Weigh In: April 7 and Accountability Redux

By | April 7, 2013

Loss Since March 10: 1.6 lbs

Total Loss: 16.8 lbs

I could look at that and be disappointed, but I’ve instead chosen to focus on the last two weeks where I got back on track.

I was so good through March 10 but then some things popped up and I wasn’t. I still tracked every mouthful but I wasn’t drinking enough and made some less than ideal food choices when rushed/stressed/out of my comfort zone. Within the last two weeks I’m back in my own environment where I can more easily control my choices, on a more normal schedule (goodbye 16 hour days) and I feel better about it. Still, life is going to happen and I need to figure out how to better manage that. On the plus side, I didn’t gain other than water weight, I just didn’t lose.

I have my regular check in with my endocrinologist on Tuesday and time to see where my numbers are.

Time to revisit my Accountability post two months later and see where I am.  Original comments struck through with new text after.

  • Blog. Yeah, we’ll see how that goes. But when I was losing, I was blogging. So we’re going to try it again. Honestly, pretty good. I will never be a daily blogger but I’ve kept up pretty well. And I read the few blogs I follow daily or every other day.
  • On the writing theme, I’m tracking. I was a master at tracking way back when and it’s time to go back. I don’t see what my road block is here. I face the foods when I see the number on the scale, it’s time to face it in my tracker. I tracked today. Including the m&ms. That’s a start. I have tracked every day since, every morsel that went into my mouth. I think (shocker, shocker) it’s  a big reason I’m losing. I’ve also kept up my #GoTheDist tracking even though my goal is unattainable. Oh, and I haven’t touched m&ms since Jan 29.
  • Money. I joined Run With Jess˜DietBet challenge at the instigation of a Hive friend. It cost me $10 but I will lose my 4% and if I do that every month it won’t cost me another cent I don’t think. AND if I hit the 4% goals each month (a big if, I know), I’ll hit goal by July, which gives me plenty of breathing room if I have an off month. I had my off month. And I jumped right back in the game with a $25 buy in. To be honest, that was free from my winnings in the first DietBet but it doesn’t mean I’m working any less hard to win this one. I want the pot, in part to go toward my new iPad.
  • #GoTheDist. I gave up on tracking this a chunk of the way through last year although I continued to track my workouts in MapMyFitness. But the challenge is a great motivator and it gets me to the gym when I don’t want to go. See bullet #2
  • Smoothies. Yep, back to smoothies for dinner. They help with the salt retention and they give me my chocolate fix when I otherwise eat things I have no business eating when I get home. I started with this, and then I got bored. I just can’t do them daily like I used to and I still don’t really like bananas. But I’ve moved toward other, better evening choices like Jello and hard boiled eggs. Evening eating has been going well although I need to break the newly reacquired Tasti kick.
  • I’m not giving up soda. Not yet, at least. I was the queen of fake lemonade last time and while I’m contemplating getting a soda stream, I’m not ready to make the switch off soda. I’m afraid I won’t drink enough until it’s warmer. But it’s diet soda so that’s a partial win. And I got a soda stream. Just bought but haven’t yet tried the diet lemonade for it. I’m totally addicted to fizz and seltzer is nice. And I’m getting as turned off my Diet Dr. Pepper was I was by Diet Coke so maybe that’s my body voting.
  • S is for Spark. as in the Spark to get to goal. As in SparkPeople. If I do what I did with Weight Watchers online, I can make it work with Spark. There is no difference in the foods I’m eating. As I mentioned, I went to LoseIt. I never really liked Spark and used that as an excuse not to track, which is ridiculous. But I haven’t missed a single meal since I switched to LoseIt and I’m thrilled. It’s easier to use and works well for me.
  • I’m going to get my knees to the point where I can do more than one squat, or I’m going to quit putting off knee surgery and get it done. N/A

It was a start, and a very good one. I’m proud of my progress although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish I’d lost a little more. But I know how to fix that. Now time to set some new measures of accountability in addition to continuing the ones above:

  • Exercise everyday. It doesn’t have to be the gym, and my 64 stairs a day probably count anyway, but with the weather getting nice there’s no reason not to spend some time outside walking, etc. Especially because I’d really like to finish the Great Manhattan Loop.
  • Eat better. Not just within the calories, but more fruits and vegetables. It’s the perfect season.
  • Diversify my breakfasts. I’m getting sick of Cheerios. I think there are better options to keep me fuller too.
  • Set a goal. Maybe even a Goal. Time to figure out what I’m working toward.

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