Jumping into June head first

but first a little rewind..

My do-nothing Sunday to close last week’s wrap ended up as a nice strength day, which made up for the fact that I literally did not leave my apartment. Haven’t had one of those days in a while but 40s and pouring rain? No thanks.

The most exciting news in May? 103.64 miles run. My first ever hundred mile month that wasn’t during marathon training. I’ve gotten close in a few 31-day months, but 17 miles between Saturday and Monday (more on that below) put me over the top as did not having any travel quarantine days like I did in January and March. Not only is it a nice cushion for my 900 mile goal, there’s a potential for a bigger goal depending on when we go back to the office. Not worrying about that now and just enjoying the big month. While I’ve moved away from the focus on steps, it definitely felt good to be more active this month outside of running. Nearly an additional 100 miles moving around, which I was missing.

Another good line from that post above is still true: I remain in awe of what my body can do when I ask and help it to. It is amazing the benefit that consistent strength training and stretching has had. It’s part of why I was somewhat disappointed in More Than a Body. Their appearance on Go Ask Ali was great, the book didn’t quite deliver. Stop listening to the media and hating your body. Um, I don’t? Anyway….

Finished two #20BooksOfSummer books and well into a third. Luckily the second and third are better.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to try and do all the Peloton Pride run, strength and stretch classes as a DIY challenge. Luckily Kim mentioned an easy way to find the badge-qualifying classes which helped me find so many classes. My one complaint about Peloton is the lack of search, although I understand it’s better if you have a bike or treadmill.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

  • Sunday: Matty 30m full body, Rebecca Kennedy, 20m core. Made up for the fact that I had 130 steps on the day. When I first started the strength classes, the ten minute ones were a killer. Now, I can do 20 without much stress.
nice find on Memorial Day
Wegmans Run!
  • never miss a Monday: long weekend edition. I accidentally ran ten miles edition. I had a plan to meet one of my friends who I marathon trained with at Wegmans since we both have Rochester ties and have been meaning to go since our last twenty miler. We also had a plan to run together, which meant I didn’t want to run the ~ 8 miles to Wegmans. So I did a hybrid travel with the Ferry to Long Island City (thereby also avoiding the 59th street bridge) and run to the Navy Yard via the Naval Cemetery Landscape, which I “discovered” for the first time on Memorial Day. What a complicated history That got me about five miles, and then we ran/walked another five to the far end of Brooklyn Bridge Park and back. I guess I’d been thinking we were going to do more like three-four, but it was OK because human dodg’em in DUMBO slowed the pace and well, I earned my Wegmans sub.
one way to find the building you’re headed to
stairs to Dumbledore’s office
  • Tuesday: 2,000 days logging MyFitnessPal. It’s even longer than six years as I had a year-long streak before that which broke thanks to our Gala and me forgetting to log until after midnight. It taught me a valuable lesson in logging early in the day. Nice almost normal work day with a preview of the new Harry Potter store in Flatiron. Saw a few colleagues I hadn’t seen since last March, which was surreal/nice and met a colleague who I’d only met on Zoom.
I love my runner people
  • Wednesday: happy Global Running Day, which I actually thought I’d missed because NYRR confused me with their virtual run date. So glad Kim had this idea and to run with so many of you. It was a lovely morning and my legs had some pep!
think I have a thing for purple Brooks?
  • Thursday: ever have a Charlie Horse under your knee cap? I did, and never again please. It hit so suddenly I thought I tore something. I walked it out and have been fine since, but yikes. Came home from that run to my GRD present to myself, Lavender Metallic Ghosts. I’m going to try and not use them until my Brooksversary in July, but we’ll see. If you’re counting, these are my 5th pair of Brooks… all the miles! Speaking of GRD and shoes… the ones I got two years ago as race swag are still unworn with tissue in them. Guess it’s time to donate them, although maybe they’ll be my next walk around shoes.
actually looking forward to this commute
when it rains on a Summer Friday, we museum
  • Friday: summer Friday lunch with my boss and our colleague! We could have talked for hours even though we talk daily. It was just so nice to see each other in person. Luckily the outdoor dining was covered as the weather was very changeable (by the minute). After lunch, MoMA to see the Cézanne show, but of course I had to say hi to Hopper, VanGogh and Christina’s World too.
spread your wings and prepare to fly…
  • Saturday: sometimes summer thunderstorms bring relief, other times? They usher in a heat wave. If you look closely on Monday, I was in long sleeves although I was occasionally able to push them up. Today? 93. I headed to Randall’s Island as I knew Central Park would be too crowded to feel comfortable mask free, and wanted some of the trails. It was a beautiful, scorcher of a run even if a bike race made it more crowded than it sometimes is. I had just listened to Rogue’s Episode 236 on Running in the Heat, which was helpful. I ignored the watch and just kept moving. Grateful Randalls Island water fountains were on and cold as sometimes a 20oz with Science in Sport doesn’t cut it for eight miles. After a bath, I headed across town to meet Elizabeth for a wonderful catch up at Pier I, our favorite haunt, and a walk to sushi. On the water, the heat was bearable, but I feel sunrise runs are coming.
  • Sunday: I’m glad it’s a day off running as it’s already 88! Meeting a friend to go for a walk by the water and otherwise having a low key day.


First in person race is Saturday. Low key excited for bib pickup Friday, although it was weird to make an appointment. The 2021 Mini start is on the East Side, which is nice. Don’t have my start time yet, but not too worried as I can run to it, whenever it is. I’m not racing it, but will be fun to have a number on. If it’s this warm, mask running might turn into a walk. A little unclear on exactly what the in race guidelines are, but glad to take the first steps back.

37 thoughts on “Jumping into June head first”

  • I also truly believe that strength training and stretching make a huge difference for me. Wow look at those monthly run totals! I have never quite hit 100 but I may this month with my trip. I am trying to read more this summer too. Just started Elin Hildenbrand’s new book. Easy and entertaining is how I like to read!

    • Thanks for the reminder about the new Elin H, she’s the perfect summer fluff. I go back and forth between those and hard non fiction. Still working through last year’s non fiction that I couldn’t get through with the state of the world.
      And yes, totally agree, both also contribute so much to the pain free running we adore

  • I don’t do sunrise runs anymore, but they’ve definitely been getting earlier and earlier. Even with running 4 x week I’m not even close to 100 miles in a month. Which is ok.

    I can’t imagine a charlie horse under my knee cap. I’ve only a had a couple of the normal kind (in my calf) and they are terrible!

    • Whatever mileage is OK. I was only sort of chasing 100 because I’d come so close a few times, it definitely won’t be a habit.
      I find the sun to be just too much for me at times, so sunrise is worth it

  • Love your Peloton Pride challenge! I’m also trying to get through all the 2020 Pride classes this month and sprinkling in some of the 2021 Pride classes as well. I really enjoyed Matty’s Pride run – he’s so great!

    Awesome job on your miles in May and hope your first in person ran goes great next weekend!

    • Thank you! I haven’t ended up focusing on Pride as much as I hoped, but still think I’ll get them all in. The 30m runs are hard

  • Nice running miles! Yikes on that charlie horse. I had a “regular” one a few weeks ago and that was awful enough. Doing my laundry today I could’t’ believe I wore long sleeves earlier this week! The weather really flipped a switch.

    Not as good as the site Kim showed you, but if you use “theme” as a filter in the Peloton app you can see all the theme classes of a given type.

    • I was putting away laundry last night to try and find the pink shirt for today and all the seasons! Thanks for that theme filter tip. Probably helpful to find ones I thought I bookmarked, but didn’t

  • The Charlie horse/knee cap ordeal really sounds painful, and awkward. OUCH. The Harry Potter store looks like a fun place to explore (yes, I’m the HP dork in the household). Nice job on your running miles, Cari 😉

  • Nice work on the monthly miles! I’m trying to live in the moment vs. think about going back to the office, but its hard, ha!

    The heat is on across the country!

    I’m curious about these Wegman’s subs!

    • Same same re: back to work, but we did a survey which made me think about it a little more.
      omg, Wegman’s subs are… crack. I think it’s the bread for me as otherwise they’re just the normal cold cuts. It also helps that they’re easily two meals. NExt time I”ll take a pic for you.

  • Congrats on those May miles!!! You know I’m a fan of strength training and what it does for my body. Yep, especially at my age, I am in awe of what my body lets me do. It makes me forget how old I am and that is a gift!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad I made the decision to incorporate strength training too. It’s too soon to say for sure that it’s making a difference, but I feel like it is

  • Congrats on your May miles. I had my lowest total for May. I skipped long runs and slacked off…so ok though.

    I hated the search with Peleton. I miss it a little but not enough to spend the $$$.

    Crazy weather – 40 last weekend. 95 today!!!

    I have a race next Sat too!! Only 4 miles but I’ll be cheering you on virtually.

    • and you were on vacation, so doubly allowed.
      The $13 for me is half of what I was paying at the gym, so the math works for me. It doesn’t work for everyone

  • Wow, you had a great month! And an interesting week as well. It reminds me of how much there is to do in NYC.
    I skipped that Running Rogue podcast because I didn’t think there would be anything new. Should I listen to it?
    I’ll definitely skip that book! Sounds like something I could have used in my 20s, but not anymore. I’m reading The Unseen World right now by Liz Moore, and really enjoying it.
    Good luck in your upcoming race!!!

    • No, you probably could have recited the podcast. It’s your daily running life and for Floridians, it isn’t that hot / you’re more used to it.
      Put the Liz Moore on my wishlist, thanks for the recommendation. Body was disappointing because I had such high hopes

  • How wonderful that you were able to meet with your boss and another colleague for lunch this past week. I love the butterfly sculpture!

    Have fun at your race! I hope they don’t make you wear your mask while running, that would be ridiculous.

    • Thank you, we had such fun time.
      Race policy was masks in the start corral and at the finish and encouraged while on the course. I wore it at the start, but took it off on the first hill as it was humid and wasn’t going to work. Even though each corral was 250 people, we started only four at a time and it was never crowded so it felt safe. Glad I waited until now though, wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing so in the fall

  • Great job logging all those miles in May without a marathon on the horizon.
    A lunch meetup sounds so refreshingly wonderful.
    Those Ghosts! So gorgeous! Enjoy them!

    • Thank you! It was so fun to hit that 100 mile marker.
      So far I’ ve stayed out of the Ghosts. Baby steps in patience!

  • Well done on those May miles! Nice to see all the strength and stretching paying off!

    I love the idea of your Peloton Pride challenge!

    I’m glad the Charlie Horse behind the knee was short-lived – sounded so painful.

  • Oh my goodness! I’m so excited for your first race back! that’s so great!

    A charley horse behind your knee???? Ouch! That sounds awful!

    • Brooks are just the most amazing color palette. I didn’t mind New Balance, especially the early coral ones but then they got boring.

  • For some reason they decided that we need to meet with our bosses monthly, and I kind of dread it. My boss is my friend, so we have non-work related things to talk about, but we’re not really so chummy that we can spend hours talking to each other! I think it’s a bit crazy to spend the time doing that.

    • I’m very lucky in that we’re a team of three (including our boss) and she’s wonderful. We have a biweekly standing and text throughout the week 0 with only three we don’t need Slack. BUt yeah, forced would be hard. We report in to a larger team who I have a good relationship with, but conversation would fall off sooner I think

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