A healthy mix, week of 7.1

As I left the recap last week, I was leaning toward not running on Sunday. Could I have? I think so. Would it have been a good idea? Probably not. Listened to my body, and the foot is feeling so much better. Really hope I nipped the PF flare in the bud. Also spent some time Tuesday shoe shopping.

The latest New Balance I have just don’t wear the same way the prior two pair of Vongo2s did even though they’re only ~90 miles in. I think they’re part of the PF flare. So I went to the New Balance Hub at NYRR and then JackRabbit in case New Balance are no longer the right shoe for me. JackRabbit tested me and said they, or a hideous Adidas were, so I’m sticking with the Vongo. The 3 is out (and I love the purple!) but they’re not worth a $35 premium so I got a new pair of black Vongo2s and may relegate the coral ones to walking/cross training and donate the original hot pink ones. The clerk told me the 8.5 was too small after scanning my feet, and after Saturday’s run I actually felt that with summer swelling. I guess it may be 9 for me for summer and 8.5 at other times?

Weekly Wrap

with Wendy and Holly:

  • Sunday: didn’t make it into last week’s as I posted before heading out. I went to the gym and decided while I could run, I shouldn’t. So I did a 5K row and 3.1 mile recumbent ride. Still cracks me up how some machines are metric and others not. Rowing is still my favorite cross train as it feels like a full body workout. I really need to do it more often. Although I don’t find the recumbent to be as solid as a workout as I did pre running, it was still good. From there I headed to the splashpark near the Intrepid because it was just too hot to be anywhere else. I played like a kid, read a bit before heading back home. Summer days are the best.
  • Monday: I did a short run just to test my foot and while I thought it was OK, I decided better not to push it so I rowed again, 2K this time because the Bryant Park branch of my gym does not have nearly high powered enough air conditioning. Then had a quick date with my old injury friend the LateralX, which has a built in fan. Followed this with a good stretch and a kettlebell workout. I’d gone to do some errands at lunch so my steps didn’t suffer too much for a lack of run.
  • Tuesday: I felt ready to run. We had a half day at work so I headed to the well air conditioned gym as it was still approximately 900,000 degrees out. I decided I was going to run by feel and not overdo it on the foot. It ended up as a hybrid of intervals and fartlek with varying speeds and intervals. The foot mostly felt fine and despite the amazing AC, I was a happy sweatball.

    Sweaty McSweatFace
  • Wednesday: Complete off day. Did not even hit my step goal.  I went to the Yankees/Braves game with friends and then walked to the park to enjoy this beautiful show . Staking out a good spot early killed a couple hours that could have been used for a walk, but a break was good.
  • Thursday: first ever run with our office run group. We’ve been talking about it for some time, but finally got it on the calendar once summer schedules eased up. It was only three of us this week due to July 4th holidays and I thought that was a perfect start. One was an experienced marathoner and two of us were relatively new to running. We headed into Central Park to the familiar lower loop and we were off. Luckily it was less humid than it had been, but I was still struggling and couldn’t quite work out why until the lead runner needed to slow. We started at a 9:15 mile or so! So no, wasn’t struggling at my normal pace. Whew. I was surprised I was able to keep this up, to be honest. We walked some and then the lead runner was off again. Luckily for me, she couldn’t sustain that and we walked it in. I’m not sure how it’s going to work if it ends up being a larger group regularly, but I’m looking forward to doing this again. As the one who knows the route the best, I don’t mind being left behind if I’m the slowest. It was also a nice way to get to know two relatively new colleagues.
Row Row Row your PR!
  • Friday: knew I was planning a longer run Saturday and didn’t want to run three days in a row on the foot, so I decided it was going to be a cross train day. I was feeling like it was a rowing day, and I felt strong. While I didn’t know what my PR for 5K was exactly, I decided to see what I could do. BAM! It’s not the PR above, that was this December row, but oh so close. If I’d known what it was, I’d have gotten it since I was close to a sub 29 until about 23m in. When done I knew I had time to catch sunset so I headed west. What a beautiful night. Despite no running, ended up with a 20K step day. Been a while since one of those.
  • Saturday: plan was to go long, however reality involved sitting on the couch until 4PM. I won’t knock it, it was great sleeping/relaxing weather and I think I needed it. I also decided I wasn’t pushing my foot to hills so rather than my typical counter clockwise loop, I entered the park at E. 85th and headed south along the last third of the Women’s Mini loop before heading up the bridle path. I was tired and this felt harder than it should have. Although it was a gorgeous day to be outside-mid/high 70s-it was a little warm for a run and I found myself thirsty. I probably drank too much at the water fountain as it was bouncing around and I had to stop to walk after just half a mile. Although the plan was two laps around the outer reservoir track for an additional ~3, I knew I didn’t have it in me so I decided to go on the inner loop for some speed work. 4.5 wasn’t what I wanted, but it worked. I then walked home as a good cool down.
  • Sunday: off, heading out to the Rockaways with a friend for an art installation and hopefully a beach walk. Yes, I’ll keep my shoes on this time.

While I still haven’t perfectly figured out run v. rest, I think I did a good job this week of listening to my body. Even with two complete off days, it was one of my more intense weeks due to the solid rowing. It’s also crazy to look back at that post and see I was at 382 miles in November and am currently around 350. 😮

I don’t have a plan for this week as I’m still going to listen to my foot. I know I’ll take Friday off since I have the Retro on Saturday.  While I’ve enjoyed the sleep these two weekends provided, I miss the head start on the day a race provides.

24 thoughts on “A healthy mix, week of 7.1”

  • With your work runs, loopbacks might be the key. The faster runner gets ahead, turns back, runs back down the line of runners, goes 5 paces past the last person, turns and joins you heading in the same direction. She may then overtake you all, get to the front and go round again, or someone else might go round first. A good way for the faster people to either slow down or get a longer run, and everyone gets to chat with everyone. It works really well with our multi-speed groups with club and I was taught it on my run leader course. Great work and an even hotter pic than mine on my round-up!

    • That’s actually why I’m pushing for the bridle path next time. It’s the one NYRR uses for their tempo runs where they do more or less what you describe. It’s also good for new runners in that it’s near impossible to get lost as other than where it wiggles around Tavern on the Green, it’s pretty much a straight line.
      I think the issue Thursday was I believed her when she swore up and down she was slow and I thought we’d all be running more or less the same. The marathoner had already said he’d slow down to us.
      Melting summer selfies for the win!

  • You know that I love rowing as a crosstrianing activity. I also like biking–but not stationary biking. I like going out on the road. Do you ever do that? You had a great week of training. I sure hope your PF calms down. I’ve battled that through the years and every time I get a twinge, I worry it’s coming back.

    • We have a bikeshare here that I used to be a member of. I should look into it again now that it has expanded north and is usable in Central Park. I won’t ride on city streets as I’m not a confident enough biker.r
      That is me on the twinge, and I hope so too. Wore supportive shoes as much as I was able, iced, stretched and listened to my body. I hope I nipped it in the bud

  • Interesting idea to go up a size in summer. I hope the new shoes work out. Running with a group is tough when paces/ability aren’t matched. I like running with someone who’s ^slightly^ faster than me, but not so much so that I feel like I’m racing.

    • I ‘ll see how it works when they arrive. The 8.5 seem OK indoors when I’m running in AC.
      It’s going to be interesting to see how group size/paces shake out with larger one tomorrow

  • Good for you for listening to your body. I hope that the PF doesn’t flare up again and that the new sneakers will be helpful. Sometimes I wish that sneakers wouldn’t make “improvements” every year. My most favorite sneaker is from many years ago. I loved it so much that I purchased several pairs. Now I can’t even wear the “updated” models of that sneaker because of all the changes they have made to it!

    I’m a firm believer in strength training/cross training, even when I am running. It helps me feel stronger. I love boot camp and spinning, just to name a few.

    • YES! This is why I had to go to New Balance (or at least off ASICS) last year. They were my old reliable for years, even before running and then they suddenly were too narrow.
      I need to get more consistent with my strength training, but I’m getting there

  • Rest v run is always tricky, especially with injury. When I was really battling my ITBS, the competitive side of me wanted to get out there, but the sensible side kept saying to rest. I know it was beneficial, but I just wanted to get out and run.

  • Solid week of training for you! I too am in the market for a new pair of new Balance shoes. So far I’ve only looked online but I can’t find what I need anywhere.

    • it can be so hard to find shoes. Even with 3 New Balance stores here, they don’t always have the ones I want to try. That was I think the issue with the coral ones even though they were nominally the same. Hope you’re able to find them somewhere.

  • Even before I got to the end I was going to say that you did such a good job listening to your body! And you did a lot of fun stuff, too. Sounds like all that listening to your body is paying off, too.

  • Sounds like you were smart to listen to your body throughout the week! Glad it’s improving and I hope it doesn’t bother you anymore.

  • Your Thursday run with your officemates sounds like such a great idea and I’m glad you decided to join in on the fun! I think you were smart to take it easy earlier in the week and let your body/foot rest. Smart girl!

    • I’m excited for it — I’ve been working here nearly 11 years, but some are new so it’s nice to get to know people in a different setting.
      THanks. I think easing back in is smarter for me I’d rather be off in mileage in July than sore for the rest of the year especially in the fall when I’m back to training for longer distance.

  • You were wise to do more cross training this week vs running. I hope your PF calms down. Have you tried any inserts? I don’t have PF, but wear Zelus inserts for extra support. I really like them! Also, I decided to go up another half size a few years back and my shoes/feet feel so much better. I wear an 8 normally and run in a 9.5! It’s fun to run with a new group. I think you’ll be surprised how much faster your paces will be. Thanks for linking!

    • Thanks! When I went to see sports med doc, he wanted to try changing shoes before we went the insert routes. Since the change last summer seemed to help, I haven’t yet. Luckily this bout seems to be clearing but if it comes back in earnest, I will re-visit it.
      I’m a 7 or 7.5 depending on the shoe, so 9 is within the realm of normal upsizing, just feels huge even though I know it’s barely an eighth of inch

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