It’s better at the beach

what a difference 48 hours makes


No Lifeguard on Duty. Nice metaphor for life

OK, that’s running vs. poolside lounging, but the principle applies. Florida is good for the soul all around.

The reason I return to Fort Lauderdale each year is because it’s a place I can completely unwind and disconnect. The only decisions required are which book, beach or pool and within this last two years, where do I want to run? Life is good down there. Five+ books done, which I was happy with. I feel restored.

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Weekly Wrap with Wendy and Holly:

my favorite Fort Lauderdale cheerleader
  • Monday: I had a really early wakeup (3 AM), so after cat napping by the pool for a few hours I went for a sunset shakeout along the water. The early part of the week wasn’t typical Florida weather, and the run was just perfect.
such great advice
  • Tuesday: speaking of perfect weather, Tuesday morning dawned “Florida crisp” in the 50s and I decided to move my long run here. I explored Hugh Taylor Birch State Park which I hated during the Fort Lauderdale Half and was curious to see through different eyes.  I did a couple of laps of this beautiful oasis and picked up mileage running to Walgreens. to again stock up on water. The best thing about this park is $2 admission and a gorgeous ~2m loop so it’s perfect escape if you don’t want to run alongside traffic on A1A. To me beach/nature loop is toss up and both have their pluses. Total mileage, a bit more than nine, most of it gorgeous. A1A up by Walgreens is just deadly boring as it’s relatively inland.
Publix sub!
  • Wednesday: planned off day. I walked to Publix for a Florida essential which I read while finishing book 100 on the year. I definitely crowd sourced that decision before landing on The Way of the Runner, which Liz sent me this time last year after she read it. As I said to someone, it wasn’t the perfect book but was the perfect choice for my 100th book. I really should tabulate how many running books I’ve read.
Funky Fun Run, winter edition
  • Thursday: I was excited for the Funky Run Run, which I discovered last visit. I was curious whether my time would have improved. It might have, had Florida weather not returned and my achilles not said hello. It’s not an injury, it was just saying hello and reminding me that 9 miles so soon after Saturday’s 15K probably wasn’t smart, so I eased up. It was still a fun, scenic evening. Later, I was pleased to spot myself in someone’s photo as we waited. Yellow buff for the win! After happy hour I spent a good 30m rolling my legs.
  • Friday: semi-planned off day, but also babying the achilles slightly. It felt mostly good except for a twinge when I walked to Running Wild (drawbridge incline on Sunrise) to pick up the shirt above. Cracks me up that they’re selling a long sleeved one, but Tuesday morning you could definitely ID the locals vs. the snowbirds by the layers. I’m happy to have a long sleeved version of this shirt as no winter ones are great visibility. Also happy to shop local and buy a light as I realized running along the water that the people with one were way more visible than I was. Looking forward to using the light.
  • Saturday: travel/off day for achilles.
oh hai, December.
  • Sunday: welcome home. On the plus side, at least it isn’t snow gear. Was an icy headwind and I just wanted to do a light shakeout as I didn’t have time to go to the gym. Took it easy, left the watch home and achilles felt good.

Spring Half Marathon Training MIleage: 36.77

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: gym or cross train depending on achilles. Don’t want to go into Half injured so willing to do LateralX if better
  • Tuesday: office holiday party
  • Wednesday: run or cross train
  • Thursday: run
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday/Sunday: TBC based on holiday plans

27 thoughts on “It’s better at the beach”

    • Yes, the Fort Lauderdale Half is one I’m looking forward to repeating. Always nice to escape winter and can’t beat an oceanfront course

  • Glad you got to enjoy the warmer temps. Reading is my favorite thing to do on vacation too.

    I’ll be back in your hometown this week. Maybe we can meet up on Thursday. Want to hear more about your vacay.

  • It to be hard to return home after being at the beach!!! I love going to Florida–just to feel the sand between my toes and hear the crashing of the waves. What other books did you read?

    • -Nancy Moses’ Stolen, Smuggled Sold: On the Hunt for Cultural Treasures which lead to Robert Whittman’s Priceless, which I’m nearly done with. Fascinating reads on challenges around museum collections
      -Dan Barry’s This Land: America, Lost and Found
      -Two Harry Bosch books, which are just mandatory vacation brain candy

      I was high up enough not to hear the traffic, which sadly meant I couldn’t hear the waves. My favorite bedtime white noise

  • The one thing I didn’t do this year was get to the beach! It just didn’t work out. Five books is impressive. I may have read 5 books through the whole year. 😉

  • I completely understand. I go to my parents’ place in the mountains because the world seems far away up there. It’s my decision to stay connected or not, and it’s easy to get away from everything.

    • Yes! I went to Vermont this summer and it was a conscious decision to turn on wifi or not because otherwise I had no cell signal. England too to some extent. It’s so nice to be able to be offline in today’s day and age

  • Sounds like a lovely getaway to the sun and warmth! I need to plan a warm-weather trip…I have never been to Fort Lauderdale! I have a work trip to Miami in January, but not much free time to enjoy the beach.

    Happy holidays!

    • Fort Lauderdale is fun if you enjoy doing literally nothing – it’s why I go back there year in and out. Miami is definitely higher up on the “fun” scale. If you get any time, South Beach is a fun area to explore especially if architecture interests you.

  • A lovely trip and I was honoured that the book I sent you (which I think my friend Jenny passed to me originally) was your 100th. I’m not sure what mine was – oops. OK, now I have to go and look … Marcus Crouch’s “The Nesbit Tradition” about children’s books 1955-75 which is cool. I need the sea again soon, a real disadvantage to living here!

    • In summer I’m an easy hop to the beach – not so much the rest of the year. At least not a warm beach.
      I was glad I realized how close I was to 100 to make it a conscious choice of a book. Not that it actually matters, but I wanted it to be a book that was “worth it”

  • I’m so glad you enjoyed your downtime in Ft. Lauderdale! We go to the panhandle (about a 3 hours drive from home), which is a bit cooler. Although I used to, I don’t read a ton of books any more. But I definitely enjoy a few good reads when at the beach. Congrats on 100 books in 2018! Thanks for linking.

    • Something about the beach and reading that just works!
      I’ve never done the Panhandle, but it’s on my list. I have a road trip planned that went close to Floribama, but it fell through

  • wow, great mileage. You should easily be ready for a half this spring. Hubs and I are going to Florida next month. Can’t wait. I love the 48 hours side-by-side pictures! I am so ready for “Florida crisp”.

    • Enjoy it. Florida crisp is some of the best running weather and I’ll be honest, even just sitting outside and reading weather which I sorely missed

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