Fabulous Fall Fun

By | October 17, 2021

just a few years apart

Mom found the pic on the left on her phone, which sort of inspired the one on the right. We’re guessing it was from summer 2007 just before I chopped my hair for Locks of Love, although it was reddish by the time I cut it.  I miss the braids, but can’t fathom growing it out like this again. Also, <3 my new-ish reading glasses.

Speaking of reading, anyone else excited for Book of Magic? I hit two stores trying to find a hard copy on release day as a friend also loves Alice Hoffman, but even Barnes & Noble didn’t have it. Meanies.

Halloween race ready!

Ever find a shirt and then decide to do a race? That was more or less what happened here. I saw this on a running site, but it’s on back order so asked a friend who is a Cricut wiz, and now I have a shirt for the Haunted Island 10K. I mean could I not run a Halloween race once I had this?

so far the hardest part about re-integrating pre-pandemic life isn’t running – it’s blogging. So glad to have weekend getaways be a thing again, but I appreciate the screen break and don’t tend to bring my laptop so…a Tuesday run down it is. and then I didn’t finish it then either. So have some random run musings while I try to catch up on all of your posts.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

still dress and sandal weather!

definitely the last day of short sleeve dresses!

Why yes, I have somehow turned into a dress person.

Despite the flash of summer and overwhelmingly gray skies, running was good. That was part of the struggle I had in finishing this on Tuesday. The runs are the same weekday runs they’ve been since March 2020 and I’ve run out of interesting things to say about them.

I did take my 500th Peloton class, which was awesome even if I couldn’t find a live class. I am so glad I got into that as it really has helped my running over this last year.

do you believe in magic?

On this day, the sunset wasn’t dramatic, but I loved this splash of fall as I took advantage of the good weather and slightly earlier start to add a mile or two to the office run group. I think that’s why September mileage was so good and while I’m being mindful not to run too much, I like the extra mile or two when doable, especially before it gets too dark too early.

Speaking of dark…

first glow run of the year

Didn’t intend to have a night run, but things happen and I was glad to have my vest although I also should have had my lamp. Since I didn’t, I stayed on the Great Lawn where I knew the pavement was even. Plus, it had castles!

pacing me backwards!

First long run of this two-week window was at mom’s doing more trail running and scouting. I’d seen the Joseph Clarke rail trail when driving in the area, but wasn’t sure if/where it connected to the Erie Path so I went exploring. I realized that the connection point was in “downtown” Sparkill (population 1,500). Yet even as close to the relative busyness of 9W and the Thruway, it had such of a more rural feel. I think part of that was that it’s south of where the bikers typically join the trail. Another ten mile Saturday that felt good.

loved this sentiment

Our office was closed Monday so I stayed up at Mom & Bob’s. I didn’t have a particular route in mind so turned the usual Hook five mile route into a seven ish with a detour to Oak Hill to see Dad. Coming back east toward the hook, I passed Marydell, a former religious retreat now deeded to the Hook. That statement just caught me on Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

oh hello new shoes!

And accidental capture of my beloved tie dye Ghost 13s which are about out of miles. As I said to Kim on her Tuesday post, I didn’t need new Ghosts, especially not 14s, but how could I say no to NYC shoes? Texted a friend the pic and he asked if I was stealth running the marathon again. I had to chuckle because I could see how he’d think that, but no I’m thrilled for my long runs to be 8-10 miles. More on that in a bit.

My knee has long been a barometer of weather, but it really is a good echo of Strava’s shoe mileage tracker. At first I thought I was getting fewer miles out of Brooks then I did out of New Balance, and I remembered the epic personal high in mileage I’m on track for this year.


As I said, my training for this half has been meh. I’m getting in the distance but until about two weeks ago really hadn’t sought hills. I didn’t intend to run more than ten miles as a long run, but wasn’t too worried because I was mentally tired at that point, not physically. When I planned to run to the Little Red Lighthouse after a conversation earlier in the week, I realized it would probably be higher mileage, but decided to go for it.

And then I started meandering. A couple blocks from Coogan’s Bluff? ✔ Oh I’m right by Hispanic Society? ✔✔ Oh, I haven’t been to the highest point in Manhattan in about ten years? ✔✔✔ I knew when I finally got to the lighthouse at eight miles (vs. ~ 6 if I’d stuck to my original route) that this was going to turn into a half. After the Bennett Park/Fort Washington detour, I also knew the run was overall going to match Malibu’s elevation, (which mercifully is less than Bermuda was), which is a nice benefit. I adjusted my “exit strategy” from 79th to 86th Street while knowing I could bail at 137 if I needed to. Other than a little calf tightness, it felt good and I pushed through. I wished I had one more chew and was grateful for the operational water fountains, but other than when I ran out of steam on a hill at 12.75, it didn’t feel like the longest I’d run since February 2020.

While I am still thinking about what makes sense as a goal pace for Malibu, it was nice to finish the distance where I’d hoped to be, pace wise. I’m optimistic about the race and the next four weeks. I felt good this morning and a gorgeous five mile walk through Central Park took care of any tightness caused by a lovely two hour dinner last night.

16 thoughts on “Fabulous Fall Fun

  1. Wendy

    I feel like I missed something…you’re running a half in Malibu? When is that? Sounds like a lovely place to run. Love the NYC shoes–I bought the Beer shoes, so I get it. Sometimes you just have to buy the shoes!

    1. cari Post author

      It’s entirely possible I never posted about it. November 14. I decided I wanted somewhere that I wanted to go even if race cancelled (assuming travel feels safe). Malibu races have gone on, so I remain optimistic. If not, worse places to spend November weekend.
      I sent my SIL a link to the beer ones as they’re also big beer people! Life’s too short to wish after affordable shoes.

  2. Deborah Brooks

    I never knew you had long hair! You look great in the dresses. Love the Halloween shirt it’s super fun. Malibu will be so much fun and a nice vacation.

  3. Coco

    Love the first photo — gorgeous view. Those NYC shoes are pretty sweet too. I didn’t know about Malibu either. I’m going to DNS my half that weekend — I’m up to 6 mile long runs, but can’t double that in 4 weeks!

  4. Jessie

    Wow, your hair was so long! That must have been a lot of work to brush, wash, etc!

    Those vests look really cool, but you definitely still need a headlamp!

    I’m glad I gave Peloton a chance as well! I love the convenience of it. I did a body weight only class in Boston in our hotel room. There’s something for every occasion!

  5. Jenny

    Agreed- the Peloton app is GREAT. I’ve really been using it a lot, now that my running is so sporadic (sigh.)
    Very exciting about your upcoming half! Sounds like you’re in great shape for it, and it should be super fun. Sounds like you’re already having fun, running all over New York.
    Your shirt will be a big hit at your Halloween race! You’re really making the most of the season.

  6. Darlene

    That is the perfect shirt. A great reason to run a race.

    I have a 15k the same day as your half but in different time zones. But I’ll be rooting for you.

    I’ve turned into a dress person recently. Just easier I think.

  7. Kimberly Hatting

    I don’t wear many dresses, but I wear a lot of skirts (I like the versatility of swapping different tops and mixing & matching the bottoms LOL). Congrats ion your 500th Peloton class! That’s a major milestone!

  8. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Yup I read your reply to Wendy because I was like say what? I can definitely see the attraction of CA. I’m not sure I’m ever going to feel safe traveling again. 🙁 Someday, hopefully. Good luck!

    Love the NYC shoes. I think they’d definitely turn into walking shoes for me eventually — how could you get rid of those?

    There is definitely more to life than blogging. Not sure why I can’t let it go.

  9. Marcia

    Love that shirt! How great to be headed to Malibu! The last time we were in that neck of the woods, we never made it there. I blame insane traffic. Hooray for continued short-sleeve dress weather. Our days are numbered but still…

  10. Lisa @ Mile by Mile

    I ended up wearing dresses alot over the past couple of months because they felt more comfortable than pants. Now I’m hoping to wear long shirts and leggings with boots all winter!

  11. Jenn

    I wish I could wear the Ghosts, because I would love a pair of NYC shoes! I love your new race shirt.

    I wear dresses all the time. It’s sometimes too hot not to.

  12. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    What a fun race shirt! I’m always looking for a fun one for my Thanksgiving Day race, but it’s impossible to predict the weather and if I get a short sleeved one, I’m sure I’d need a tank. LOL

    Those NYC shoes are great and I can understand why your friend thought you might be running the NYC Marathon.

    How fun to be running in Malibu! How sweet of you to celebrate my birthday with a race! 😉

    1. cari Post author

      Hah! I said to Coco and Deborah that we need to find a November birthday race since there are so many of us. November babies are the best 😀 Clearly you’re turning 13 since that’s the mileage I’m running

      I needed a coffee on a walk the other day because my hands were cold, and yesterday I was running in a skirt and tee. There is no rhyme or reason!


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