What a wonderful whirlwind of a week. The city has been a rainbow of color, from Roosevelt Island to the main branch of the New York Public library and beyond. It also meant a super busy week of events culminating in a Guinness Book of World Records entry and Sunday’s Pride March.

Mini Race Recap


Saturday morning came early as a friend invited me to join a group of her friends for Saturday’s added mileage. With temperatures forecast in the 90s (ick! sorry Kim,but ick!) we decided to run before the race’s 8:30 start. I was a few minutes late to meet them but quickly caught up with them a few minutes after 7 on the Lower Loop of Central Park. We ran/walked a little more than four miles including this fun shot at the start line.

empty start line. Photo (c) random other runner for whom we reciprocated

I left them for a bit to go use the (actual) bathroom and then headed for the corrals. With some 12,000 starters (and more than 10,200 finishers!) it was a little bit of chaos and took 25 minutes to cross the start. To accommodate the larger field

I’d lost Elizabeth, who I ran Italy with, in the chaos of the start but she found me between miles one and two. I’d decided early that with the heat and it being a long run I was going to take it easy, and that’s what we did. We walked the hills and ran shade/downhills. This was very much a fun run taking in all the ways people chose to celebrate Pride on the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. I also took care not to miss a single sprinkler!

Star Sisters. Photo (c) Lizz

There was much silliness at the end, fueled by popsicles. Speaking of fuel, ooph. I had a breakfast bar on the way to the park and had my cherry blossom chews with me but with the heat I just was not hungry. The time wasn’t good, but I wasn’t worried. 9+ miles in the summer heat is something to be proud of.

Quick run down with Kim and Deborah:

  • Monday: planned off. Dinner with a friend in town for business.
  • Tuesday morning, when I should have been running but was instead indoors courtesy of a giant thunderstorm, I realized it’s a damn small world. Again. Renee and Robby, one of my oldest twitter friends, were tweeting one another and I had to know how they knew one another. Made it to the gym following an after work event, but couldn’t get going. Just did a warmup and some strides before weights and the full regiment of PT exercises.
  • Wednesday: 3 morning miles. Negative splits.
  • Thursday: Wednesday’s Rogue workout moved to Thursday due to schedule and indoors because it was way too hot.
The scheduled workout:  Fartlek
What?  Runners will do 3 miles of 30/90 fartlek – alternating between hard for 30 seconds and easy for 90 seconds.
    • The reality. Pretty much this. I wasn’t really clear on how fast hard was or how slow easy was.  The gym was super hot and I was a sweaty mess early. I shifted the ratio to 40/80 to make it go a little more quickly as there’s nothing worse, running wise, than clock watching on a treadmill. Hard was 6.8 or 6.9 mph and slow was a walk. If it had been cooler I probably could have jogged the recoveries. This felt “comfortably hard” and I was impressed that I could maintain the pace of the hards.
    • Friday: off. Didn’t even get step goal. It was hot. But I did get in a good set of PT exercises and in a pleasant surprise I ran into the manager of my old gym at the secondary branch (better AC) of my new gym.
Flat Cari ready for Saturday
  • Saturday: a day of absolute sloth following the run. Happily so.
NYC Tourism contingent
  • Sunday: Pride March! All the steps. Original plan was to run after, but I didn’t get home until 9p and have happily sore tootsies. More on this Tuesday or Friday, but oh my, Gym Girl was perfect for this.

Total Mileage this week/$ raised: 18.26. Total for the month 72.69. By far my highest but smartly, I think.

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: off/cross, depends on travel
  • Tuesday: long run at the beach?
  • Wednesday: Rogue Training
  • Thursday: off, July 4
  • Friday: run
  • Saturday: long run with Jack Rabbit


12 thoughts on “Pride!”

    • It was insane. Wonderful,but I think for future attempts they’ll do a staggered start like they do for the other mega races.

    • baby steps!
      One thing I enjoyed about running with the group on Saturday was one asked whether the pace was OK — to date only one other person *you) did that. Otherwise it’s a different vibe. I love the acknowledgement that we’re not all the same pace. Or even if we are, that we’re not all it on a given day

  • Every year I want to do the Pride run but it always comes the day after a conference I go to every year so the timing just sucks. I’m determined to do it one year though!

  • I love that your Pride run was so enormous! What a fun event despite the heat. I think you executed your Rogue workout perfectly. I can’t stand when the gym gets so warm. As if treadmill running wasn’t hard enough on its own. Haha!

  • So fun to be in NYC this week. Great job on the miles on Sat. Glad you connected with Elizabeth. Hope to see you two in August.

  • 30 seconds fast on a treadmill is hard! That’s such a short interval for a treadmill — not sure what speed I would’ve done (but speedwork on the treadmill can keep me more entertained than steady state).

    Miles in the heat count double, right?

  • Love all the Pride! It must have been amazing to participate. There was an outdoor amphitheater in Boulder that was all rainbow-y. I was going to get a photo, but as I got closer I saw a lot of homeless people sleeping around it so I stayed away. :-/

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