Recovery week

By | July 7, 2019

Mostly recovery from Pride, the 18+ miles really were fine. My feet were oh so sore on Monday from the March though.

Before I get into the wrap, who else lost their Sunday morning/early afternoon to the World Cup? I love this team!

Random notes:

  • A nice find: although I didn’t spot myself in CheerEverywhere’s PRIDE album, it was a relief to see how many were walking. It was a brutal race.
  • A not so nice find: I lost my first toenail. I don’t actually think it was running so much a stubbing my toe in flip flops, but I’m declaring myself a real runner as a result. LOL. It actually didn’t hurt and I didn’t notice until I looked down and saw the missing polish.

I was mentally and physically glad to have a four day weekend with a bonus day off on Tuesday.

nice words of advice inside Jack Rabbit


Experimenting with fueling:

With Rogue training we get 15% off Jack Rabbit purchases and the store’s only ask is that we consider them when making purchases. Considering they have a staff person at the store 2+ hours before opening to let us in to use lockers, I think that request is more than fair. When I arrived for Wednesday’s “quality workout” I realized I’d probably do better with chews. I went with the margarita cliff bloks as they had sodium and I didn’t have Propel or anything. They were perfect. I started taking them after about four or five laps (see below for workout) and I felt strong and not as wilted as I have in the past in summer. Splitting them with another runner was perfect as I’ve found they don’t keep well.

I opted to do the same for Saturday’s hot, humid long run taking one every mile or mile and a half, usually coinciding with a refill of my water bottles. I think sodium will be my go-to in summer when I’m just running with water. One day I’ll get organized when it comes to gels, Nuun or other on the go. This is usually an issue when coming from work so I clearly should stash some there.

What are your favorite summer fuels?

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

  • never miss a Monday: running wasn’t exactly in the plans, but since I never got to run Sunday and I woke to a beautiful 65 degree morning, how could I not? Three easy miles along the East River.

toes in the water, ass in the sand

  • Tuesday: a sort of run. I’d hopped down the shore for the night and a friend was staying two towns up. The best way to meet up? Run down the boardwalk. He’s much faster so he made it to Belmar before I even left. We had a nice catchup and then I had a short run back. Good to stretch the legs. Spent the afternoon on the beach with my niece & nephew before heading home.

gnats. all the gnats!

happy, sweaty runners

  • Wednesday: Rogue Training. The prescribed workout
The workout: 400m relays
Runners will find a partner of similar pace and do 400m relays alternating between on and off between partners. One partner will run a hard but controlled 400 and then tag their partner to run a hard/controlled lap while partner #1 waits and rests. Partners will proceed this way, alternating laps through 8 laps each for half marathoners and 8-12 laps each for marathoners. To be clear, each pair is doing 16-24 laps while each individual is doing 8-12 laps. There is no specific assigned pace here, but running a hard and controlled effort, starting conservatively and ideally getting a little faster as progressing through the laps.
There can be a group of 3 where 2 are running the laps at the same time.
  • the reality: yep. That. We were a trio and did 12 laps each. I tried to keep them below 10 minute miles, but I kept starting off too quickly and by the end I was just gassed. So yeah, didn’t really meet the goal, but I did my best. We’re really starting to get to know one another and have some silly fun. I’m almost matching in that photo and that makes me kind of sad.  There were so many gnats around conservatory water that they just stuck to us. We learned not to chat on the run lest we eat a gnat. In funny timing, it was right when Wendy and I were chatting about my dislike of getting dirty. My Strava is pretty funny for it as I don’t quite know what to do with my Garmin when there are rests, so it showed some super slow miles. Oh well.
  • Thursday: way too hot and needed a lazy day so I went to the gym for PT and strength training before heading to a friend’s place to watch the fireworks.

icky dirty

  • Friday: long month of work catching up on me, so I just had a short run to the gym to break in my new shoes since the filthiness of the April ones is getting disgusting and because I’ve put a fair number of miles on them since they’re my go to. I capped the day reading by the river to finish Rise of the Ultra Runners. Mental off days are the best.

A bit of motivation on a long run

I hate you Cat! Especially when I see you twice on one run

  • Saturday: another brutally humid day. The program called for seven miles and while I followed what the coach described before we left Jack Rabbit, I ended up with 8.5. I actually realized early that there was no way her route was 7, but I thought it would be closer to 7.5 and decided to follow it. I was not sad when the route did not include the Harlem Hills. Although it was 80%+ humidity, I felt reasonably strong. I was grateful for the shaded portions. I walked to eat the chews and paused during a sightseeing tour of many of the Park’s water fountains, but otherwise ran it in its entirety. Definitely my first summer long run – and I survived. As was the case last week, I went home and crashed in the AC to recover. I rallied later to go for a pedicure, buy a drying rack, and take myself out for sushi.

forgiving a Skirt on second wearing

  • A wardrobe note: I wore Long Haul earlier this spring and did not like it at all. It got buried in my drawer because it slipped to the point of causing chafing and the water bottles didn’t stay put. Saturday morning was so warm and I realized I really didn’t want the extra layer of a belt so I decided to give it another go with the new bottles that came with the belt. Love it! It slipped a little early, but like many said in the Skirt Ambassadors Facebook group, it’s fine once you start to sweat. And sweat I did!. I had the teeniest bit of chafing but that was my own missing a spot lube wise. Not only did the bottles stay put, but having them at the back of my hip vs on the stomach with the belt, they stayed frozen longer. The left one was super easy to reach so I kept going for that one, but right was accessible too.  I don’t know that this will be in regular rotation, I love Cascade, but it’s super helpful to have the water bottle pockets. And to my surprise, I’m learning to drink from plastic, reusable water bottles. The taste is not as bad as I remember from my soccer and softball days.
  • Sunday: I had plans to meet a friend for a shakeout run, but when I woke my knee and lower left calf were super sore and I decided to play it smart and not run three days in a row. I will likely head to the gym later to do some PT exercises.

Total for the week: 19.01

Training total: 50.09 and the same in donation to Joyful Heart for their important work.

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: run
  • Tuesday: off/cross
  • Wednesday: Jack Rabbit
  • Thursday: shakeout
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: 9 miles
  • Sunday: off or shakeout



  • 535,992 steps
  • 72.69 miles run
  • 235.64 miles run/walked

2019 Halfway:

  • 2,771,601 steps
  • 339.94 miles run
  • 1223.91 miles run/walked

Oh June, you were insane. I think it’s my second highest steps month to go along with my highest running mileage month. I’m below where I was at the halfway point last year, but I don’t care as I stopped pointlessly chasing steps. Garbage mileage, garbage steps. Both bad.

Gym visits, March – August: 32. Eek. Slipping. But can get in these 18 in the next two months

26 thoughts on “Recovery week

  1. Kim at Running on the Fly

    I had to laugh at the pic of the gnats on your face…because that’s a bit of a phobia of mine. When we do our bike rides, the hills are insane, so the downhills are super fast and I’m always wondering if any stray “things with wings” will wind up going down my throat. And, since the uphills are also insane there’s all kinds of heavy breathing (through my mouth LOL). So far, I think I have avoided catching anything….so far. Thanks for joining us on the link-up, Cari 😉

    1. cari Post author

      Protein. Unless you’re a vegetarian of course 😀
      One woman runs in a sports bra and she was totally covered. I was so glad I was wearing a high necked tee, which I don’t normally. I had gnats all over my arms but luckily not on my legs. I need to stick to using the sunscreen stick as I think the lotion is part of the glue.

  2. Wendy

    I don’t gel–I just run with Tailwind in a handheld bottle. I’ve tried everything and that is the only system that works for me. I can’t do anything around my waist or that bounces around. I must have some weird sensory issues or something. Anyways, the Tailwind has gotten me through 3 marathons and numerous halfs. I’ve been using it in this heat and humidity as well. Today I drank it as my preworkout. Good stuff!

    1. cari Post author

      I’m not familiar with that one outside your mentions, will have to see if JackRabbit carries it.
      Your waist sensory is my back one. I’m almost glad NYRR disallows hydration vests and the like as I tried on a friend’s and ugh, couldn’t even make it .25 mile without it making me crazy

  3. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Totally agree on garbage miles & steps, and don’t worry, as you’re training for a marathon, those miles will naturally go up.

    I absolutely loathe gnats. That was another blessing running today vs yesterday — it was not at all buggy today. If I hadn’t had a friend to run with I probably would have run with the group yesterday & therefore am really glad that I had a friend to run with today.

    Fuel is a really personal thing. I just drink water, but use Honey stinger chews and alternate with home made stuff usually (only right now I’m not running long enough to need fuel on the run). I do Nuun before & after my runs (otherwise I got horrible foot, hamstring, or hip cramps — not fun).

    Sounds like a very strong week! I remain envious of your easy access to the Shore.

    1. cari Post author

      It wasn’t buggy elsewhere in the Park that I noticed, but something about the shallow conservatory water aka Stuart Little pond.
      Mm Honey Stinger. I’m glad I can’t always find the flavors I like
      I’m usually water as even no-sugar Propel and Gatorade can be cloyingly sweet when it’s too hot, but sometimes in super heat I need something.
      It wouldn’t be good for me too live too far from the beach

  4. Coco

    We definitely planned our day around the World Cup. When I run out of food this week it’s because I dashed through the store to get home by 11. 🙂 One thing about this hot weather, it does make doing a strength workout in the a/c sound like a good plan!

  5. Deborah Brooks

    I also lost a toe nail this week. It has been sore for a month so it was time. Does not look so pretty though does it?! Runner problems indeed

  6. kookyrunner

    I have loved watching the US Women’s Soccer team throughout this whole tournament. All of those women are amazing and totally badass!

    The gnats and other bugs were out in full force during my run yesterday morning. Oh the joys of summer running!

  7. Marcia

    Congrats on the toenail! Hahaha! Great mileage for a recovery week…says the girl who ran less than 10 miles. Haha! I think I’m having a recovery summer. Yes to the World Cup Match. I was riveted!

    1. cari Post author

      I needed the mental recovery of the four day weekend more than anything. I’d worked some crazy days and while I loved it, my body was just saying enough

  8. Zenaida Arroyo

    I think I’ve lost maybe 1 or 2 toenails. Definitely not pretty but at least they grow back again. I encounter mosquitos when I run at The Arboretum. I got smart about it and spray myself with insect repellant. Those little buggers now stay away from me!

    I missed the Women’s World Cup but glad for their win. Today is the men’s Mexico v. USA and I am all about USA!

    1. cari Post author

      I need to invest in bug spray. I bought it for NEw Orleans and my southern road trip but didn’t end up needing it. So weird

  9. Melissa

    Congrats on the toenail 😁 the last time i lost one was after marathon training, but it has been a while. If I’m running a lot, I do like some Gu but I also like sports beans and the Honey Stinger gummies. These days it is mostly just Nuun!

    1. cari Post author

      Toenail badge of honor!
      I love the honey stinger ones, especially the cherry blossom ones. My brother has an REI near him and I always try to stock up on the latter when I visit
      Bought some Nuun tabs, need to remember to bring them with me

  10. Laurie

    So disappointed I did not get to watch the World Cup finals. We were traveling home from Cape Cod (an 8 hour drive). I don’t think I ever lost a toenail. I must not be running hard enough! 🙂

    1. cari Post author

      Love the Cape!
      Since I haven’t changed foot or shoe size, I’m thinking it was a rogue toe stub or marching in fit flops that did it

  11. Darlene

    Wow. What a week. You are doing great.

    I stick with gu because it works, easy to carry and too lazy to try something else.

    I’m anxious to try my long haul. I need to get water bottles for it.

    For the race I may wear the skirt you gave me.

    1. cari Post author

      So glad that skirt worked for you. It was cute, but as I said to Judy in the other post, not at all a medium like you said.
      I bought a Gu flask at the REI at Stuyvesant and haven’t used it. I need to think about swapping one water bottle for that but Saturday was too hot to lose a water.

  12. Liz Dexter

    I use Tailwind, too – it’s excellent but I do find I can’t drink enough to have it as the ONLY fuel so I have gels, too, but half as frequently. Great work in the heat! As predicted, I had gnats in my cleavage after Sunday’s run!

  13. Lisa @ TechChick Adventures

    Isn’t that annoying that Strava condenses laps to miles? I mean, if you program your Garmin to do laps at 400m, it will show the time for just that 400m, but Strava puts the whole thing together as a mile. I also always clarify that I was running really fast for a short amount, and then resting because the mile looks really slow 🙂 I want credit for the hard work!

    1. cari Post author

      Oh so it was Strava and not my poor understanding of Garmin. I thought I did it right, but then when Strava digested and spit it out it turned into a mess. YES absolutely want credit for my ‘speed’

  14. Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder

    Gnats are extra protein- we get it all the time on our Florida runs 😉

    I’m really horrible at fueling, especially since I took some time off to heal my ankle. It’s like I forgot what to bring with me on runs! I need to get better at that and get more chews and salt tabs since I’m back to summer training. Salt is key in the summer.

    1. cari Post author

      That’s me too. Between not needing electrolytes at the volume I train in three seasons, this is all new to me.


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