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One Week

and not BNL’s One Week which is in my head for some inexplicable reason.

I have officially tracked everything for one week. I can’t remember the last time I did that. I’ve tracked about one week with a day or two missing because I didn’t want to face it or some other excuse, but not this time. I really think my head is finally back in the right place to finish this.

and maybe it’s no coincidence that I’m down 6.2 this week. Hello water weight but I’ll take it.

Huge thanks to Britt, Jess and Robby for kicking my ass and lots of advice. <3 you.

And now? I tuck into this salad that is roughly the size of my head.

“Like Snickers, guaranteed to satisfy. Like Kurosawa, I make mad films, ok I don’t make films, but if I did, they’d have a Samurai”

eating out, weekends and sick, oh my

As I mentioned, eating out is a stressor for me. Has been since 2010 and honestly, probably always will be.
I didn’t bail on lunch Friday because I needed to get out. I used a strategy that a couple of friends mentioned and I’ve used in the past – pre plan. Well, sort of. I was all set that I wanted salmon which a) I love b) I can’t cook. But when we got the menu the only salmon they had on it was char-grill Salmon, organic beets, potatoes, saffron yogurt. The salmon is fine – the other three, not so much. So it was time to re-think and also keep in mind a price point because I was being treated and I hate over spending when someone else is paying. So I went with the crab cakes. Specifically: Jumbo lump, olive oil cured, blackeyed peas (95% Maryland fresh crab). It came with some deliciously spicy sauce that wasn’t on the menu. It was similar to a remoulade in texture so I used that for my tracking. I will not use not knowing what it is as an excuse not to track. It was good lunch with good friends and despite restaurant portions the soup salt bomb I had for dinner, I was still down .4 this morning. Win.

The aforementioned salt soup bomb? Yeah, that’s because I’m sick with my semi-annual cold. I have no voice and badly wanted the soother that is soup. However it was 9p when I got home and there is no good soup spot between my bus stop and apartment. The only thing I really miss about my old place is the diner on the corner. I could have had delivery but I wanted my soup and to go to bed so Progresso Italian Wedding it was. For canned soup it’s not terrible, but it’s also not as good as homemade soup. But it hit the spot. Didn’t use the cold as an excuse not to go to the gym and had a nice if not high intensity workout. Better than sitting on the couch – which its what I did after finishing errands & setting up my new humidifier. It is the little engine that could and I love it. Couldn’t believe how much drier this apartment is – such is the side effect of actually having working heat.

What do errands mean? Oh yeah, weekends. aka Saturdays spend running around so that I can watch football, or soon, baseball on Sundays. The biggest change from my 2010 loss – cannot stomach Subway. The bread literally makes me gag. Have no idea why but I’ve had it once in the last few months and it still happened, so that’s gone. I still haven’t found the perfect lunch, but I did have a good sandwich today that I could almost taste. The biggest challenge for me has been avoiding snacks. The m&ms sit next to my desk at work but they’ve become a personal challenge to avoid. I don’t keep sweets in the house, but sweets are always a temptation while running errands. Today I avoided the siren song of sour patch kids. So good, but so bad since I can’t have only a handful. They are my potato chips. Good eating so far today. Aforementioned sandwich, a brief stop at Fairway’s olive oil bar (tracked!) with a handful of chips and guacamole. Nice cup of cinnamon tea and will likely have a smoothie before bed.

Will be nicely under LoseIt’s weekly budget and on track for DietBet. Life is good

Confession: Scale Wench

I like “wench” better than “wh0re” but when it comes to the scale, both are true for me.

I can weigh myself daily and it doesn’t make me (too) crazy. I’ll even weigh myself multiple times. I just need to know where I am. Non-scale cues don’t work for me especially since I have yet to learn to properly use a measuring tape. Yes, I’m special at times.

Weighed myself this morning knowing it would be up because a) couldn’t bend my fingers and b) overnight cankles. Hi. Crazy salt in Knorr Rice Sides buffalo chicken, anyone? Saw the number, shook my head, started drinking. At day’s end? I’d peed about 12 times and my night weight was 2 lbs less than my morning weight. Good sign but further proof our bodies are nuts.

Proud of myself today. I tracked everything (except 4 m&ms as I couldn’t figure that out) and stayed OP.


Currently reading: Tales from the Scale. I see so much of myself in there, it’s eerie.