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By | February 16, 2013

One of the things I’ve learned in my various weight loss journeys is that everyone has an opinion on what foods you should (not) be eating and they conflict with one another ridiculously. I have found for me personally that I agree with something a colleague said: the only diet that works is the one you’ll stick to. To that end, I don’t actually follow a specific diet and haven’t ever really.

When I was following Weight Watchers (pre-Points Plus) I was eating what I liked, but I tried to stick to whole grains. Not necessarily because I believed they were better, but because they were better value for Points. Yeah…slight gaming the system, but it worked. Oddly, when I first lost a significant amount of weight (freshman year in college), I was living on carbs. Salad, pasta and a sandwich for nearly every meal. I still lost it in part due to increased workouts and cutting out dessert. This time, I’m doing nothing specific. I’m simply counting calories. Something I said I could “never” do. Interesting how quickly never or can’t changes.

I don’t think I could ever no carb. Cheerios, sushi, and sandwiches are my main issue. While I don’t believe Atkins and/or South Beach are the panaceas they’re sold as, there’s some good behind them. I’ve also had PCOS for 16 or 17 years (albeit undiagnosed until my mid 20s) and there is some research that carbs and diet play a role. So sometimes I wonder whether I should keep an eye toward lowering my carb intake even if that doesn’t involve lowering it to low carb levels.  I then caught an episode of the Food Hospital that focused on PCOS. I find the premise of the show a little woo-y and think some of their theories are out of left field, but they do acknowledge the placebo effect so I watched the PCOS ep with an open mind. One thing they encouraged that I hadn’t heard was to increase pulses. I hadn’t heard of pulses, but do like chick peas so may give it a go.

PCOS is a crazy thing. It can make it hard to lose weight¦ but it’s improved by losing weight. I would like to not be on meds my entire life, so worth looking into what foods are options while I continue to lose weight.

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