#GoTheDist January 2018

By | February 3, 2018

My goals have been all over the place and as a result, January feels completely unfocused.

For this year’s Run the Year challenge I decided solely to track running miles. I’m unclear if the 780 goal is doable, but it’s realistic, so I’m going to stick with it. This is why when #GoTheDist came back I put run/walking miles there. Of course I’m still tracking steps, but they’re not the be all/end all, because they were making me crazy. Rest days have been good and you know what? The month still worked out


  • 452,584 steps.
  • 197.85 miles run/walked
  • 56.13 miles run


  • January 2017 (301,270) was worse than expected due to grandma’s passing, but that’s still probably 100K more than I’d have been if that week had been normal. I won’t say days below goal doesn’t bother me – they do – but I think they’re for the good.
  • I had two run/walk mileage goals. One is for hitting 2018 miles in November and that’s 183.5. The other is to hit 2,500 miles run/walked for the year and that’s 208.5. Falling almost smack in the middle of these two is perfect given how cold it was and some of my normal walking was off the table. Plenty of months to make up those miles
  • Less than four miles off my running goal is absolutely OK. There was a lot of learning this month in terms of how my body would respond to the Half.  After last night’s run (more on that tomorrow) I truly feel like I’m back.  Again, plenty of time to make up that mileage. I’m even off only 13 miles in the annual sheet that takes into account months with a goal of 65. I don’t expect to hit 60 in February with the short month, but maybe I will. It’s a realistic goal.

My pace was 100% all over the place this month. It technically came in at 11:12 but I didn’t track some of the shorter runs so it’s not accurate. I know I’m getting faster and that’s all that matters.

On to the next.

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