is your refrigerator running?

mine wasn’t.

That was Sunday night’s fun discovery. Not.

In the grand scheme of things, it was fine. Like I said to a friend, more nuisance than Problem.  I didn’t lose much, the thawing freezer didn’t flood, and I rent so it wasn’t (as much) my headache. Just oh so 2020. On the plus side, this week brought Ichabod the iMac into my life. My little laptop was great, but not meant for heavy, daily usage and these eyes are too old for a 13″ screen even with an external monitor.

This was a weird week. Other than running, I wasn’t really moving much. Said to a friend who was talking about the running percentage of her crazy steps total on a day that I had 5.77 miles on the day, 5 of which were running. I really don’t mind. Heat, humidity and life are draining right now. Worth just taking time to be.

On the reading front, I finished The Great Deluge on the anniversary of Katrina’s landfall. Doesn’t normally take me three weeks to read 700 pages, but this book was dense and didn’t make for great bedtime reading. I subsequently read Austin Channing Brown’s excellent I’m Still Here in a couple of hours after waiting all summer.

museums + running

And best of all? I got to go to a museum! I can’t remember the last time I went five months without visiting a museum. It’s usually a max of five days. Timed tickets (which I like anyway for planning purposes), masks and distancing, but MUSEUMS. Of course I direct deposited my wallet with the gift shop.

I truly love the Museum of the City of New York because of how it tells the city’s stories. They collect museum-quality artifacts of course, but they also have amazing ephemera including this poster for the NYC Marathon in their Collecting New York’s Stories exhibit, which was slated to open just before the world shut down. Yes, that made this poster even more poignant.

I do. Forever.

I am so tired of the endless articles pronouncing NYC dead. Whether it’s a political angle or just the endless need for doom and gloom, it got old a long time ago. Am I biased? Of course. But this city is 400+ years old and has probably been declared dead at least that many times.  If any time ever called for Haters gonna hate, it’s this.


Weekly run down with Deborah and Kim:

  • I missed a Monday: even before I came home to the thawing fridge, I’d decided I was sleeping in on Monday after two early runs. Morning walk was only to the Met and for coffee because no creamer is the travesty of the broken fridge. LOL. Went on a hunt for dinner and shelf-stable creamer so did get in some steps, but overall a needed mental/physical day off.
  • Tuesday: up and at it. Rise and run. How many cliches fit in one post? Runrise ahead of another scorcher of a day. Back of the knee sweat (aka against desk chair) was a new experience during quarantime. I finally realized why — I really never sat at a desk outside of the office aka the land of AC.
  • Wednesday: I usually don’t run two days in a row, but sometimes you have to. Minimal steps before work and I was feeling stiff and stir crazy and it was absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to go chase a sunset. Mission accomplished. Found Pinocchio too!
So many bad options


  • Thursday: I really don’t run three days in a row, but when my colleague texted to ask if I’d meet him, I didn’t want to say no. It was 90+ and 70%+ humidity so it was a plod more than anything, but lately I’m really feeling the need for some socialization. After I left him where he enters the park, I ran a little to the Literary Walk to see the new statue that was unveiled-the first in Central Park to honor real women! Had been drinking A LOT due to the heat and realized I needed to use the bathroom. No issue, many of the Park’s bathrooms are open, but I forgot how fun it isn’t to pull up a skirt on sweaty legs. I didn’t want to start running again so I left the Park at 72nd and headed to Target. For years I was jealous of people with Targets for their oreos and other things. A colleague who lived near a big one would bring them in for us So I was tickled to find a giant display at my mini Target. The maple creme and mint were oh so tempting, but I have no portion control when it comes to oreos so they’re banned.
isn’t she pretty!
meet my teenie weenie kitchen
  • Friday: original plan was museum, but when my super called on Thursday to tell me that my landlord had decided to buy a new fridge, I knew that wasn’t going to work timing wise. So once Mr. Fridge arrived and I deep cleaned my kitchen (not fear of COVID from delivery, it just needed it!) I took a quick walk to the grocery store for some staples. Had Peapod on standby for Saturday, and if this had to happen at least it was at a time where grocery delivery was easy.  When I briefly contemplated moving (within the city) to a space with outdoor space and found myself looking at kitchen size. Never a thing before.
hi Balto!
  • Saturday in the Park – I love that song, but it makes me miss Yankee games. Elizabeth and I met up for me to join her for part of her long run and we ran/walked/found Balto and generally explored the Park. The forecasted rain never happened, but it was overcast which made it a lot more manageable. After waiting for Peapod, it was museum o’clock, during which I also saw a colleague I haven’t seen since March 11. I’m OK, but missing people is real. A 30K step day made up for the rest of the week’s inactivity and it was nice to cap it reading by the river. I hadn’t gotten there this week, so that made it doubly nice.
  • Sunday:  lunch with mom & Bob! No idea what else, but I’m sure I’ll find some mischief.

podcasts and reunion runs

I was ridiculously excited about this Sunday’s run for the better part of this month. In fact I was worried about laundry timing (not) rendering a shirt available on time at least a month ago. A live race? A virtual race? Double No. Liz and I “re-creating” our run together on the two-year anniversary of it.

2018 morning run
celebrating post run 2020

Twinning in the buff from Liz’s running club and matching our outfits from 2018 while running at the same time in Birmingham and Manhattan. The major upside to all of this 2020 unsettledness is the creativity that’s emerging. Love whoever posted the high fives early in quarantime as we totally stole the idea.


Also this week: beautiful weather which means sleep and the ability to deal with spoken word on my walks. I cannot have someone talking at me if I’m tired, even if I know I’ll enjoy the content. Monday:  Marcia’s two recent appearances. Wednesday: started but still need to finish Running Rogue’s Run-Life Balance episode. It’s been easy, quarantime essentially means no life outside work and I’m free to run in all the daylight hours, but that will change and I wanted these reminders. Nothing earth shattering, but always good tips. Friday: inaugural episode of Go Ask Ali. Ali Wentworth is a hoot and I was curious to hear about what Brooke Shields would have to say. I’m generally too young to remember her in her acting roles, and as someone who watched a lot of tennis in the 90s, she was always Mrs. Andre Agassi to me. Yes, I realize now that’s so odd and it kind of horrifies me, but I was a kid.


Achieved my quarantime goal of a ponytail. Now debating cutting it all off, or maybe letting it grow. So many decisions. I think the principle driver right now is that I’m not ready to have someone who is wearing a mask but is exposed to people and all the people they’ve been exposed to standing inches from my face. Have you had a haircut yet? Any concerns?

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

Stunning finds just in a sidewalk bed
adventures in Instant Pot continue
post-work pedi
  • never miss a Monday: a gorgeous cool (for August) morning for a few laps of the sun-kissed Great Lawn. When I was talking about Quarantime purchases, I can’t believe I forgot to mention my instant pot! This week’s lunches were artichoke heart risotto, which is among my favorite dishes. This week I doctored the portions with capers and wasabi, which definitely helped with the “I need more kick”. After work was a pedicure. I did the math on three week v. four week and decided the self care was worth it, especially in summer and with the running. This pic was actually later in the week when someone wanted to see the color / tan. oh you weird summer you, but this is a fun outcome.
it isn’t stereotypically pretty, but I love this view
  • Tuesday: wanted more than the five miles possible on the East River, but didn’t want to go to Central Park for the third day in a row, so I did some street/esplanade jiggle for six miles on a beautiful cool morning. When the last mile is the fastest, life is good.
weird clouds.
  • Wednesday: a friend asked for an early morning Zoom. I countered with a walk as this week already felt like a case of ass/chair fusion. Some crazy clouds, but fresh air is always better than more screen time.
just south of 102
  • Thursday: plan was office run group, but schedules rendered that impossible. I hadn’t run in the morning so the sunset run was a wonderful kickoff to a long weekend. Virtually no humidity, a picture-perfect summer evening.
love water towers
and sushi!
  • Friday: sometime early in my current job I learned the phrase busman’s holiday and as someone who is a museum nerd both personally and professionally, it happens all.the.time. I was particularly excited to see Hope Wanted as I have been sorely missing museums over the last six months. The exhibit is a series of photographs that were  both normal and so utterly strange, but it was so great to see an (outdoor) exhibit and see what others saw in lockdown. Elizabeth and I have also talked about museum-ing forever, and that and sushi made for a perfect day “off”. I love what I do, and I’m grateful to be working, but sometimes we need a day off the computer.
hazy sunrise
yep, Fred judging us.
  • Saturday: Elizabeth had 14 on her plan. My legs don’t know what 14 is anymore, and summer returned. I said I was in for six-ish, and that’s what I did complete with a rest by Fred when we both had a case of don’t wanna, but also the cutest cheering squad. Humidity is draining. Came home, recharged myself and gadgets before sitting by the water for a little. Still working through the massive Great Deluge book.
so so true
  • Sunday: I don’t run back to back unless there’s a very good reason. A two-year anniversary of a run with a great friend ticks that box, and I was out early to beat the heat (fail) and run at the same time as Liz was running. The heat wasn’t the problem so much as the awful humidity, and I took it easy and enjoyed watching the park wake up. Wanted to finish smiling (check). Elizabeth and I met up at the end of my run/beginning of hers for a visit/bench crash as my legs were d-o-n-e and we people/puppy watched. Since then a bath and a nap. We’ll see if anything more productive happens in this humidity.


a sliver of good news

that has nothing to do with running, although running was pretty good this week too!

I also don’t generally quote politicians here, but as I said, good news!

As many of you know, I love museums. I’m not sure everyone knows that this is also a huge part of my job, so I am thrilled for all of those I work with that they can safely welcome guests back. It’s a step in the right direction and this made for a wonderful Friday when the news hit.

Isaias’ mess

While it’s nothing like what poor Kim and others in the midwest are dealing with, we’re still cleaning up after Isaias here and there was more rain this week too. Luckily no more wind damage.

not all running,but hello consistency!

I switched to Runkeeper a few years ago from Map My Run. It was before I was a runner so many of these are bike rides, but this was fun to see. While I focus on Strava data wise, I’m glad I still recorded my runs there for the history. Strava tells me I’ve recorded 746 runs for 2,342 miles which sounds amazing/insane.

Weekly run down with Deborah and Kim:

do you let pigeon drive the bus?
this week’s creation
I love what the forecast. I don’t love a 90+ real feel after dark
  • never miss a Monday: first of three sunrise-ish runs this week. This is what happens when it’s approximately 940% humidity every day. This run felt good and I was determined to find more than four miles. It’s hard with the sink hole closures, but I did even if that meant I ran the ramps down to water level twice. Quads hurt after, but it was a good sore. No issue with the IT Band on my first real hills. Canned peas aren’t my thing, but they paired well with some lemon, rosemary, dill salmon in the instant pot.
random sidewalk planter
  • Tuesday: gross at 6:30 and did not want to go out, but a friend texted me from the Great Lawn and coaxed me to join her to sit and chat. We were rewarded with this view. I wish we could have scratch and sniff because there’s something great about fresh cut grass.
hi flooding
  • Wacky Wednesday: my routine for runrise is to run, shower and come back for a power nap before work. On Wednesday I couldn’t fall asleep during that nap and got up to stretch and roll. It rained after sunrise and can you say saturated low-lying area? The days are getting shorter, and I’m really going to miss my after-work reading nook.
  • Thursday: bupkus. Like a few weeks ago with the heat and humidity, I was just d-o-n-e. Didn’t even go out for coffee before work but walked to Target after. The rain during the day had cut the heat slightly, which was lovely.
hazy sunrise
resting the tootsies
  • Friday: 3rd runrise of the week. Like Monday I managed to stretch it into five miles with two ramp runs and a few dinosaurs for company. My quads weren’t as sore after and I spent the afternoon/evening in my favorite reading nook. With all the rain this month, my flip flop tan seems to have stabilized.
Dene Summer House – Central Park
never truer than this year
  • Saturday: lovely walk exploring parts of Central Park I don’t typically, culminating in this sign, which is so true. I briefly contemplated moving somewhere, but why would I leave this neighborhood. I have the river two blocks away, Central Park five. Is this apartment ideal? No, but it works and in normal times, I don’t literally spend my life here. It’s fine and the neighborhood more than makes up for it.   The weather was perfect and I could have walked forever, except I had plans to meet a friend for dinner. 5 hours later… catching up is so wonderful. Also realized it was Darlene’s and my 2nd meetversary. Runner friends are the bestest.
always make time for Fred (no, the glasses didn’t last in the rain)
  • Sunday Runday: two of the last three weeks I’ve actually done a Sunday long run. I was a  Saturday long run person during marathon training and liked the recovery day, but since I’m not doing crazy long runs, I don’t mind moving it around. No plan, just get up and go on a beautiful (66F at start) rainy day. I said hi to Fred, as you must, and Elizabeth and I met up for a few miles during her 14m and I headed back east at ~7 miles to finish somewhere between eight and nine. When I hit eight I realized I was 12m from two hours (this was walk/run/meander) and so I knew my target. End result was 9 miles, 2:00:31. Wish I’d seen it sooner and could have come in under two. Don’t care about pace, but I like round numbers. Had an unplanned nap when I got home and it’s still raining so plan is to do the living room re-arrangement I was supposed to two weeks ago.

on Hurricanes, Hiroshima and Nagasaki

I cannot believe we’re just a few weeks from the fifteenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Still remember sitting in my friend Helen’s car  in Adelaide waiting outside an electronic repair facility for her to pick up her VCR/DVR when the radio was talking about the impending landfall. I started Douglas Brinkley’s The Great Deluge on Saturday because it’s 700+ pages (nothing like a little light reading!) and I wanted to have it done in time to think about the anniversary. I realize how little I knew about the Mississippi Coast regions I drove through until I saw the Katrina memorial in Biloxi my last morning.

This week marked the anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and they kind of snuck up on me unlike 2017. Surprising given it is the 75th anniversary. Here is a repost of my 2006 Hiroshima blog. I visited Hiroshima four times-the most powerful was on Veteran’s Day just two months after 9/11. It was chilling, but I believe a place that every American who visits Japan has a duty to see and learn from. Hiroshima is easily accessed from Osaka. Nagasaki took some work, but it was well worth it. I still remember thinking that if I was sleeping in 1945 where the hostel I stayed in 2016, I wouldn’t be here. Frightening.

mom’s street, NYC suburbs. (c) Mom.

This week also brought Tropical Storm Isaias to town. It wasn’t a direct hit, and Manhattan was mostly spared apart from some massive tree damage in the parks. That wasn’t true in all of Con Ed’s services areas, where more than 130K were without power, second only to Sandy. Some were still out Friday morning when a random non storm-related blackout hit parts of the city. The northern suburbs and Connecticut were hit pretty hard. Luckily the tree that took out mom’s power, cable was kind enough to fall between their house and the river, rather than the main road which made things very interesting last storm. She got a generator after Sandy, so the power outage was more nuisance than an actual issue.

the man-made and the nature-made roadblocks. Carl Schurz Park, Tuesday afternoon

When I went for a walk after work to scope out the damage it reminded me a lot of Hurricane Irene. Looking back at that album, amazing how much more greenery there was back then. So many mature trees, just gone. Gives Gone with the wind a whole new meaning.

saw this on one of the social channels. So fitting

The week was good, but felt very disorganized. It was fitting that this showed up in my feed. Ads reading my mind? Wouldn’t surprise me given Bob & I were speaking about an author I thought he might like, and a day later a $5 off coupon for books by that author was in my inbox . Not usually a conspiracy theorist, but that was weird.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

hi random sunflowers!
  • never miss a Monday: went for a walk before work, and then a Target run after work. You could definitely feel the humidity building ahead of the storm. Not as exciting as the corn on the Upper West Side, but nice to see these flowers randomly in a street bed.
already flooded.
  • Tuesday: this run was up in the air due to the storm forecast. I woke at 5:30 with the fan blowing random raindrops on me, and decided to try again at 6:30. There was a window, and I went out for four miles, which somehow were negative splits too. Yay! I would absolutely run in the rain, I will not run by the river in a (relatively) low lying area during a tropical storm. I wasn’t running in Central Park because I was worried about the trees even early. By mid-afternoon, the sun was out. Weather is so weird.
yes, yes it is
poor tree, completely split
  • Wednesday: I was right to be worried about Central Park as the tree damage was devastating. In the middle of this, the Conservancy has launched a fundraising appeal. I particularly liked that sign.
do you believe in magic?
  • Thursday: I knew I was running after work, and that led to a weird start in the morning. I didn’t even make it out for coffee as my bed was very comfy. I met my colleague and we ran together for the first time since the Frozen Penguin. I saw him into March, but we were both gimpy and not feeling winter running. This was a beautiful ~6 mile run for each of us from our own starting points. Saw many, many trees down, which was just heartbreaking. This was my first time doing the lower loop or going south of 72nd since I ran home the week the world shut down. Kind of weird to be down there, but not at all uncomfortably crowded.
my bathroom is ready for winter
  • Friday: another slow start, but I went out for a quick walk to loosen up my hips. Not pain, just stiff after an evening run. Motion is lotion as someone (likely here?) says, and it helped. I stiffened up after a workday despite rolling during a non-video meeting, so I took a walk to Target and Jack Rabbit and I was feeling fine. My new shower curtain came – and can I tell you life’s too short to be boring? The new mat, which I picked before I tossed my old curtain kinda sorta maybe matches. I just love that it dries, which was the issue with the other one.
sidewalk sushi
  • Saturday: I didn’t really have a plan, but as I dilly dallied I knew it would be a mask run in either of the usual haunts, and I wasn’t feeling it. I’d been thinking about doing Randall’s Island as I run past the bridge most days, and I decided why not. There’s a ton of storm damage over there, but the paths were clear and I had a solid if sticky 5 miles. I scoped out the path to Queens and some longer routes for the fall. The only down side of random mid-week long runs is I don’t want to do a second during the week coming off injury, and “only” five miles on Saturday felt weird and short. Our bodies and minds are weird. Still ran 22.65 miles this week. Whoa. Hip, knee feel good and I’ve been doubling down on Marcia’s IT Band stretches as well as the resources Deborah has shared.
  • Sunday: summer is coming back. Thinking a rest day in the park, but maybe a short walk.


Hot or Iced Coffee in August?

always all the pictures of a coffee the size of my head, but I never make it into the linkup. I am determined for August, and then I almost didn’t but scrambled to get this done Thursday. Linking up with Deborah and Coco for some Vitamin C.

making up for all the missed coffee

All the money I was saving on coffee? Not so much when I switched to iced coffee. It’s so worth it as a cool down drink, even if it sits in the fridge when I nap post run-rise. Also, my hair was so short and dark early in quarantime. I cannot wait to cut it, although I think I’m going to rock the salt and pepper for a while.  I can’t say forever, my hair has been too many colors in the last 25+ years of coloring it.


Over coffee I’d tell you that I really hate running with a mask. It doesn’t matter what kind or whether they’re breathable, they suck. Literally in some cases I end up inhaling and sucking on my mask. What a motivation to run at oh dark thirty when there are so few people that it’s safe enough not to. The yellow Zensah one will be nice for early morning/evening runs when it gets dark as there’s some reflection. Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite masks for general needs, and the disposable ones are lightest in summer heat. While I generally think the FB ads are creepy, they’ve served up some great ones.

I’d add that surprisingly, I don’t miss the gym as much as I feared. I miss cross training and a larger space to stretch and foam roll and some of my PT that doesn’t fit in this apartment, but summer running has been manageable even if I’ve whined about the humidity almost every time. There’s no time frame for gyms reopening, so it’s not an issue I have to decide on any time soon, but glad that I’ve been able to stay active once the IT Band healed. My gym was reimbursed by my insurance, so there was no cost element of missing it or not.

run this town!

I miss this mug.

Over coffee I’d tell you that I’ve added a line item in Mint for Covid19. Not the virus itself as I’ve been lucky to be healthy, but purchases that work from home has made necessary. New

  • vacuum (home more, more crumbs and shedding),
  • Swiffer,
  • shower curtain, liner, tub and bath mat (OK, summer humidity more than COVID, but also the twice a day showers)
  • desk chair
  • floor lamp
  • computer (likely, but not yet purchased)

My favorite? The new Keurig from Black Friday last year. Even when I go out to get my morning coffee I still usually make at least a double cup here and I definitely never made coffee five-six times a week at home before. It will likely be rivaled by a new computer, but right now it’s clear leader with the app-controlled lamp a close second.

Over coffee I’d tell you that part of why I still want to rearrange my living room somewhat (last Friday’s project that never happened) is so I have a wall space for legs up the wall and wall sits. Something to brace myself for soleus stretches wouldn’t hurt either. I have two possible candidates, each with their own upside:

  • one is closer to my existing stretch nook where my yoga mat and weights are and would give me an away to put both in
  • the other requires moving less furniture and will make getting behind my futon easier

While the living room re-arrangement has worked in that it carved out a nook for a living room and a home office, I don’t love having my futon in the middle of the living room. Alas I’m somewhat limited in options. I think option a of wall space above will open up a better futon option, which is part of why I’m leaning that way. Even if I didn’t have a no computer in the bedroom rule, moving my desk there isn’t an option as there isn’t room. I briefly toyed with making the (smaller) bedroom a sitting room with TV, desk, futon, but I don’t like the idea of my apartment door opening into my bedroom. Small apartment/first world problems. I’m actually contemplating getting rid of the futon entirely, but I sleep on it in summer nights that need the AC as the living room window has the AC due to window size and occasionally have overnight guests. My brother and sister in law have an amazing chair that converts to a twin bed, which is very tempting.

Even though I know work from home isn’t forever, it would be nice to solve to space issues.

oh wise coffee cup

Finally, over coffee I’d tell you that I’m not very good at adulting.  I do some of the things that help for a more organized life, but while I’ve realized I can cook, I do not enjoy it. And you know what? I’m absolutely OK with this. There is way too much going on in this world to beat ourselves up for the little things. The Christmas mug? My new shower curtain has snowmen because it was cute. Life’s too short not to go for what makes you smile.

  • If you’re working from home, have you found a good arrangement?
  • Do you have any smart appliances?

Stay safe & healthy everyone.

Working from Home and Running

or maybe working from home and not being in pain and running…

I realized earlier this week I was going to cross 70 miles. By far my highest total when not marathon training, and last July was “only” 84.79. July total was 76.48 miles. WHOA.

Four months of working from home and I’m finally in some semblance of a workout routine. I ran a couple back to back days, but never had more than one rest day between runs, which ranged between 4-7 miles. That’s a whole new level of consistency and it’s amazing what’s possible when you’re not in pain.

I’m reading Julie van Amerongen’s Every.Single.Day and I admire her consistency. Not a streaker myself (of either definition!) but amazing what you learn you really can do.

NYRR had another pace review and this best pace cycled off. Back to Corral L. Do not care one bit as a) I’m running without pain which is all I care about b) it doesn’t matter and c) I got to K once, I’ll get back there again if I decide I care. The latter will probably only happen if I miss running with friends.

skipping rocks on the shores of the mighty Hudson

Know what’s better than both of these? Escaping the city for a few hours, and surprising my brother and the kids who were down at Mom & Bob’s. Love my city, but I hadn’t left since February and that was just too long.

Otherwise, nothing exciting this week. On to the Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

pretty toes
  • never miss a Monday: I was all set to use “I ran seven” as an excuse to skip this on the grounds of it being obnoxiously hot and humid at 4:30 AM, but a funny thing happened and I wanted to run. Mother Nature rewarded this decision, and it was a gorgeous four-ish miles. And then I rewarded my feet with a pedicure.
  • Tuesday: gross, hot, but Central Park is ever stunning. Great Lawn has become a new morning minimum on walk days.
d-o-n-e even though it’s pretty
rewarding sore legs and swollen feet. Oh summer.
  • Wednesday: I think Mother Nature was wilting in this heat, but she still rewarded me for getting out there for another four.
  • Thursday: tired, drained, didn’t even get step goal. Nothing wrong, just d-o-n-e with the heat and humidity.
when it’s an easy run you play with the panorama setting
  • Friday: I took the day off work to get some apartment projects done. They didn’t happen, but a nice run did. I started the month with five and decided to bookend it with the same. It was much cooler, although still 4000% humidity. I know some of you love summer running – more power to you. I wilt. Give me fall in the morning and summer the rest of the day.
  • Saturday: aforementioned escape from the city. Walk to and from car rental and to the river from mom’s but otherwise nothing. A true rest day.
  • Sunday runday: I didn’t really have a plan. 8 miles for August wasn’t feeling doable, but I wanted to do more than 4-5, so I wiggled and meandered on a run that included Central Park and the East River. I believe that’s the first time I’ve done that. When I paused to accept a mask from the giveaway (I was wearing one, but always happy to have a backup) I realized I was at 1:28xx and therefore landed on my goal of a 90m run. I had been tiring for the last mile anyway and there were many stops for water and to stretch. No race, no rules.  Just run. Depending on whether it actually rains, I may go sit and read, or I may do that apartment project.

GoTheDist July:

  • 449, 989 steps. DOH!
  • 201.08 miles walked

I don’t have formal August goals. Just keep running pain free. Maaybe look at the fitbit on the 31st.  LOL.