Finding Forward

This week was all over the place.

I’m healthy and safe, as are my family and friends, so that’s where I’m going to leave the CV19 talk. I hope the same is true for you and your loved ones. I think many of us learned in the last few weeks that connections are even more important – if anyone needs an ear, I’m always available to talk/text/whatever.

If you celebrate, I hope your Easter and/or Passover went as best as possible given current conditions.

30 x 30

I love Hope for the Warriors and miss their NYC 5K, so I was happy to see they’re doing a virtual fitness challenge. It’s free, but there’s a donation requested. It will integrate well with the Zooma challenge and is a little less intense than the 21 Day Fix, which my IT Band did not like.

Speaking of a cranky IT Band, not much running this week but still linking up with Deborah and Kim to catch up with the amazing running community.

    • There was a beautiful Uncanceled Project slog of a 5K.
    • There was a run turned walk on Saturday when I realized it was stupid to push to run when it hurt when a walk didn’t. The park was gorgeous and empty enough to social distance easily.
      • There were tears over Slow Dance More. I’m fine, but this situation is just so uncertain.
  • Liz’s photo of the chair I loved when we ran together
    A visit with Fred, to go with her book review.
    • There was a Zoom baby shower, fun virtual runs “together” with friends, matching, sharing local sights and finding our inner creativity. I am so grateful for technology allowing me to see family, friends and colleagues.
    • I rediscovered enjoyment of writing letters and cards. My handwriting is atrocious, but sometimes email doesn’t cut it.
chicken au jus
  • There was a delicious lunch, courtesy of a friend’s recipe, for four days that I will be making again
  • There were multiple walks timed to participate and take in #ClapBecauseWeCare from a different vantage point than my window
all the colors
  • There was a purchase of a balance pad to improve my in-home PT efforts. The IT Band isn’t anywhere near as bad as it was in December, but neither is it as good as it was when I graduated PT.

  • There was coffee the size of my head, because coffee makes so many things better
spring and fall trees
PS 158, with an old Avenue A sign
  • There were some pretty sights and a podcast with one of my Rogue coaches as I ran/walked errands to find the post office. I’ve lived in this apartment for 7.5 years and the general neighborhood for more than 10, but so much I don’t know because I rarely explore the avenues.
Such a good book
  • There was couch time with a wonderful book about the National Parks. My trip to Mesa Verde scratched that itch, and this book continues that. I can’t wait to visit one hopefully later this year. No Jan 1 sunrise hikes in the snow for me though.
  • There were many silly memes and a great thread about school memories.

Hang in there everyone.


22 thoughts on “Finding Forward”

  • I’m glad you’re so good at listening to your body.

    The clapbecausewecare is awesome, but of course living in the burbs that doesn’t happen here.

    Sounds like things are going along ok for you; it’s got to be hard.

  • I love coffee the size of my head! It’s a running joke with me that I only drink one cup a day but the size of the cup varies considerably;-) I love your pictures, NY is one of my favorite places and you make me feel like I’m there.

  • Love the coffee the size of your head! I haven’t had store coffee in awhile- I miss it! Just drinking a lot of it at home…saving a lot of money though I suppose!

    Glad you’re staying healthy and getting out for some good runs and staying connected via Zoom!

  • I totally agree with you about COVID19 – happy that I’m healthy and that all my family and friends are too. I hope to continue saying that in the weeks and months ahead.

    The Hope for the Warriors virtual challenge sounds awesome! I love that there are so many ways to stay encouraged while working out at home.

  • What a fun, upbeat post, Cari πŸ˜‰ Glad to hear your family and friends are well. Ditto for me , although I just heard of an aunt who has been really weak with a bad cough and fever for the past couple weeks (???). Thankfully, she’s recovering from a broken ankle, so has not gone anywhere out in public, and is feeling much better. UGH! I shake my head at people who avoid the doctor when something is obviously not right. I love that comment about the coffee as big as your head LOL

  • so glad to hear that you are fine. I worry abut everyone who is living in NYC.

    Well at least your IT band revolted during the off season (for racing).

    Hope it is better by your next race whenever that may be… or before I need someone twinning mojo. My running is such a slog but I am enjoying running and walking while taking lots of photos.

    • We can twin even when I walk. Sometimes errands are in normal leggings but usually wearing Skirt even when I go for a walk for the pockets.
      And same – that’s why I’m going to baby it. There is no reason I *need* to run 5/10K now. Focus on PT, walk and run if i can. Races will all be there.

  • The memes have been everything, haven’t they? A sense of humor is much needed right now. I love your upbeat take on your week! Have a good one, Cari!

  • This is beautiful. I’m so glad you’re healthy and safe. I’m even gladder I got to see you in February β€” that seems like an eternity ago. I think of you whenever I hear about the status in NYC, which is all the time. Thanks for the book rec β€” we started making our vic vacations at National Parks. We made it to the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone so far β€” not counting the many nearby!

  • I love the coffee as big as your head and yay to see my chair pic there and I loved having your Fred pic come back to me. Matching buff run/walk one day this week for sure!

  • This is a great post Cari!

    Coffee as big as your head…is there really any other kind? πŸ˜‰ Sorry for the IT pain – hope work on the balance pad helps!

    Stay safe and have a good week!

  • That coffee!! Love it! I am glad you and your family are doing well. At this end too but a cousin mentioned that she and her husband weren’t feeling well and they had symptoms of the virus. She is feeling better but someone else mentioned that her husband isn’t. Here’s to hoping that soon we can put all of this behind us.

  • You hang in there, too. Despite everything, it does look like you had a good week. I’m sorry your IT band is acting up and hope it calms down quickly.

    I’m down for a coffee the size of my head, for sure.

    Stay well!

  • We’ve got a camping trip out west to a few National Parks in June. I’m starting to wonder if it will actually happen now! I understand the handwriting issue – mine is horrible now!! It’s a skill I have long forgotten since I type so much. I can barely read it myself sometime and it’s a big chore for me to do it.

    • I’m still making my way through your posts, but I loved your Instagram pics of the trip and so glad you were able to go

  • I’m going to order Leave Only Footprints because you know how much we love our national parks (thanks for the tip). Luckily, we had not finalized our summer vacation plans when this all hit so we didn’t lose out on airfare, etc. With a shortened window, we might now need to stick to somewhere we can drive to on the east coast later this summer.

    I hope your IT band heals quickly. I have that balance pad (and the blue one – it’s squishier) and my PT has me using them regularly.

    • Besides the parks out west, there are some local ones in there that I’m sure you’ve visited. Let me know what you thought of the book – somehow I missed this comment. National Parks really are something special.
      I miss my gym’s balance disc. The texture made me work harder.

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