Price of Laziness: $2.75

By | August 19, 2017

this isn’t one of those esoteric, vague treatises on the price of laziness. This time, laziness has a pure cost: $2.75

An unlimited monthly metrocard costs $121 and works out to be a little more than forty rides a month. It usually makes sense for me due to meetings during the day that are too tightly scheduled/too far to walk, although I do try to walk home from work when possible.

In summer due to out of town travel and fewer meetings I’ll often skip the monthly in favor of weeklies ($32 per, so one skipped week usually results in some savings) if I think I’m going to be busy during the day/week. Sometimes I even bypass that and get a pay per ride, where each swipe costs $2.75.

It really makes me think twice about being lazy. Even when I walk home, if I have an unlimited I’ll sometimes pop on the m79 at 5th Avenue for the crosstown stretch if I’m tired/it’s getting late. When it’s free? Sure. But is it worth nearly $3? Note: not saying taking transit is lazy – but for me it absolutely is. I’m healthy, able bodied and want to have more steps — so why do I choose to be lazy? This is a big part of why, this year’s running aside, my summer steps are much better than other seasons.

I’m currently pay per and going into yesterday I had ~$21 on the card and I decided to see how far I could stretch it. I have a plan to get a weekly from this Thursday through next Wednesday (they’re seven days, not necessarily Sunday-Saturday) as I know I have a number of things most easily reachable via train but I wonder if I can make it last through Wednesday and then for the air train Labor Day Week.

rain, rain go away

Off to a good start: rode it to work yesterday as the weather was atrocious but walked home and then walked to and from the gym today. To no surprise, this was stage one of the results:

My best Fitbit Workweek ever

Helped by some crazy vacation steps, but those were three work days contributing to 85K steps this week. This group has been doing workweek challenges for two + years, so that’s just a WOW. No subway plans tomorrow and think I’ll only need to take it once on Monday.

Fitbit itself is gamification, let’s see how much further I can take it. Maybe I’ll up my Achievmint earnings to help counter loss of Pact.

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