GoTheDist July 2017

By | July 31, 2017

before I entered today’s run I was averaging 12:56 pace for average workout time of 30:41.

After today’s? 12:53 for 29:52

UGH! I was so close to maintaining the 30 minute average. But I don’t feel badly about cutting today short as my foot finally doesn’t hurt! Not after Saturday’s run and not walking home from today’s. Finally turned the corner? Finally listening to my body.

Don’t have my step totals yet, but should come in somewhere around 437K for my second best month (April was an insane 465K). Mileage wise, about 187 well ahead of what I wanted to average to go for 2,017 on the year run/walk. I’m at 1,221.47 miles as of today.

ETA, 8/1:

  • 437,935 steps (Ugh. So close to 438K)
  • 188.47 miles run/walked

Best thing? Only one day, last Sunday, not goal and that was a priority of healing and I ran that day so was totally OK with it. My goal was seven days without goal, so I’m +6 there putting me only one behind at 38 in 2017 and 37 in 2016

Running is as above and I came in at 34.67 miles. Happy with that since I prioritized healing. Was nice today to two of three days and tomorrow may try for two of three and two in a row for the first time since my foot really got bad.

August run goals will remain the same: 13m pace, 30m runs and 50 miles. I’m not sure I’m going to hit either of the latter due to travel and still healing foot, but what’s a goal if not something to work to?

Steps/mileage wise, also going to be a challenge due to travel. Last August, also with travel although more step friendly travel I hit 325, 874. That is insane to look back at now.

August Goals:

  • 400,000 steps
  • 166 miles run/ walked (that 508 last month was complete typo)
  • 50 miles run
  • Fewer than 9 days below goal (2016 total)

August is going to be weird – I’m away the final two days so I’ll have to set September goals before I know where August lands. Spreadsheet anxiety!

Closer to be able to set some Q3 goals:

  • 1,230,000 steps
  • 500 miles walked
  • 120 miles run

In addition to the Run the Year challenge, I joined a team for the Amerithon challenge. A fun way to cross the country and see how far you’ve walked/run. More on that TK.

Reading: 45 books read. Nice gain on June when I was at 37. Baby steps.

On to August.

4 thoughts on “GoTheDist July 2017

  1. Liz Dexter

    All The Stats! I don’t have goals apart from getting my long runs longer to avoid having an issue in the marathon in October! Glad your foot is feeling better – phew!

    1. cari Post author

      Stats grew from a twitter challenge called #GoTheDist where we each set an activity goal. For me it evolved from biking at the gym to miles walked when I got a Jawbone / Fitbit and then to steps last year when I realized how wildly inconsistent steps v. miles were. If I keep up with running I might make that my #GoTheDist goal.

      It’s sort of melded with Run the Year for me, but I’m basically a giant data head. I have a spreadsheet where I can tweak daily steps needed for monthly goal

      Where is your marathon in October?

      Me too. And might have found shoes today. Got my feet scanned and all that fancy

      1. Liz Dexter

        It’s the Birmingham Marathon, so in my home town – how could I resist, even though the route is truly horrible and I will get lapped by a) most of the other marathoners b) the fastest half marathoners who start a few hours later. More chances to cheer people on, right???

        1. cari Post author

          Yep! I’m not going to do a race I thought of doing in September due to the injury setting me back in training, but I think I”m going to go and cheer on some colleagues. Have fun & enjoy it.


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