43 and grateful

By | November 27, 2022

Yes that is a hat with candles on it. If you can’t laugh at yourself, what can you do?


This is 43. Still laughing. Probably the only thing relevant from high school was my senior yearbook ambition: do what makes me happy and never stop laughing. Check! Grateful to spend it with mom & Bob in Florida. Linking up with Deborah and Kim for a look at Thanksbirthday Week.


writing in my Florida “office”

  • Sunday: there I sat, writing my review of Running While Black. Among the things I love about their condo is this indoor/outdoor space. I was on PTO for some of the week but was also working some with our upcoming gala. On tap on Sunday, Strawberry Waves Forever pedicure.

juuust a little bit windy

  • never miss a Monday: it’s easier to get up when the beach beckons, even if sunrise is a bust. This was my Wilpers Holiday Challenge distance test, and let’s just say the Florida heat and humidity gave me room to show improvement when the challenge ends. Yay! This week was really all about the fun runs.


birthday dessert take one

  • Tuesday: worked much of the day, but I got outside just before sunset for this serene view over the marina. I impulse bought the Reese’s Trees for mom and I (read: Mom) to make. They were meh, but fun to make. Luckily we had no shortage of desserts so them being underwhelming wasn’t an issue.

birthday beach run

non human friends

  • Wednesday: officially 43. Sunrise miles. I didn’t really have a plan but knew I’d do either 11.23 KMs or 8.6 miles (4.3 miles for my age, and another set for good luck) but wasn’t sure about the weather and / or my IT Band. Luckily it felt good and I enjoyed a subtle runrise that came in around 8.6 miles at a picture pace. Later, Mom and I went to Delray Oaks which we had been meaning to visit but always found it closed. Gorgeous Spanish moss, and two cute non human friends. Loved the grass in his mouth, like an old man with a pipe. We put a candle in cinnamon rolls and later went out to dinner. We’d been to Le Sorelle in Boca, but I hadn’t been to the one in Delray before, and it was a wonderful evening.

love this flock!

five of us ended up in fun Brooks’ shirts


  • Thursday: not many things born of COVID are worth keeping around, but running “together” a few times a year? Let’s do this forever in all the countries and the states. I really wanted to run in the new Brooks shirt, but it was too humid to even run outdoors so treadmill walk/run paired with bike ride it was ahead of a delicious lunch. Had my annual try of turkey (nope), but loved mom’s homemade bread and of course birthday brownie. I bought that “Slower than Gravy” shirt four years ago and still love it.
  • Friday: most of my shopping was online, but I did run some errands before we finally made it to Daggerwing, another one of the nature areas on our list. Limited flutterbies, but some cute turtles. Black Friday haul: Athleta Rainier tights, Balega socks $10 at Fleet Feet and coral flip flops. Shopping for other people? Um. o:)



  • Saturday: why yes, I do have Luke Bryan’s Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset in my head and now you do too. šŸ™‚ In between my ~ five mile humid runrise and this beachfront dinner before my flight, we got the condo lobby decorated for the holidays. Where on earth has this year gone? This is about to be a crazy week for the gala, so it was great to have a week to disconnect.

Hope those of you in the US enjoyed your holiday.


10 thoughts on “43 and grateful

  1. Coco

    Glad you had such a great Thanksbirthday week ā€” love that word for it!

    I hope you have a smooth trip home and things go well for the gala!

  2. Kimberly Hatting

    Looks like a grand week, indeed! Iā€™m glad you got to enjoy sone downtime before the holiday craziness kicks-in full force. Happy Thanksbirthday šŸ™‚

  3. Liz Dexter

    Honoured to be in the photo collage and glad I chose that orange shirt to fit in with everyone! Happy birthday again and best of all good wishes for the gala you’ve worked so hard on.

  4. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Sounds like a great way to disconnect ( a little) and enjoy some warm weather. Love the photo of your hair flying in the wind & thanks again for the collage!

    My parents had a timeshare in Hilton Head for years — but they’d go in October, which is usually when we travel for our anniversary, and so we never made it there. We did get to use their timeshare in Manhattan once. šŸ™‚

  5. Deborah Brooks

    So glad you had a nice birthday! Nothing like time on the beach. Thanks for putting together the collage. Grateful and thankful for all of you!

  6. Darlene Cardillo

    Love your Florida office.

    Can’t think of a better place to spend a birthday. I’m spending mine in Fla in May!!

    Thanks for the new places I want to visit in Feb.

    Great collage – thanks…. see you sooooon

  7. Debbie

    I’m happy you had such a fantastic Thanksbirthday week! You certainly made the most of it!

    You know that white/see-through nylon shell I wear all the time for my runs in the winter? It’s Brooks, too, and I love it! In fact, one of my friends at the race commented that I must love it since she’s sees me wearing it in pictures on social media all the time.

    Have fun this week at the gala! Don’t work too hard!

  8. Marcia

    Looks like a super fun Thanksbirthday week! Beach miles are the best, even if they are steamy and slow. Who cares? Haha! The Reese’s trees are super cute even if not the tastiest.

  9. Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder

    I love the blogger collab and I’m glad you saw my photo and told me about it! It’s a really cute idea! Happy birthday! I feel like it just gets better as I get older- I get more confident and self reliant and self assured. Those are things no one can ever take away from you.


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