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Finally saw a coffee post early enough (thanks, Marcia!) to participate in this one that I always enjoy reading. Linking up with Deborah and Coco.

Happy birthday to so many of us this month. Short November babies are the best ๐Ÿ™‚

Over coffee I’d tell you I’m not as excited as I normally am for the return of Starbucks’ holiday drinks. Peppermint mocha has gone pretty much year-round albeit at a higher price, and I’ve really come to enjoy the white mochas. Plus I’m way more Dunkin these days than Starbucks. I’ll still probably get one tomorrow for a new reusable cup since my Dunkin one has seen better days. I can’t wait for the annual social media fight over the red cups. My Keurig order of Peppermint Bark came in and one of the many reasons I’m glad to be home this weekend is I miss my Saturday morning coffee time. I’m going to have to stock up again near the end of the season in case I can’t find Friendly’s Peppermint Stick to get me through again. I have to say though, Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream is another good option.

Speaking of this weekend, I’ll have my coffee to go on Sunday because I have grandstand tickets for the Marathon and I can’t wait to watch from the finish. I’ve spectated along 1st Avenue as I live between miles 17 and 18, but never been at the finish before. Aside from the elites and people in the Weekly Wrap, I have some colleagues and friends running. I ran part of the blue line on Wednesday’s after-work run and that was just fun. Exploring the course as a runner is a totally different, which I briefly touched on last year. Excited for NYRR Night of Champions event even though packing for it to dress at work was a challenge. I will post a photo if a colleague gets it. Semi-annual dress wearing!


Speaking of photos: over coffee I’d mention that I chickened out of posting the above to twitter but put it on Facebook as a #TBT with the following caption:

Yesterday and a year ago last weekend. Not skinny, never will be. But running has taught me a lot about myself. Iโ€™m a ham, I actually do like pink. I still canโ€™t take a mirror selfie for anything. Iโ€™m capable of so much more than I thought when I randomly set the treadmill to a jog like speed almost two years ago. #FindingStrong

Yes, blog is as public as twitter but I absolutely love this community. I’ve been lucky enough to meet three this summer and hope to meet more of you soon. Running hasn’t been a weight loss solution for me, and it never has been about the weight loss, but the shape shifting is amazing. I really want to push myself toward more strength training in 2019 as I know that will only help.

Over coffee I’d also say that I’m really trying to listen to my body with the caffeine and sugar. This time of year is our crazy season and I find myself foregoing good choices for the quick hit of sugar and caffeine and I always pay for it. I’m not saying that in a listen to how perfect I eat/Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels sense-I don’t, and sushi does. But that I really need to listen to how it makes my body feel. The crash is not worth it. We have good healthy snacks in the office, I just need to make a habit out of eating before I get hangry and reach for the sugar bomb.

If you see me sitting solo in a coffee shop I’ll no doubt have my Kindle in my hand. I’m at 93 books on the year, and 100 might happen.ย  I’m violating my no fiction after Labor Day rule in a big way as I fell into the Harry Potter series after going to History of Magic at the New-York Historical Society. You know what? Rules are made to be broken. I also needed an escape.

That’s all from me. What would you tell me over coffee?

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  • Ha – semi-annual dress wearing, I love it. I’m about to do that as have a 40th birthday to go to on Saturday. I do HAVE dresses, just have to check I haven’t waxed or waned too much. I love your sensible attitude to body/weight. I will admit to liking the new muscles that are coming from committing to circuits again, even though I’ve been a bit rubbish with my circuits in October. And enjoy supporting NYM – I don’t know if any of our folks are doing it but I bet there’s one or two. Look out for our black’n’orange or Bournville’s teal!

    • I wore a dress for a gala in spring and twice in Arizona, but those were much more casual. Evening ones are just so complicated. This is a dress I bought for a gala two years ago and haven’t worn again since. Luckily we’re having a very unseasonable few days otherwise November dress up is a challenge.
      I look at all the women on my dad’s side and to some extent on my mom’s and I’ve accepted genetics. But dating back from when I played soccer I know my legs can be an asset so time to focus this winter.
      Will do on your runners. I also got a NYC buff from the Wii game the other day

  • Ooooh I’ll live vicariously thru you in that grandstand. How fun! Running through that part of the course four years ago was one of those surreal moments I’ll remember forever. I hear you on the sweets. I’ve let myself slip a bit in the past couple of weeks and yes, the sugar makes me feel awful. SO not worth it.

  • How fun about the Grandstand for NYCM! I had no idea there was even such a thing! I cannot wait to hear all about it.

    I don’t know how many books I’ve read this year, but I”m sure it’s nowhere near 100!

    • Do the Goodreads challenge for 2019. It’s the easiest way to track, otherwise I wouldn’t know
      There’s seating on either side of the finish and at the entrance to the Park at Columbus Circle. Funny to see people just sitting in them this week.
      What I really like is how affordable the race week events are It’s possible for people to watch their runners

  • Kudos to you for your attitude about running and how it’s been such a great fitness fix for you ๐Ÿ˜‰ Like you, I never had any goals of weight loss, but wanted to strengthen/condition my body…and it’s been a wonderful ride. I’m a total harry Potter fan…I’ve read the series several times (I re-read it every time a new book was released). I really miss those days of anticipating a new release!

    • I read the first four in a week while living in Japan. Someone wanted me to see the movie and I had to read the book first. I fell in love. I worked a local bookshop for the 5th & 7th release parties. Actual re-use of high school graduation gown! I was in AUstralia for the 6th ad debated purchase as that was like a night’s accommodation but luckily someone at the hostel had it for me to borrow. I thought I was going to reread it a couple of years ago when Alan Rickman died, but it didn’t happen. The exhibit pushed it though. If you haven’t read the new-ish History of Magic book that came out in connection with the British Library opening of this exhibit, I recommend it. It’s GORGEOUS. Definitely a hard copy vs a Kindle one.

      I’d like to lose a few more pounds although I’m not sure being in the so-called healthy BMI will make a major difference. Then again I’m the person who named her excess belly skin so *shrug*

  • Rules are absolutely made to be broken & that one seems a bit random to me anyway. I tend to read a lot of odd, not so current books because it’s all about the kindle deals. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I see a huge difference in those photos! Running did eventually help me lose weight, but it took quite a while to figure it out and sometimes it still helps me gain, too. But it’s definitely no longer about weight loss — but I won’t lie, I do enjoy eating a bit more on the days I run. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Spectating from the grandstands sounds like so much fun!

    • I got home from a long-ish run, showered, and hit all you can eat sushi o:) I can see that I’ve lost, and I’m happy with that. I’ll never have thin legs for one

      I implemented that book rule when I was reading too much crap. Since my habits have shifted I’m a little more lenient allowing some fiction out of season.

      • I will never have a runner’s body. I’m kind of envious of the runners who do, but no matter how much weight I lose I’ll always be curvy. Took a long time to come to peace with that one (long before I started to run, actually).

  • I’m a fan of the holiday drinks, but they’re so expensive! Holiday season is rough with all the sugar and everything, haha. Imay or may not be running off to a sushi buffet with a friend this evening. ๐Ÿ˜›

    93 books already this year?! You’re almost there! That’s amazing! I’m not sure how many I’ve read yet this year but it definitely didn’t make it over 50!

    • It was amazing to see the winners so close. Iโ€™ve seen the lead pack on occasion โ€” most recently the NYC Half โ€“ but theyโ€™re normally a blur then

  • I always want sugar and coffee too-why do they tempt us so?! How fun to watch the marathon from the grand stand. I also love it when I get to meet running bloggers in person so let me know if you ever come to DC. Thanks for joining us for coffee great to have you

    • Will do! I don’t think I’m going to do Cherry Blossom next April, but I’m down there on occasion and would love to meet up

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