the wild until last week. They’re cool
      Pockets for President — I htink that’s the one unanimous political candidate

  • I find they’re really expensive over here, maybe because they’re not such a big deal yet. I’ve seen them very rarely in the flesh, so to speak. But the pockets certainly appeal!

    I wear running kit, esp winter running kit, as an official, a parkrun volunteer and a bird watcher for the wicking and fleece!

    • I don’t see them too often in the flesh here either. Elizabeth and I ran up to a woman we saw in Skirt last Saturday. I think she was a little surprised at our excitement. Awesome multitasking on the clothes!
      Darlene, that’s about the amount you’d see here too unless you were with one of us.

  • Believe it or not, I was NOT always a skirt wearer but once I started i couldn’t stop. There’s a style for everyone.

    I prefer GGU and Lotta breeze capris. I’m not one for experimenting. Too expensive.

    • Same. My experimenting have come via hand me downs, like the one I shared with you. It only cost me a cup of coffee, that I probably would have bought for that friend anyway as we tend to do that for one another. Only one I bought on a whim was CoolIt and that was super cheap with a sale, and a coupon code. To no surprise, my favorites are yours with the addition of Cascade, which I’m in love with

  • I embraced skirt before I became an ambassador. Long before. I’ve always said I may not be a great runner, but I can look like I am, LOL! And I live in Happy Girl during the summer, it’s awesome for casual wear. I also really like the Boulder skirt for casual wear.

    It’s definitely all about the pockets — I even chose a smaller phone so it wouldn’t be a problem in the pockets.

    I had tried other skirts before Skirt Sports, but they shorts pretty much always rode up on me.

    • Riding up is the issue I had with shorts. Way too much time adjusting until I found a pair that mostly worked. I’ve worn them once since converting and that was because I wanted them to be disposable at the end of a trip.
      A bonus of CoolIt was the outside pocket I never expected. It’s unique among the ones I’ve tried

        • Long Haul was surprisingly not too hot today.
          Never seen Mod Squad. Is it that or Happy Girl that’s quite long vs the others?

            • I had one with a zippered back but I think it was the weirdly cut/sized one I gave Darlene. It fit her, but she agreed it was not a typical medium.
              I didn’t realize how much better/more streamlined I’d feel without holding all the things.

              • Sizing sometimes varies simply by print. I personally believe HG used to be looser, and have moved up to a M in it myself (or maybe it’s just the old lady loose skin thing).

                Today I wore a Super Girl top with Cool It — so 4 pockets in the skirt, 3 on the top (and the cleavage alley pocket!). I actually had more pockets than I needed for a change. ๐Ÿ™‚

                • oh I must have missed the fourth pocket in cool it, is there one on the outside on both sides?
                  I feel you on print sizing. Although I’m firmly a medium in them, my pattern GGUs seem larger than solids. I think part of the issue there is also they’re from different seasons

                  • Yes, there are two front outside pockets.

                    Some patterns are looser, some patterns are tighter. It always helps to ask on the FB group (but usually there are differing opinions, which is really weird, especially when you’re specific about skirt & print!).

                    Athleta has the same problems, though.

  • I’ve never run in a skirt (I usually don’t wear skirts) but so many people I know love Skirt Sports. I may just try running in one, especially in this heat!

    • The heat last summer was what finally got me into shorts. If you don’t want to try without knowing, Target has some super cute running skirts.
      Other than the Pride March, I can’t remember the last non running occasion I wore a skirt. Dresses a handful of times, but skirts don’t work with my wardrobe

  • Wow, you’ve come full circle! I tried running in a skirt once and didn’t like it at all. I got way too hot with the extra layer of fabric. With that being said, I love working in my running style skirts. I feel a little more dressed up in case I need to stop at the grocery store on the way home from training a client. I have three skirts – one each from Athleta, Nike, and Title Nine.

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