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Weigh In: March 3

Weekly Loss: 1.5 lbs

Total Loss: 12.6 lbs

And the downward trend continues. Yay.

I’m fibbing slightly. This is yesterday’s number because I fell in a vat of sodium. But I’m glad I WI daily and track obsessively because I know that this morning’s number isn’t real weight. My numbers are slightly out of sync with LoseIt because I started that after I started the first DietBet, but I LOVE DietBet’s weekly reports.  I just spent an unholy amount dumping them into excel and analyzing my habits

Lessons Learned:

  • Stay away from the sodium. OK, that’s not a lesson learned. It’s just something I need to follow because, holy crap, I can’t bend my fingers and I eat way too much salt. I actually think that’s the biggest scale driver as neither the amount of calories eaten or burned changed much while the scale does.
  • Carbs are lower than I thought. I’m not actually trying to low carb it, but my carbs are lower than they were at other points I was tracking on a macro level so that’s good, I think.
  • I need to eat more protein. Again, not a lesson learned but something I need to follow.

Weigh In: February 24

Weekly Loss: 0.5 lbs

Total Loss: 11.1 lbs

A loss is a loss. Yeah, I’ll parrot the official loss of any loss is a good thing, but this week has been bizarre. The scale has been all over the place for two reasons: a little too much eating out and a touch of the stomach flu. Plus, the cold is finally? gone and I have my appetite back.

I made good choices while eating out but holy crap, restaurant food is salty. I am still tracking (down to the 5 chips I ate at the restaurant) so I know the daily “gains” weren’t actual weight and my fingers are still a bit bloated and dinner out was Friday night.

Hope the scale gets back on track this week. I want a good start to DietBet 3. Still, 11.1 lbs in four weeks is many kinds of WOW.

ETA: Sodium culprit IDed. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. I might as well have drunk soy sauce. Sad, because I’d been abstaining from for this exact reason. Now I know what to avoid pre WI.

Confession: Scale Wench

I like “wench” better than “wh0re” but when it comes to the scale, both are true for me.

I can weigh myself daily and it doesn’t make me (too) crazy. I’ll even weigh myself multiple times. I just need to know where I am. Non-scale cues don’t work for me especially since I have yet to learn to properly use a measuring tape. Yes, I’m special at times.

Weighed myself this morning knowing it would be up because a) couldn’t bend my fingers and b) overnight cankles. Hi. Crazy salt in Knorr Rice Sides buffalo chicken, anyone? Saw the number, shook my head, started drinking. At day’s end? I’d peed about 12 times and my night weight was 2 lbs less than my morning weight. Good sign but further proof our bodies are nuts.

Proud of myself today. I tracked everything (except 4 m&ms as I couldn’t figure that out) and stayed OP.


Currently reading: Tales from the Scale. I see so much of myself in there, it’s eerie.