5K Graduate

Not Couch to 5K. 5K! And only four days after my goal.

Farthest Distance. Most calories
1.5 mi longer than your usual distance

My intention was to do 5K, it was not to do it without stop. I kept bribing myself “you can slow down at one mile. You can have a walk break at 20 minutes / 1.55 miles / 25 minutes / 30 minutes”. At 2 miles I said nope, going all the way. And I did.

I ran 3 miles once before (coincidentally on February 4). According to my spreadsheet ** (1.35) and Runkeeper (1.11) I’m about a minute and a bit faster per mile. That was with walk breaks at probably .25 mile apiece, which explains some, but my run intervals were faster.

1.11 faster than your usual pace for this distance.

I’m still trying to figure out the speed I’m capable of. When I did 2.75 miles this past Wednesday I did a half mile at one speed, the second half mile .10 faster and the third half mile at the original speed. After a walk break I did the first half mile at the faster speed then the last half mile at the original speed, .10 miles slower. Thursday I did a more traditional speed workout doing .25 mile intervals at a pace .6 mph faster than my jog. Doable, but my shins started to hurt. I did today’s 3 miles at Thursday’s faster pace for 3 miles and then did the last tenth in an all out sprint. Yep, I found that runner’s high and I think I’m still on it two hours later.

Do I care about speed? Not really. I have no intentions of ever “racing” even if I enter a 5K. Do I want to get faster? Yes. I really don’t enjoy running for the better part of an hour. But a playlist that started with “Shut Up and Dance With Me” and ended with “Shall We Dance?” from The King and I certainly made it a more interesting time. We’ll see where this all goes. I did just buy myself a present of new leggings as I ‘ve realized they’re by far the most comfortable things to run in. Wind pants, the least, but necessary for getting to and from the gym in weather like today.

Even with indoor track in high school, I’m pretty sure this is the farthest I’ve ever run without stopping. And the best thing? I could have stopped. No coach / trainer / running buddy to push me. I pushed myself. I. DID. IT.

** I’m tweaking my spreadsheet. I think I’m going to base it off my “steps nerd” one as that’s most familiar to me and I can’t read a long table as well.

#GoTheDist February 2017

so about those February goals:

  • 300,000 steps
  • 50 miles biked
  • Graduate C25K

Going to be harder with one less day than last year and a travel day or two, but I think this is doable. Feb 2016 total was 313, 153. I’m OK with a stretch goal of 305,000.

Yeah, obliterated. Thanks, Amsterdam. Final totals:

  • 356,898 steps walked
  • 152.88 miles walked (so b0rked with running stride)
  • 33.07 miles biked
  • 25.33 miles ran (new one, not really a goal but for tracking)

Yep, that topped even my “insane stretch goal”, which was 350K. I really thought I’d land somewhere between 345 and 350K. I’m not worried about the bike mileage as I’m maintaining my gym visits. Running wasn’t a thing when I set that number.

So what does this mean? I’m taking a run at my Q1 2016 goal. Probably impossible, but worth a try.

2017 year to date:

  • 658,168 steps
  • 280.04 miles

2016 through February:

  • 614, 848 steps
  • 253.04 miles walked

Why is this still a challenge when I’m so far up, step wise? Because March 2016 was an insane 394,098 steps. That’s not going to happen again because I won’t have two days walking around DC and might not have the two walking work events. I may still have some mild weather though, and running is helping with a higher step count overall.


  • Q1 super stretch goal: 1,008,946 (needs 350,778 steps)
  • Q1 stretch goal: 975,000 (needs 316,832 steps)
  • Q1 acceptable goal: 958,168 (needs bare minimum 300,000 steps)
  • March super stretch goal, 365,682. 2015 March goal. Yeah, I need to find a way to do two walking work events.
  • Reference point, Q1 2015 was 927,589 (needs 269,421 steps)

I think those are good goals to work with since topping March is off the table. Since I signed up for the Great Saunter again I’ll have the chance to get ahead of 2016 in May, but want to get ahead early if I can.

Fitting that I have three goals because March last year was the first month where my spreadsheet went insane with goals:

March 2016 goals gone berserk

Speaking of getting ahead, on the days below goal front:

  • February 2016 –  6 days
  • February 2017 – 7 days. Definitely two “oh fuck it” days.

Still ahead 3 year on year. March had only four and I’m not sure that’s doable, but we’ll see.


Picked up some this month with shorter books and travel time so I’m at 13/91. 14% and one book ahead of schedule. Challenges wise that’s:

If I have to revise those goals down due to running, I’ll think about it, but I really just need to make more reading time

Runners run on spreadsheets

While on the stationary bike today to give my knees a break, I started thinking about a training log. Runkeeper gives me some figures but I nerd out on numbers and it’s never enough. I love my spreadsheets (to the extent that I might go back and make a “spreadsheets” tag for my obsessive posts)!

While I love the information they give me, I don’t know how to make them give me that number so I opened the laptop, and 23 tabs to try and figure out how to calculate pace. After getting lost on things like this and decimal hours, and ending up with things like a 17 hour pace! I quickly went back to my old standards and bugged Robby and Marcelo who are the Excel whizzes behind #GoTheDist and my steps spreadsheet, respectively. Between Robby’s link and some more research, I found a template that did the math for me and I now have a running log.

portion of my running log

Some surprising learnings:

  • I ran almost the same distance (.61 miles) on my first day and almost six weeks later on February 18. Result? 3 minutes faster, :15:00  (.6 miles) vs. :19:40 (.61 miles) and a lot more jogging than walking.
  • I ran almost eleven more miles in February than in January
  • My times and distances are all over the map so it’s hard to see any pattern. I think that will settle out now that I’ve found a more comfortable pace from which to build base.
  • Even though I’m going at a slower speed in the jogging intervals, I’m jogging for longer so my overall times are faster.

I still don’t know where this is going, but as with all other moving projects, the spreadsheets help so I look forward to delving deeper into this in March.

Tomorrow: my insane February #GoTheDist and possibly a revised Q1 goal.