Women Run the World, 2021

By | June 13, 2021


the shirt is a tradition

This title brought to you by a successful return to racing in the form of the 2021 Women’s Mini. Due to the cancellation of the 2021 Frozen Penguin, the Mini is officially the race I’ve run the most: 2017, 2018 and 2019. More to come on 2021 later this week but in short: it was awesome! Well run, totally safe and a ton of fun.

um, where the hell did that come from?

Oh and yeah, a hell of a race too – but it was fun even without that.

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for a weekly non-run down, since yuck sums up the runs and there really isn’t a need to go into much detail.

dirt in a skirt! (c) Solomon’s Sluggers

Also in the fun files this week: Thursday afternoon I got a text from a friend who is the team manager for the Whitney Houstons, the Whitney Museum’s team in the museum softall league. Was I available to play? I wasn’t sure I could get there on time after my run, but volunteered to cheer. When I did get there on time they said I couldn’t cheer a game that might not happen — so I ended up catching for seven innings. I haven’t played softball in 25+ years, and wow, I might have to change that. Rusty, and dusty but <3. Also, I think I’ve been hanging on to that photo caption since my first race in a skirt.

Current and former hostesses

triple trouble

outdoor music!

One of my favorite summer traditions is the Philharmonic in the Parks’ Central Park concert. This year the series moved to Bryant Park and heresy: it was better. Smaller stage, but smaller space and therefore better acoustics. Proof of vaccine or negative test required and therefore we could safely go mask free. Probably the first “normal” event and I hope the first of many. I’m not ready for indoor events yet, but who doesn’t want to be outside anyway.

The rest of the week was a hot, sweaty mess. Literally.

living Matty’s “Glazed donut” phrase

This week’s weather was just too hot. Five consecutive days of 90+, which is abnormal, to say the least. We had no transition time, which just makes it worse.


summer skies

grateful for clouds

But I ran my usual Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. I quit Monday at 5K because it was 100% humidity and I was dehydrated. My fan died overnight and holy cow was I sweaty. Nothing dangerous, just extremely unpleasant and there was nothing to be gained from pushing. Still grateful I got out there, since if I was going to be a sweaty mess while sitting, I might as well be one while running. And not to worry, I had a new fan by midday Monday.

By Thursday, the humidity had broken and mid 80s felt delicious. By the end of the softball game there was even a hint of a chill in the air as I walked home. Even beyond the heat, this week was a shift – fitting running into life, rather than life only being about running in this crazy year.

Grateful to have running in my life and plan to keep up the M/W/Th/Sa routine, but glad to have other things going on again as well. This was a good week aside from the temperatures, and I hope there are more to come this summer.


Saw this sign on the way to dinner with friends and it’s so true.


17 thoughts on “Women Run the World, 2021

  1. Darlene S Cardillo

    I was so disappointed to have the mini cancelled last year. I was finally signed up to run it. Maybe next year.

    Glad you were able to and had fun.

    This week was not much of a run week due to heat, work and lack of mojo. But there was a race and that was the highlight. I forget how much fun it is to run with other people around you. The atmosphere is electric. (even in a small race like mine).

    I love your line about fitting running into life. I think that’s why I ran so much last year. What else was there to do. Now there are social events and friend dates. Running is there but far less important. I have been skipping my run in order to see a friend I haven’t seen in a while.

  2. Deborah Brooks

    It was super hot this week and then super rainy! I am also glad to finally have some other social things in my life. I am so grateful for running this past year and plan to keep up my mileage for my fall races

  3. Wendy

    Congrats on your race! So exciting to have a live race and you did so well, too! Looks like a good week for you. Do you think you’ll play softball again?

    The humidity has dropped today and it is heavenly! Sitting outside as we speak.

  4. Lisa @ Mile by Mile

    Congrats on doing a live race! So glad you had fun and it went well. The weather was just ridiculous this week. Hopefully it won’t be this bad all summer!

  5. Kim G

    I love that kind human sign. I feel like some people need to have that tattooed on their bodies as a reminder to be nice!

    Congrats on the in-person race! I did that race a few years ago and I remember it being brutally hot but also a lot of fun! This gives me hope that more Fall in person races will be available.

  6. Kimberly Hatting

    Fun that you had a race!! Gotta say that sign says it all 😉 I think I either saw a similar pic, or at least the phrase, in a few places this past year. No truer words <3 I really like how your hair is looking these days 😉

  7. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Love the sign! Sounds like you enjoyed your softball game. I am just awful at soft/baseball. I used to say I can’t hit, catch, or run — but at last now i can run, LOL!

    Sorry about the fan. That is never fun.

    I love Bryant Park! It’s cozy, for sure. Sounds like fun!

  8. Jessie

    Congratulations on your race! I bet that felt great. So glad you have a new fan, that weather is way too hot for that sort of thing!

    The concert at Bryant Park sounds lovely.

  9. Coco

    Woohoo on your 10K! How fun to play softball. I’m not sure teams have started playing around here yet — I think most fields are the domain of the national park service.

    I love that photo of the bench by the river — makes me want to sit there.

  10. Jenny

    Wow, that is a cool week (not literally of course.) Catching in a softball game, a race, and a concert! Think of the difference between now and last June. Sounds like your summer is off to a great (and sweaty) start- glad you got that new fan!

  11. Marcia

    Oh I’m so jelly about that philharmonic in the park. Hands down my favorite summertime activity. Glad you enjoyed. Well done on the race AND the softball! I’m quite certain I’d pull something if I even considered softball after eons of not playing. Yes the heat and humidity were positively suffocating last week. That said, we’re down to a light and airy 72 degrees this morning which is pure heaven.

  12. Renée

    hooray for a live race! and softball! oh man the last time I played softball as catcher I caught it with my eye… yikes! philharmonic in the park sounds AMAZING. I really need to check if *any* of those kind of events are happening here (there is a slight chance but maybe not until July/ Aug).

  13. Liz Dexter

    Aie – I would never play rounders again, that’s what being grown-up is for, never having to play rounders again! But I am glad you enjoyed it and got through your week of hot heat. And the race! Hooray!

  14. Michelle D.

    Congrats on your race! I’m glad it was fun and well organized.

    I love that you got a taste of “normal” – concerts in the park are the best!

    The weather was just ridiculous – thank heavens that heat finally broke.

  15. Zenaida Arroyo

    That is great about the race! I agree about being kind. It doesn’t cost anything and it is easy to do. I hear ya about the weather. Luckily it has cooled down a bit in the morning and had made running more bearable.

  16. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    It was hot and humid last week. I hope you’re getting the cool-down up there this week that we’re getting. It’s especially delightful here in the mountains of SWVA!

    Looking forward to hopping over later and reading your race recap!


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