Runfessions: NYC Marathon edition

It’s that time of the month. Linking up with Marcia and everyone else for Runfessions: NYC Marathon edition.

Like I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’m really enjoying marathon training. It’s for some of the same reasons Kim mentioned.  I have learned so much about what my body can do since I started running. But I runfess that I’m looking forward to dropping back down to Half training. As a slow runner – not knocking myself, I’m a proud turtle! – long runs just eat an entire day. I’m not saying never to another marathon, but I don’t feel the pull for another one right now even with my run group talking about Paris, Rome, NY again and the Chicago lottery open. I’m going to enjoy the 2+ Halfs on the calendar for 2020 and figure out some more as I really, really love that distance.

I love reading everyone’s posts about Race Plans. Particular recent favorite: Becca’s for Chicago, but I can’t even begin to start writing one. I looked at Runners World‘s guide and I kind of have that, but thinking about all of it is way too stressful. Especially splits. With that said, here’s my “plan”

  • Finish smiling, strong.  I know there’s something to be said for finishing having left it all on the road, but that’s never been my priority. I want to enjoy the race, not feel destroyed. I would like to finish under 6, which seems realistic based on my finish times for the two 20s and what McMillan said, but if I don’t, I don’t.
  • Clothing: probably the Lotta Breeze capris that I wore for my second 20, but outside chance at Cascade if it’s in the 50s.  Haven’t decided on the shirt yet, but leaning my beloved Frozen Penguin. Throwaway will be my hooded Yankee sweatshirt that I never actually threw away at the NYC Half.
  • Nutrition: going with just water as far as hydration. Food wise, Gu Margarita Chews and Honey Stinger cherry blossoms. Not sure about breakfast yet. Ugh. I did not plan this part well, but the late start makes it hard.

I runfess that I don’t mind one bit that I’m undertrained. The Rogue plan was too much for me and my injury history. I go back to what I heard on the eve of Lebow: “It’s better to be ten miles undertrained than one mile overtrained”. Notwithstanding my whiny Achilles and hamstring and fingers crossed for the next ten days, I came through this cycle un-injured. This was a smart decision early to scale down. The only Wednesday night group workout I missed was last week, and I did it indoors due to weather. The only long runs I missed I did the day before or after.

I runfess that I’m glad I got a cold this week. Not glad glad, but glad it’s over with so I can stop freaking out about getting sick before November 3. It hit Tuesday night and I’m starting to feel better, although I’d like to drain my ears. It’s not at all training related, I seem to always get a cold this week.

Do you race plan?

Are you eager for your off season?


24 thoughts on “Runfessions: NYC Marathon edition”

    • Thank you!
      No plains for me, but the weather change, being in a conference room with a bunch of sneezy people and sitting in the rain for the Giants’ game were a bad combo

  • First, never say never to another. People say that going in and they come out the other side, and after a little while, they think, well I could do that so much better.

    Second, I don’t at all think you’re undertrained. You are ready and you have put in the hard work.

    Third, sorry about the cold — but yes, better now than during the race! So take this taper seriously & give your body the rest it really needs.

    I almost always have a plan. I rarely actually stick to the plan. 🙂 There’s something to be said for being prepared while still being flexible.

    Lastly, you should never have a time goal for a new distance! Soak in the experience. I hope it’s enjoyable, but let’s face it, a marathon is hard!

    • Yep, not saying never say never, but no interest right now. Normally London or Rome would have hit the travel itch, but they’re not and I’m respecting that body is saying “not yet”. Body absolutely was saying yes to an afternoon on the couch and most of the weekend in same.
      I’m undertrained in that the plan was five days a week and I never hit that – but it was a conscious decision.

      • It’s the normal reaction & I’ve seen it again and again: I’m one and done. Never gonna do another. Especially right afterwards. And they almost always do! Just sayin’.

        You are definitely not undertrained. It wasn’t a plan personalized to you, and for a lot of normal runners, 5xweek is way too much. You’ve got this.

  • I think you’re going to surprise yourself! You’ve done the work, now you can just soak it all in. Looking forward to seeing your recap!

    You know I’m not going to be doing a lot of planning ahead for 2020. After my health issues this year and having to drop down or out, I don’t want to do that again!

    • I skipped on one this year and even though I went to pick up the bib.arm warmers, it still felt like a waste of money. I’ve only done Jan/Feb bookings and two involve travel so they’re fairly set.
      I have no idea what to expect Sunday and am mostly OK with that

  • I’m nervous. I haven’t gotten a cold yet. Lol.

    I’m with you. Long runs have but been as bad as I’ve feared but I’m sticking to half marathons. They’re challenging enough.

    I am probably very under trained but I going to finish that race and smile. I have no goal but I want to be finished by dark.

    What to wear? I know a skirt with compression calf sleeves and a tank with arm sleeves. But which. I love the skirt you gave me cuz it has 4 pockets but it’s loose and long. Cascade is comfy but short and 2 pockets. Ugh.

    See you Sat. Going to runcenter podcasts? I also have vessel tix for 2 for sat eve and mon 11am. Sunset and medal pic lol.

    • I wore Cascade today because it was surprisingly warm. Wish I’d gotten into compression sleeves to make that choice easier. Part of why I’ll probably end up in LBC. I wish Long Haul had worked for all the pockets, but will need a belt anyway for my phone.

      Sunset is 4:50. THat’s probably not happening for me with the 11a start, but a girl can dream.

      When I hear back on Recover I’ll know if I can join you for Vessel. I think I’m laying low Saturday.

      • I never wore my Long Haul either.

        Hope to see you maybe after the race on Sunday and before I leave Monday.

        Have you heard anything about a blogger or skirt sports meet up?

        • We’ll do lunch Monday for sure.
          Hah. You’re way more likely to know about the meetups than I am. Haven’t seen much in Skirt, but I’m way behind on the FB group

  • I think you’ve done plenty of training and you’re going to be great. For me at NYCM the biggest issue was the bridges taking a toll on me. That and the headwind, which hopefully won’t be an issue for you. I’ve done race plans for so many clients and yet, for myself I keep it simple: When I was running BQs my goal was to try to stay under 9:00 miles for as long as possible. No stress. Just run and enjoy.

    • I ran the last of the bridges today. Was surprised at Willis Avenue’s angle and am so glad I did it so I know it’s coming. 138th was stuck open so we had an unplanned stop and confused a lot of workers. Simple is good. Thanks!

  • I don’t think you are undertrained from what I read every week. I also believe it’s better to be slightly undertrained than over trained. You just do you the way you practiced it and you will have a great day!

  • As a proud slower runner, I totally relate to what you are saying about long runs taking up so much time. For me, after I do a 20 miler which usually takes at least 4 hours, I’m done for the rest of the day. I just want to shower, eat and rest. It can really put a damper on weekend plans!

    I actually don’t think that you are under-trained. You’ve gotten in a number of great long runs and mid distance runs so you are totally prepared for NYCM next weekend!

  • Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

    Always a good thing to come out of a training cycle injury-free! I hear you on the long runs sucking up the day…it’s tough, but it’s only temporary! I can’t wait to see how you do, you’ve worked so hard! I hope your cold passes quickly!

  • When I used to teach, I always seemed to get sick right before a marathon. I think stress due to the extra miles combined with germ-y kids often added up to illness for me. Good luck with NYCM! It’s one that I haven’t done yet. I’ll be looking forward to reading your report. I have MCM this weekend!

  • Slightly undertrained and raring to go is way better than overtrained and exhausted! I am betting you will get in under 6 unless there’s some big Circumstance, which there might be (you stop to help someone, there’s a lot of congestion, etc). I am so excited for you and proud of you. Normal breakfast plus added snack a couple of hours before, I reckon. And remember my top tip – if you feel you’re struggling, look out for someone who is struggling more and help them. I know you’d do that anyway, but as a conscious thing, it’s helped me in a lot of races. Have a good final taper week!

    • Achilles runners and similar do the trick for me. We may be struggling and slow but they’re generally going through a lot more than the average runner. Just ahead of me in the park was a man with a prosthetic leg and a badly burned remaining leg.

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