Weekend success

By | February 20, 2013

Weekend. Success.
Those are two words that I never thought would go together.

Weekends are and have always been my downfall. Not that I would undo all my good progress but I certainly could have done better if I didn’t fall into calorie and salt vats each weekend. Since I re-started this journey on 28 January, I have had some very good weekends. Not perfect, but much better than in the past. Even the days that involved diner-sized pancakes and turkey burgers were tracked and I’ve had as many days at/below calories than over. Well below, actually. Some good choices I’m proud of.

That, is progress. Success.

Of course, today involved a few pigs in a blanket, but they were tracked. Life isn’t living without pigs in a blanket and tuna tartare “ice cream cones”

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