NYC Marathon Week 2019

Remembering my experience with the strategy sessions, I opted to skip the Monday pavilion one and then proceeded to skip most of the rest of the events save for the Expo and one organized by my running group. Big rah rah events don’t work for me and I don’t do well with big groups.

This doesn’t mean I missed the excitement – I loved running through the finish line construction on Monday and all the signage as it popped up. I am so excited to be a part of this even though I was bummed to miss the Night of Champions that I loved last year.

Flat Cari is ready

By the time you read this, I should be on the Verrazano as I scheduled it for my wave’s start . I’m 66044 for those of you who want to track.

Part weekly run down with Kim and Deborah, part marathon week musings:

  • never miss a Monday: I’ve been on a good streak with these being runs. Mostly East River, but I was missing my no workout, no pressure Monday funday runs. So I did one. Two laps of the lower loop and I took in the finish line construction. I am so excited to cross that finish
  • Tuesday: meetings at the Met.
Rogue Runners
  • Wednesday: last Rogue workout. Super bittersweet. I’m ready to be done training, but I’m going to miss seeing these faces twice a week. It was really a wonderful group. Definitely found myself singing Vitamin C’s Friends Forever, which I hadn’t thought about in ages.
  • The workout? 5m at marathon pace, 3m easy. I’m not sure how many repeats we wee meant to do. I stopped when I saw others finished. The workout was followed up by a strategy session from Chris, the founder of Rogue who came to see us before the race. I love that he dubbed us Rogue One. And his Cs:  something I forgot for the Verrazano , Consistency for Brooklyn, Conserve for the 59th St. Bridge, Cruise up 1st Avenue and into the Bronx, and Crush the final five miles were helpful tips.
Expo ham
ooh my new 1080s
who me?
a little expo crazy
  • Thursday: Expo! So much fun. And glad I went early as really the only lines were for the photo opportunities. I pretty much knew I’d buy myself the new 1080s as I’m retiring my April and very soon my July ones. Plus what better souvenir than race shoes to remember New York with every step, literally. The teddy bear? Well he was too cute not to come home with me. And then I ordered this jacket because PURPLE. Never can have another first marathon, right? A pleasant surprise was the Trekz Air, which I won at the Aftershokz booth. I’ve been running with Bluez 2S, which I love, but I look forward to trying these next week. I surprised myself by listening to the strategy session when I went to get a pace band. It was Coach Mel, who I adore. Surprisingly, it didn’t freak me out any more than the idea of running a marathon did anyway. Nervous butterflies.
missed my East River run rises
runrise bliss
Queen of the River
Joyful Heart runners dinner
Joyful Swag Bag
  • Friday: couldn’t sleep, so went for a sunrise shakeout. Felt so good.  Also had the chance to try out the results of the sale-Lotta Breeze capris and a Cool It top. Can’t wait to wear those for a longer run. After work was the amazing dinner for those of us running with Joyful Heart. It was wonderful to meet the other runners and the Foundation staff. It’s an amazing organization that does so much important work.
  • Saturday: mostly laid low. Packed my start line bag, went to the gym for their foam rollers and just relaxed. I did “need” to buy a glitter pen to accent the writing on my shirt, but that was an easy one. Reading back through last year’s post, I thought my achilles was an issue from December but it was a month prior. Lesson learned, prehab.

Total weekly/training mileage: 8.32 // 427.64. Wow. I’ll probably round up the Joyful Heart donation after.

Crazy to think I’ll be a marathoner in 24 hours. Thank you for being a part of this crazy journey with me.

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