Recovering, week of 1.22

By | January 29, 2018

because this was very much a rest week. Other than for a date with their super duper foam roller on Monday, I didn’t even touch the gym until Thursday and that was really just a shakeout to see how I felt. Still sore, but improving, definitely not worth pushing.

Outside! In January!

Saturday was just so beautiful out – 50 degrees in January in NYC! and I was just excited to be outside. Although mostly feeling good, I didn’t want anything to do with hills so I headed to the reservoir: scene of so many runs these past nine months. Nine months when I’ve been running a year? Yep. Never ran outside until just before my first 5K and hated it that first time (more on that later). Now, I’ve been sprung.

Geese were my cheerleaders Saturday

It didn’t feel like a particularly great run, and mile two involved slowing to drink and take off a layer because I was warm enough to go with just a tee shirt. IN JANUARY! But because I’ve run this track so often, I have a lot of data in the form of Strava segments.

Numbers. Give me all the numbers

WOW. I’m not sure if I can tie this into Mile High Run Club at all, but the November 11 runs (I forgot my watch, we were going with a timer on laps) was just before my first class. I’m still and will always be slow, but I’m less slow. My legs, especially my calves, were hurting some so I cut the run at the end of the second lap which made it a 5K. Not bad for a week out from the Half.

As I headed back east I remembered that the East River connector was supposed to have opened in December, so I decided to check it out. Approaching the river it was definitely closer to 40 than 50 with the wind off the river and the sun dipping, so I was glad I hadn’t chosen to come over here for my main run.¬† At 86th, I headed¬† north to the path’s end and then came back south


I can now run to the gym, or otherwise down to 59th St. without the walk down York to 78th which is a total time killer. I didn’t do it yesterday though because I was really trying to stay on flat terrain.

The end of this run was entertaining. Not sure why, but I was determined to make it come to a mile, even if 4.17 on the day was not a meaningful number. This is the course where I first ran outside, and while it’s growing on me, I still don’t love it to be honest. Maybe when it reopens again north of 88th St. but give me Central Park any day. For me this spot is for reading and unwinding. Not running. The surface doesn’t help.

Today I went to the gym after some errands to “stretch and strengthen” (always obey Master Hal!) and I had a weird realization coming down the stairs. Nothing hurt, or whinged. Not my knee, hip, foot. NOthing. Hope I don’t jinx it, but looks like foam rolling has been good this week.

Also today:

Gels, blocks and chews, oh my!

Yep, taking figuring out this fueling thing seriously. JackRabbit sale helped. Some old standbys (vanilla everything) and some new flavors and textures. Curious to see how I go with blocks or chews vs. gels, which I really don’t care for. I think I’m going to regret the S’mores one, but can’t not try it.

I’m supposed to start the Cherry Blossom 10M training tomorrow, but I’m not. I feel good, but I don’t think I’m ready this week. Or at least not tomorrow. I really don’t think losing a week will be the end of the world, so long as I’m still running.

Oh, and going to do the one race/month thing as long as I can find one for May. NYRR has only one while I’m out of town (unless I get into Brooklyn Half, which probably won’t happen) and NYCRuns doesn’t appear to have anything. I’m sure something will pop up.

On to the next…

4 thoughts on “Recovering, week of 1.22

  1. Lisa

    Glad the foam rolling has helped you to recover! Its probably smart to wait a bit before starting to train again. Even when our bodies no longer “feel” sore, our muscles are still recovering!

    1. cari Post author

      I definitely agree. I took Monday and Tuesday off from the gym entirely and today’s class felt good and hard, but no pain. I think listening to my body was good and I’ll be ready to train after Sunday’s 4M race

  2. Liz Dexter

    Good, sensible activities! They say rest a day for every mile, meaning light training is OK but not really pushing it. It’s great to experiment with new fuelling options, too.

    1. cari Post author

      Today was my first day semi pushing it, and it felt right. I’ll take tomorrow off (after work commitment) and then something light Friday ahead of Sunday’s race. I’ll take the training from there. Looking at this week’s emails, I don’t think I’ll be behind


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