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By | June 9, 2019

So I was pretty sure I knew what I was going to do as far as group training for the fall. And then the details came out with an 11:00 top. Nope. I was actually feeling kind of weird about Mile High training anyway as I haven’t really done the classes in a long time and although I’m part of Team MHRC, I have literally never trained with them and was not planning to run for them in November. It’s clearly time to re-think my training plan.

Like Darlene mentioned, I’m planning to do a modified Hal Higdon once everyone quickly and unanimously gave me a heads up on Hanson. But I really want a group to train with. Especially on the long runs, although I did sign up for one of NYRR’s supported long runs. I think I can get by my large group issues if it’s not talking focused, but we’ll see.

On race shirts:

I really wanted this shirt, but it was sold out

Didn’t love this race shirt, but I’m going to buy myself the Pride one

I am not a fan of tanks. I’ve said this before. It’s less an “I don’t like my arms in sleeveless” and more “my arms chafe something awful, no matter how much body glide. I’m not giving them more surface area” and also “I live alone. I can’t sunscreen my back”

tossed a whole bunch of never worn race tanks when I last Marie Kondo’ed my closet and made plans to give this one away even before I got it. I got super excited to see the Women Run shirt, but unfortunately I waited too long for bib pickup and they were sold out. Surprisingly for NYRR/NB gear, it isn’t available on line. The Pride shirt is and I bought myself that even though my cousin is making me one for the race because I know the shirt is a tank.

I know they can’t, it wouldn’t be cost effective, but I wish they’d ask for a tee/singlet preference at registration because I feel it would make everyone happier. Which do you prefer to run in?

On general shopping:

I swear my wallet was running its own race Saturday

20% off you say?

I really, really loved the April shoes. Was so glad to find them in black because my one complaint is they’re filthy from spring mud. It’s not that I mind, but rather not do that to another pair. These have proved perfect for long-ish runs and with the second pair should get me through November. NYRR had a 20% off the entire store if you showed your medal/bib.

Skirt mail!

A prior Posh purchases arrived. Two Gym Girl, one Lioness.

Jackrabbit nutrition sale

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

  • never miss a Monday: “Friday night, it’s a given. We’ll be L-I-V-N, livin’. We’ll dance on the bar ’til we’re sleeping it off in the car. Monday morning, it’s a given, we’ll be D-R-A-G-N, draggin“‘ I was originally going to post that for last Monday when I couldn’t get off the couch until 6. This week was better, but a pre-work run did not happen. Instead I hit the gym and the LateralX for 35m and a full slate of PT exercises.

Why I couldn’t run after work

Children’s museum fundraisers are the best. DIY jewelry

  • Tuesday: had a fundraiser after work and a late start with a meeting near my apartment, so I got in three utterly serene miles before the day started.

Flat Cari ready for Global Running Day

close up of the race SWAG

I’m not sure these are cushioned enough for me, but curious to try them at some point.

3D Cari & Elizabeth. 5K Done

  • Wednesday: Global Running Day 5K. Ran to the start and home from the finish for ~5M before breakfast. Or, as I said to a colleague, I ate the Harlem Hills for breakfast. That early of a start was hard after a late night/poor dinner and found myself fighting a neck headache all day. After an after work event I went to the gym for a really solid stretch, PT exercises and some weights.
  • Thursday: what do I know better than to do? Run three days in a row. What did I do? Run three days in a row. This day started off rough anyway as I was wide awake at 4. I pushed through and the office run group went about as well as could be expected given it was 82 and humid. I cratered after Cat Hill and had to stop to get my breath. I opted not to do the Harlem Hills, but met the others at the west end of 102 where I cut through. The Sisters were a serious challenge. I’m not worried — it’s just one of those runs – just hoping it’s out of my system ahead of Saturday. Time to acclimate to summer.
  • Friday: off. 100% needed. Eked out step goal, barely. Didn’t particularly care. Got in a pedi and some good reading time although sunset fizzled.

traded layers for sunscreen. And yeah, that shirt is familiar

  • Saturday: The Women’s Mini is, besides my beloved Frozen Penguin, the only race I’ve done 3x (2018, 2017). I love hate the Mini. In 2019? I LOVED IT. It went perfectly. Recap to come, some photos on Insta. I was a happy clam after this. After the shopping trip I went to sit by the water and read. A perfect Saturday.
  • Sunday: headed up to the Hudson Valley to visit a friend. Lunch, hike, sunset. Some combo of all three.

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: Highline & Vessel with Darlene
  • Tuesday: morning run
  • Wednesday: run
  • Thursday: off
  • Friday-Sunday: long weekend at the beach. Can’t wait to run the boardwalk

28 thoughts on “Planning, shopping, running

  1. deborahbrooks14

    So glad to read that you had a great race. I saw some IG photos and it looked like a fun one. Re the race shirts- I like either a long sleeve or a tank. I am not a fan of running in short sleeves. Those are the ones that give me chafing issues. Love that womens run this town shirt! Thanks for linking up

    1. cari Post author

      That’s funny – I just assumed that tank would be worse chafing than short sleeves but maybe not.

  2. Kim at Running on the Fly

    I prefer tanks, or long-sleeved shirts/jackets. Short-sleeved tops just feel (and look) awkward on me, they’re usually too boxy and/or have crew necks (which I detest LOL). I know, I have high standards. I’ll be looking for the race recap…glad it went well! Thanks for linking with us!

    1. cari Post author

      Boxy is the issue I have with so many men’s cut shirts if they’re not athletic cut. And don’t get me started on football jerseys.
      I prefer V but don’t mind crew. Had one last year that was so small a crew it felt like a turtleneck

  3. kookyrunner

    What a bummer that the race shirt was sold out – it’s so cool. Now I want one, lol.

    For shirts I actually prefer tanks and long-sleeve shirts. I feel like I have so many short sleeve shirts from various races.

    Glad to hear that the 10K race went well this weekend. My mom wants to do this race next year so I have already penciled it into my calendar. The one year I did it I really liked it.

  4. Liz Dexter

    I am exactly the same about tank tops (vest tops) – i would chafe to perdition. I’m glad we have an alternative club tshirt in orange with black I can wear for any races where I’m not competing FOR club (which is all races I do!) in black and orange! A good solid week, and NOOOOOO to running three days in a row! I can’t even ever contemplate it!

    OMG did I tell you at the Liverpool Expo they had a gu stand and they had Mint Chocolate and it’s on sale in the UK now!!!!!!

    1. cari Post author

      I think I saw it in your recap maybe? Yay. I wish it liked me because it’s so delicious. And it’s one that comes in the large packs. We now have a beer one too which is a little odd to me.
      So if you were competing for club you’d have to wear the vest top? I think I’m technically supposed to as I’m affiliated to Mile High Run Club, but I never have. I think they did come out with a tee shirt though recently.

      1. Liz Dexter

        Ah no sorry, that wasn’t clear. We can wear a tshirt or even really a long sleeve top with the logo on, for running for club, but for when it’s hot (the bit I missed out!) we have an orange colourway we can wear to avoid boiling in black.

        1. cari Post author

          Gotcha. We see a lot of tanks over sleeves in the shoulder seasons & winter, which I guess makes for on brand layering
          PS: What’s colourway? Google isn’t helping “translate”

  5. Renée

    So, I like tanks, but I get the chafing thing. So not all tanks work for me. I also chafe with certain short sleeve shirts. It’s tough finding what works and what doesn’t. I will likely always have bingo arms and I’m ok with that. I’m such a sucker for expo/ race shopping – can’t believe I made it out of Liverpool RnR expo with my wallet 100% intact!

    I hear you on wanting to run the long runs with a group. It’s the one thing I’m constantly “complaining” about. I miss this in my city – and my social groups are not so social anymore, plus my training group only trains together on training days. Everyone does their own thing for the long run and besides that I’m too “slow” and have no one volunteering to run with me on those days. I’m about to enter another marathon cycle knowing this so I need to suck it up now, knowing that this aspect won’t have changed…

    1. cari Post author

      Wow, that is impressive re: Expo. There was only one thing I needed at the NYC Half one – new race dots – and of course no one had them. I need to find someone doing a summer race and beg as I can’t wait for FLL. Don’t think I’ve seen them at any NYRR expo.

      I have a local friend who is also Team Pokey, but not sure I can talk her into long runs. I really, really wish someone would start a slower runners running group. I see enough of us at the NYRR races, but it can be hard to find a critical mass. One day! When does your cycle start

  6. Coco

    Sounds like you had a great week. I love your outfit for that fundraiser — you clean up nice. 😉 I like tanks for Orange Theory, but I run outside in t’s for the same reason. Glad you liked the 5K!

    1. cari Post author

      Thank you! I love that dress beyond all reason and never get the chance to wear it since it’s a winter-ish dress but sleeveless.

  7. Rabbit Food Runner

    LOL my wallet likes to have it’s own little race every now and then as well. Especially on Global Running Day. A race discount? Sure! A new t-shirt? Why not!

    1. cari Post author

      Hahaha yes. Glad I’m not alone. Luckily for my wallet, the GRD discounts weren’t as much of a temptation. I did miss a race discount, but I’m pretty sure they just blasted the Ambassador discount widely and I’d rather give someone I know the credit then just take the generic one

  8. Wendy

    I love that race shirt. See, I’d be obsessed with it and looking everywhere for it. LOL. I’m team tank. I’ll wear a short sleeve, but I prefer sleeveless. I get twichy with too much fabric.

    1. cari Post author

      It paid off, it surfaced again on the clearance rack this week!
      The Pride shirt is going to be too much fabric, so an 80s side tie might happen.

  9. Laurie

    Glad your race went well. I will look for the recap. I love your skirts!!! I am ready to buy some skirts again. I like to run with tank tops in the summer. Short sleeved shirts are OK for when it’s in the 50s or 60s, but anything hotter than that and I prefer a tank.

    1. cari Post author

      Thank you! Running unleashes my love of things not black, purple, grey so I’ve had some fun with Skirt Sports. I was recently in Target and running skirts seem to be in fashion again. Wish I’d been able to find them in Feb when I forgot my shorts for Florida.

  10. Zenaida Arroyo

    I prefer tanks too but sometimes do wear short sleeve tops. I used Hansons before and actually enjoyed my runs but I would be tired all of the time. Fortunately I was off that summer and would take a nap every single day with my cat, Lola. 🙂

    1. cari Post author

      I’m a fan of naps. I wish we could reclaim all the ones we didn’t take as kids

  11. Chocolaterunsjudy

    I used to think the same thing about tanks. Then I found some better glide (Hammer, Pjurative) and while chafing still can happen, it rarely does. I don’t live by myself, but I use spray sunscreen so I’m able to mostly get the back.

    You got SHOES as swag? How is that even possible? Even if you don’t run in them, you can walk in them, right? I use old running shoes to walk the dogs.

    Sounds like it was a great week all around & you’re rocking that dress.

    1. cari Post author

      Darlene and I had the same convo. As far as I know, the giveaway for this race has always been shoes. It’s the first time I’ve done it due to schedule. I think I’ll try them at the gym one day for the elliptical or other event that needs less cushioning. They can definitely be cross train or walking shoes. possibly in good timing too as I just recycled one of my older pairs as a sock was starting to show through.

      Thank you! It’s a fun one.

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