Running technology was not nice to me this week. Both my fitbit and my Garmin were, to steal a phrase from my former flatmate, packing a sad. Fitbit issues are battery related, Garmin is a little bit of who knows. So far it has stumped their customer service. It’s well out of warranty and there’s a piece of me that might just bite the bullet and get an apple watch. I’ve always resisted due to size, but I might go visit one.

In much better news, I am in love with the enCORE28 challenge that Michelle posted about. I am not one to do regular strength work but it was a goal and so far, so good.  Sneezing and laughing aren’t always good the morning after, but it all falls within hurts so good. I still have about a month on my trial, but I think it’s pretty safe to say I’ll be paying for Peloton.

This week was honestly nothing exciting and I’m OK with that. A normal in a world of changing new normal.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

  • I ran Saturday and Sunday since I expected to be snowed in Monday, but I went for a walk after work as the wind wasn’t as bad as they predicted. We ended up with about 17 inches of snow which was way more than enough. Monday also marked the store of encore28, and I paired it with a lower body and yoga class. Since this was planned, I did not miss it.
Friends real and snow
  • Tuesday: run? Play in the snow and explore a snow-kissed Central Park before work! It wasn’t about pace, it was about enjoying how pretty the park was after the storm and before it all turned to mud and slush. And of course accidentally running into Elizabeth who was also exploring the Great Lawn.
always smiling
Peanuts and Fred
  • Wednesday: Dad would have been 82. He truly was always smiling and put up with all the craziness we gave him. I miss him so much. I knew 8.2 miles wasn’t in the cards once it snowed, so I decided to keep it simple and run 2.3 miles for his bday. Via Fred was a nice bonus as I wanted to see what shape the reservoir was in. Bonus, Dad loved Charlie Brown. Unlike his anniversary in July, which was easier than I thought, his birthday was harder. I think the weather was a big factor in not being able to spend time outside. But I navigated the day and had some lovely DOTS for dinner in his honor.
sunny days…
dark staircase
  • Thursday: I don’t run three days in a row, except when neither really felt like running given the snow. I got a shout out from neighborhood kids as a thank you for taking part in their snowball fight. Nice to find a street with sidewalks shoveled down to pavement and have an actual run to Fred and back. It paid off doubly as our power went off later, which made for a slightly crazy day. Luckily it came back on well before dark and I have excellent southern exposure, but working from my yoga mat on my phone without wifi was… different. Oh well, if we haven’t learned to adapt in this year we never will.
afternoon office
  • Friday: hot Friday night doing my taxes.  This is 41 in Covidtimes. LOL. Not too different to normal days to be honest. I took my last call of the day from my neighborhood park and it was a wonderful opportunity to unplug after a long but good work week.
the snow is #AllInNYC
  • Saturday: once I found out that the Frozen Penguin was cancelled due to road safety (smart decision, but absolutely hysterical!) the vague plan was 8 ish miles, but I knew early on that it wasn’t in the cards. I hadn’t slept well over the week and was a (good) sore from the Peloton workouts so just decided to go until I was done. That came to about 6.5 Central Park miles including Harlem Hills. I say about due to the aforementioned Garmin issues and ridiculous paces it was throwing. It was a (relatively) balmy afternoon and lovely to walk and talk with Elizabeth without freezing.
snow day breakfast
  • Sunday: let it snow! Pancakes for the second time this week (thanks Deborah!) and a walk is in the cards, but I’ve had a slow start that I’m absolutely OK with.

28 thoughts on “Snowmageddon”

    • One time a friend and I were at dinner and saw them loading snow into a dump truck. Apparently at least some lands in the river. I find that slightly problematic given salt and all the pollutants.

    • He’d have shaken his head at me running in the cold, or offer to drive me somewhere warm to run
      Thanks for always being at the other end of messenger.xx

  • You nailed it: ‘if we haven’t learned to adapt in this year, we never will’

    Looks like you are making the best of things as you always do! Have a great week, Cari.

  • That is a nice way to honor your dad. 🙂 I am loving the encore28 challenge as well. Matty is my fave for core so doing his classes daily are fun for me. Way to make the most of your weather challenges. So glad you are enjoying your pancakes. They are perfect for this weather

    • I don’t have a favorite yet. I like Matt Wilpers and Selena’s runs. Andy Speers and Matt post run stretches. I’m always finding something new, which I love
      Pancakes were invented for snow days! Funniest thing was I was looking for your recent waffle recipe and found this and yum!

    • Will do. I think it’s going to be overkill for what I need, but I’d just like something to work and maybe one less run gadget.

  • Sounds like your week had some highs and lows, but ultimately was full of adventures! I know how hard it can be to lose a parent- it really does get easier with time. Hang in there!

    • Thank you! Some days are great, others it feels like yesterday. And yes, many adventures and luckily the good outweighted the lows.

  • What a nice tribute to your father <3 Your comment about snow being shoveled down to the pavement made me snort…I just got back from a cold walk (it's now 0F!), and there was a stretch where the pavement was spotty, plenty of ice was marbled-in, and the "path" was worthy of tightrope balance techniques to make it through without grazing the snow on the edge. But I made it!

    • this neighborhood varies. My super does a great job, but others on the block don’t. The block I mentioned is mostly new high rises and a few schools so there’s a larger need for intense shoveling. I feel badly for those who are mobility impaired or more fragile. Even when it’s poor shoveling like today’s slush I could mostly navigate.
      Thank you. xx

  • Hugs to you remembering your dad. I think I’d blame Mercury in Retrograde for your Fitbit and Garmin issues. It’s a crazy time. Bummer about the Frozen Penguin but you’re a good sport about it. What can you do?

    • yeah, totally the antiMidas touch with tech this week. Luckily it hasn’t impacted anything essential like my computer.
      Yep, I just chose to laugh. I mean what’s one more cancelled race?

  • Big hugs to you for your dad’s birthday.

    I’m glad you joined in for the core fun – my abs are sore and there have definitely been some choice words for Matty LOL

    Crazy about your Garmin. I have to admit I’ve been looking for an excuse to consider the Apple watch but my Garmin isn’t cooperating 😉

    • Thank you. I was lucky to have him for 16 years after his cancer diagnosis and ten after his heart attack, but 67 was way too damn young.
      Core fun indeed. I cracked up at his Dear Matty instastory. Mine would have been @($@$$@)$**** you turd. But definitely a good sore.
      I don’t think I’ll make enough use of the Apple Watch for it to be worth it, but Garmin definitely a twit.

  • Darlene S. Cardillo

    I should probably try the strength training classes before my trial is up. Now enjoying the bike and running.

    Love your snow pics. CP is magical in the snow.

    Too bad about the race. It is a crazy year so it makes perfect sense.

    • The strength and yoga are the biggest surprises as far as my personal interest. Knew I’d enjoy the runs.
      CP was gorgeous today. Just dumped a ton more photos. Thanks!

  • I love all that snow! It’s just so beautiful in NYC in winter. Sigh.

    Lots of love on a hard day. <3

    I kind of want an Apple watch, but I kind of don't know how to quit my Garmin, so there's that. Oh, the woes! But I could totally go for double pancakes.

    • I can easily break up with Garmin so I don’t use it for anything but syncing to Strava. I only just discovered the badges and what not on Strava itself.
      Thanks friend. Appreciated always having you at the other end of messenger. xx

  • What a great picture of your Dad. Sometimes there’s no logic to when/why we feel their absence so much harder. An Apple Watch? Why not a new Garmin? Matty seems like a softie but his core workouts are no joke!

    • I think mostly because I’d like to ditch having two devices and fitbit can pull from apple health (via mobile tracker) whereas it doesn’t talk to Garmin. An APple Watch and Garmin are likely both overkill for what I need, although I think an apple watch might mean I can leave the iPod home when I want to listen to podcasts

  • of course fitbit and garmin go on the fritz at the same time!! hopefully you will get things sorted quickly. I am way too much of a garmin fan to go for the apple watch and have the new vivofit 4s which I find very chic!

    we are completely under snow as well. and believe me, Dutch people are going wild at the moment! Actually skiing and snowboarding in the park! Mind you a very short path from the top of the hill to the bottom :). Of course we can’t get anywhere because no one shovels and there are no salt trucks coming through the neighborhoods. Added bonus of isolation! Can’t go anywhere anyway!

  • The snow pictures are truly amazing! I hear ya on the weather. That is great you will continue with Peloton. I wonder how many new customers they’ve picked up with the free trial offer?

  • LOL, I made pancakes for lunch yesterday. Would’ve done it for breakfast but I wanted to get out & run & just didn’t have that much time in the morning.

    6.5 miles of hills is definitely nothing to sneeze at — especially in Winter!

    Hugs on your Dad’s birthday. My Dad’s is the end of next month. Let’s just say that he wasn’t the easiest man, but he’s still in my thoughts a lot.

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