November 3 is feeling real

with the calendar on the cusp of October, although the temperatures don’t feel it, November 3 is feeling real for the first time. The marathon is five weeks from today. Five weeks from right now I’ll probably be somewhere in Brooklyn. EEK.

My left leg hates me. It’s almost comical. This is the leg that had achilles tendonosis, plantar fasciitis and now it’s a tight hamstring/IT band. It’s not an injury and isn’t particularly bad, it’s just my body reminding me I need to find the time to prehab. While listening to Running Rogue’s True or False on Saturday’s long run they talked about running in time vs. mileage. The hours we’re running really is almost another day of work. As I said on Strava, beginning to feel the effects of training through work busy season. There has been virtually no cross training.  I’m determined to find the time to get in the PT and yoga. And yes, at some point catching up here. Eek.

Other podcasts Saturday: Ali on the Run with Meb (amazing complement to reading his book, which I loved. Review, TK, eventually. Here.) and the inaugural episode of the SVU podcast. I don’t watch the show regularly anymore, namely because I can’t stay awake for Thursday at 10, but I’m excited for this.


National Coffee Day you say?

I took this, and then found that it doesn’t count for BrandChamp, but I still love it. Coffee is my vitamin C.

Weekly run down with Deborah and Kim:

Mother Met
  • never miss a Monday: summer weather made another appearance. I met a new friend to run, which turned into a run/walk. Partially because she’s a Galloway runner, partially because it was too hot and humid to contemplate anything else. Nice 3m shakeout and it was dark by the time I headed back to the East Side. The Met in flood lights will always be one of my favorite spots.
  • Tuesday: visit and dinner with a friend
Protein shake with Reeses as topping. Ralph’s really needs to close for the season for my waist’s sake.
  • Wednesday: Rogue. The prescribed workout:
The Workout: The Dellinger. This is a continuous workout, ideally where runners are “recovering” at race pace within the workout.
Marathoners will do the following:
– 1 mile at 10K pace
– 2 miles at MGP
– 800m at 5K pace
– 1 mile at MGP
– 800m at 5K pace
Why? This gear switch workout is like what Rogue used to call “Find Yo Pace” in that we are changing gears between race pace and a faster pace. Our purpose is to teach runners how to change gears quickly in their goal race while simulating the physical and mental demands of their race. Running the faster paces before will make the half/full marathon paces feel like a jog. The faster paces towards the end should be tough after fatigue has set in and will feel like an all- out effort. Running the workout continuously adds another challenge. It requires runners to focus for a long period of time without a break while also pushing out of their comfort zone.
  • The reality: pretty much! Not posting the Garmin splits as I wasn’t good about hitting it each time, but Strava tells some of the story. This was an assist. One of our amazing coaches dropped back to run with me mid first MGP session because she knew the weather was favorable to some “speed” . Like when we ran after work, I always go a little faster with someone “pulling” me. I couldn’t remotely keep up on the 5K speed ones, but I finished strong and really proud of this.
Turtle Power!
  • Thursday: off. Planned to get to gym to stretch whiny hamstring/IT band but we had a work event Friday and there was a lot of prep and I was at work until almost 8. I was lucky to get in a quick walk between meetings.
taste of fall
  • Friday: amazing but long event. Being on my feet all day -albeit in comfy shoes – not the best idea but that’s the training through busy season. After work I got in a quick gym stretch and sunset walk with a dear friend.
  • Saturday: 18 on the (beautiful) Struggle Bus. This was hard. My legs were tired & sore and there was a lot of sun on our route up the West Side, over the George Washington Bridge and back. I finished, which was about all I cared about. I ran into the group on the Bridge on their way back and we hopefully got a good selfie.  There was some walking, and lots of stretching breaks, but it’s done. As has become my habit, post-run gym stretch and some walking helped with the soreness.
  • Sunday: gym for row and long yoga, PT exercises. Erg app says first row since July 29, but I think that’s poor logging as I know I rowed in Stowe.

Weekly/total mileage: 27.24//322.73.  I totally missed the 600 mile Run the Year notification and am now at 646. Whoa.

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: run with friend
  • Tuesday: off/cross
  • Wednesday: Rogue: Workout is called Inferno, weather seems to be following suit. Saturday’s high will be 60s. I’ll take the latter for long.
  • Thursday: cross/stretch
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: 20


26 thoughts on “November 3 is feeling real”

    • We’re lucky to live in (near? can’t recall if you’re actually in DC or suburbs) two great cities.
      Met at night is spectacular and never crowded as people don’t realize it and it’s only open late twice a week

  • Oh man I am SO excited for you! I don’t have to tell you how quickly five weeks are going to fly. Taper is practically upon you. Having NYCM approaching brings back all the memories of that weekend. The sights, the smells, the ferry, Central Park and the poncho after. I runfess I kind of love having it in the rear view for myself but I love living vicariously through you!

    • I feel the same – I’m excited, but I’m also ready for it in hindsight. I know that makes sense to you. I’m very glad I chose this marathon for 40, but I kind of want to be on to Bermuda.
      It feels like a minute ago it was nine weeks, never mind the start of training. I’m stupidly excited for the poncho. I definitely horded a heat shield for the start and am considering the sweatshirt I never tossed during the NYC Half as good luck for the start.

  • Kim at Running on the Fly

    Wow!! 18 miles!! I was hoping for 18, but my body (and my mind LOL) assured me 17 would suffice 😉 Great job!! Such a beautiful pic of the Met 😉

    • I love that we’re out there “together”. We’re going to kick ass.
      Can’t wait to track you in MCM
      Two from my run group are running it too

    • Indeed. I think gutting through those is what will make course more fun when there’s a crowd, people, music. This was roughly empty except for one part of the route that overlapped with a small half marathon.

    • Your comment was in my head during this week’s 20 – much, much easier than 18 but you’re right, it’s supposed to be hard. That was helpful when 16+ felt hard as I was just tired. More stretching has helped. I just need more hours in the day

    • It is so hard to try and tie in all the things. I’m determined to keep up the prehab and hope to bring cross training back for Half training.

  • That Wednesday workout sounds tough! I prescribe something similar to the athletes I coach for the exact reasons described – making goal pace “feel slow.” Way to get it done!

    • Thanks! It was super tough. It’s one of those, like the Hill repeats we did by the river, where I doubt I could/would have done it solo. Even with the group I needed a pacer especially on the 800m sections. I enjoyed it though. It’s hard, but marathon training has been mostly a run hard

  • Yes to the 18! Well done, you really do rock. I find it incredibly hard to fit strength training into a marathon training block. I think I’m going to have to build a strength habit and then add in mara training next time (um) round. Can’t believe it’s only five weeks. I’m SO EXCITED for you. Keep on rolling and stretching!

    • Of all the things I’ve bought for myself since I started running, the foam roller for home was the best. I like rolling at random times but I really need the gym for the space to stretch.
      The base of strength is such a good idea.

  • My husband is in the same boat as you with his left leg, he went through the biggest injury chain with a stress fracture & PF, hope yours stays on the mend. I just finished the Ali/Meb podcast. I haven’t read any of his books yet but they’re on my list.

    • HIs first book was good, I found this one more interesting because it had his thoughts on his races, not just commentator’s thoughts. A number of them were before I really knew who he was, so like the podcast lots was new. Hope your husband is on the mend.

  • Glad to hear you had a good 18-miler last weekend and I hope your 20-miler goes well tomorrow morning. I hope your leg improves and your stretching, etc. keeps it from getting any worse.

    You’ve got this!

  • Hey Cari! I’m so sorry I’m so late visiting your blog and that I’ve been away for a while. Well, you know the story anyway!

    I just wanted to say, what I’ve learned about my lower back… hamstring issues can come from the lower back, maybe you can do some stretches in that respect and it could help? basically you lay on your belly and grab both ankles and pull towards your bum. Just an idea. I too, am full of injury that continually haunts my left side and am pretty sick of it.

    Hopefully I can catch up more with you next week.

    • Never apologize with me, I am perenially behind. One of the reasons I’m glad to have people on FB as you know what’s up. I will try those hanstring stretches. I know that my PT explained achilles issue tied to glute so it all makes sense. We are indeed dem bones.
      Gentle hugs

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