DietBet Round 2: Official Winner

Congratulations, your final weight has been verified!

You are now an official winner in your dietbet game!

You will be splitting the pot with the other lucky winners of your game.

We’ll follow up shortly with details about your winnings once all player weights have been finalized. In the meantime, think about what you are going to splurge on!


I didn’t end up as far down as I thought I would because my scale has been all over the map and I did my final weigh in in the evening but. WOW!

The goal was 4% of my weight per Diet Bet guidelines, but I lost 5.4% if my excel calculations are right. 5.4% in one month. That’s awesome and I am proud of myself.

Perhaps the single most reason I was able to exceed this month’s goal? I tracked. Every single day of the last four weeks, I logged every morsel (down to one dorito one day) in LoseIt. I think that was even more crucial than the m&ms I ended up giving up.

I’m still not ready to set a Goal (and was glad to realize I’m not the only one who has a goal fear) but I’m going to follow Jess’ lead and set a few mini goals:

  • Lose another 4%. I know at some point my weight loss will slow down but it doesn’t need to be this month. I realized from my spread sheet that if I hit the 4%s I will hit one of my goals by mid June. I want to get another solid step in that direction
  • Track. That’s what I did this month, that’s what I did when I started this back in 2010. There is no excuse not to track because it’s all tracked on the scale anyway
  • More water, less soda. OK, at least more lemonade.

Maybe more tomorrow. In the mean time, I’m tucking into the peanut butter sandwich I’ve wanted for two days. #HappyCari

Weigh In: February 24

Weekly Loss: 0.5 lbs

Total Loss: 11.1 lbs

A loss is a loss. Yeah, I’ll parrot the official loss of any loss is a good thing, but this week has been bizarre. The scale has been all over the place for two reasons: a little too much eating out and a touch of the stomach flu. Plus, the cold is finally? gone and I have my appetite back.

I made good choices while eating out but holy crap, restaurant food is salty. I am still tracking (down to the 5 chips I ate at the restaurant) so I know the daily “gains” weren’t actual weight and my fingers are still a bit bloated and dinner out was Friday night.

Hope the scale gets back on track this week. I want a good start to DietBet 3. Still, 11.1 lbs in four weeks is many kinds of WOW.

ETA: Sodium culprit IDed. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. I might as well have drunk soy sauce. Sad, because I’d been abstaining from for this exact reason. Now I know what to avoid pre WI.

DietBet: WI 2

WIs for Diet Bet 2 and 3

WIs for Diet Bet 2 and 3

also known as “I don’t see it in the mirror daily but I definitely see it in the photo.”

This also has to be the first time where the first place the weight (or lack thereof) has shown in my face before anywhere else.

I haven’t officially won Round 2 since weigh out isn’t tomorrow but barring diving into a massive salt vat, I will. WOW. I’m not sure what it was about DietBet that gave me the kick in the ass I needed, but I’m definitely doing Round 3., which starts Monday.

Here’s to another month of good food choices, successful weekends, and a behaving scale.

Weekend success

Weekend. Success.
Those are two words that I never thought would go together.

Weekends are and have always been my downfall. Not that I would undo all my good progress but I certainly could have done better if I didn’t fall into calorie and salt vats each weekend. Since I re-started this journey on 28 January, I have had some very good weekends. Not perfect, but much better than in the past. Even the days that involved diner-sized pancakes and turkey burgers were tracked and I’ve had as many days at/below calories than over. Well below, actually. Some good choices I’m proud of.

That, is progress. Success.

Of course, today involved a few pigs in a blanket, but they were tracked. Life isn’t living without pigs in a blanket and tuna tartare “ice cream cones”

Weigh In: February 17

Weekly Loss: 1.8 lbs

Total Loss: 10.6 lbs

Ahh the early stage “honeymoon”. I know I won’t lose 10lbs in 3 weeks going forward so I’m definitely going to enjoy it.  I’d love if I could consistently lose almost 2 lbs/week. This week was a bit odd. I’m sick again and haven’t felt hungry. I actually thought that, per my LoseIt numbers, I’d be lower. But… a loss is a loss.

Had a scale freak out at the gym yesterday. I don’t normally weigh myself there because it’s later in the day, I’m clothed, etc. But when I lose I don’t always trust my home scale so I wanted to double check it against another scale. The gym scale is new and it turns out it’s one of those like the Biggest Loser where the numbers go crazy before settling in. Didn’t realize that and freaked at first. In the end, it verified my home scale (taking into account clothes, water while working out) so yay!

This week is going to be crazy, but here’s to another good number and finishing off DietBet strong.

Food Hospital: PCOS

One of the things I’ve learned in my various weight loss journeys is that everyone has an opinion on what foods you should (not) be eating and they conflict with one another ridiculously. I have found for me personally that I agree with something a colleague said: the only diet that works is the one you’ll stick to. To that end, I don’t actually follow a specific diet and haven’t ever really.

When I was following Weight Watchers (pre-Points Plus) I was eating what I liked, but I tried to stick to whole grains. Not necessarily because I believed they were better, but because they were better value for Points. Yeah…slight gaming the system, but it worked. Oddly, when I first lost a significant amount of weight (freshman year in college), I was living on carbs. Salad, pasta and a sandwich for nearly every meal. I still lost it in part due to increased workouts and cutting out dessert. This time, I’m doing nothing specific. I’m simply counting calories. Something I said I could “never” do. Interesting how quickly never or can’t changes.

I don’t think I could ever no carb. Cheerios, sushi, and sandwiches are my main issue. While I don’t believe Atkins and/or South Beach are the panaceas they’re sold as, there’s some good behind them. I’ve also had PCOS for 16 or 17 years (albeit undiagnosed until my mid 20s) and there is some research that carbs and diet play a role. So sometimes I wonder whether I should keep an eye toward lowering my carb intake even if that doesn’t involve lowering it to low carb levels.  I then caught an episode of the Food Hospital that focused on PCOS. I find the premise of the show a little woo-y and think some of their theories are out of left field, but they do acknowledge the placebo effect so I watched the PCOS ep with an open mind. One thing they encouraged that I hadn’t heard was to increase pulses. I hadn’t heard of pulses, but do like chick peas so may give it a go.

PCOS is a crazy thing. It can make it hard to lose weight¦ but it’s improved by losing weight. I would like to not be on meds my entire life, so worth looking into what foods are options while I continue to lose weight.

Weigh In: February 10

– I had a really good post, and then FireFox ate it :-(

I was going to say I stole this format from Jess, but I won’t put my weight on the internet (despite, you know, the fact that I did before) so I’ve modified it.

Weekly Loss: 3.0 lbs

Total Loss: 8.8 lbs

I’m a daily weigher/scale peeker. Fluctuations don’t bother me — but what has bothered me with the scale I bought this fall is that it doesn’t fluctuate.  Oddly, that makes me not trust it. Bizarre. So I was peeking during the week and the scale wasn’t doing what it was supposed* to. I soon realized that was because a visitor was due.

Despite some poor food choices and thanks to said visitor taking leave, nice loss. I know I won’t get 3.0 lb losses each week – or maybe not any week – but I’ll take it while it lasts and I will re-learn that any loss is a good ones. For the first time since my initial run, I really feel like my brain, heart and stomach are in the right place. Game on.

Speaking of game. I hit the DietBet 4%! It doesn’t “count” until 25 Feb final weigh but there is no excuse not to collect my winnings and be ready for the next month.

*Yes, I know our bodies aren’t optimally tuned machines but I’m silly enough to want my body to do what it does when I eat the same thing day in and day out.


11 days back OP

11 days tracking

10 days ( 8 work days) without m & ms although I badly wanted some when I was still at work at 9p yesterday and I had no Cheerios or snacks.

Yep, this is all day by day.

It’s Week 2 so I don’t have the w1 losses, but I’m not using that as an excuse to say “oh fuck it” as in “I’m not losing so I might as well not try”. Even the day that I fell into the bag of candy, I didn’t let it turn into days… and I tracked it.

I’m also fiddling with calories day by day. When I started Weight Watchers in March 2010 it was pre Points Plus and my point total a few months in, without using weeklies and/or APs, was about 1000 calories. I didn’t realize that at the time, and by the time I did I was set in my eating routine. According to LoseIt, I should be eating about 1300 calories a day. So I’m keeping a close tab on my numbers and seeing what works the best for me.

I just know for sure I’ll keep working it each day.I’m 82% of the way to my DietBet goal. I will do this.

One Week

and not BNL’s One Week which is in my head for some inexplicable reason.

I have officially tracked everything for one week. I can’t remember the last time I did that. I’ve tracked about one week with a day or two missing because I didn’t want to face it or some other excuse, but not this time. I really think my head is finally back in the right place to finish this.

and maybe it’s no coincidence that I’m down 6.2 this week. Hello water weight but I’ll take it.

Huge thanks to Britt, Jess and Robby for kicking my ass and lots of advice. <3 you.

And now? I tuck into this salad that is roughly the size of my head.

“Like Snickers, guaranteed to satisfy. Like Kurosawa, I make mad films, ok I don’t make films, but if I did, they’d have a Samurai”

eating out, weekends and sick, oh my

As I mentioned, eating out is a stressor for me. Has been since 2010 and honestly, probably always will be.
I didn’t bail on lunch Friday because I needed to get out. I used a strategy that a couple of friends mentioned and I’ve used in the past – pre plan. Well, sort of. I was all set that I wanted salmon which a) I love b) I can’t cook. But when we got the menu the only salmon they had on it was char-grill Salmon, organic beets, potatoes, saffron yogurt. The salmon is fine – the other three, not so much. So it was time to re-think and also keep in mind a price point because I was being treated and I hate over spending when someone else is paying. So I went with the crab cakes. Specifically: Jumbo lump, olive oil cured, blackeyed peas (95% Maryland fresh crab). It came with some deliciously spicy sauce that wasn’t on the menu. It was similar to a remoulade in texture so I used that for my tracking. I will not use not knowing what it is as an excuse not to track. It was good lunch with good friends and despite restaurant portions the soup salt bomb I had for dinner, I was still down .4 this morning. Win.

The aforementioned salt soup bomb? Yeah, that’s because I’m sick with my semi-annual cold. I have no voice and badly wanted the soother that is soup. However it was 9p when I got home and there is no good soup spot between my bus stop and apartment. The only thing I really miss about my old place is the diner on the corner. I could have had delivery but I wanted my soup and to go to bed so Progresso Italian Wedding it was. For canned soup it’s not terrible, but it’s also not as good as homemade soup. But it hit the spot. Didn’t use the cold as an excuse not to go to the gym and had a nice if not high intensity workout. Better than sitting on the couch – which its what I did after finishing errands & setting up my new humidifier. It is the little engine that could and I love it. Couldn’t believe how much drier this apartment is – such is the side effect of actually having working heat.

What do errands mean? Oh yeah, weekends. aka Saturdays spend running around so that I can watch football, or soon, baseball on Sundays. The biggest change from my 2010 loss – cannot stomach Subway. The bread literally makes me gag. Have no idea why but I’ve had it once in the last few months and it still happened, so that’s gone. I still haven’t found the perfect lunch, but I did have a good sandwich today that I could almost taste. The biggest challenge for me has been avoiding snacks. The m&ms sit next to my desk at work but they’ve become a personal challenge to avoid. I don’t keep sweets in the house, but sweets are always a temptation while running errands. Today I avoided the siren song of sour patch kids. So good, but so bad since I can’t have only a handful. They are my potato chips. Good eating so far today. Aforementioned sandwich, a brief stop at Fairway’s olive oil bar (tracked!) with a handful of chips and guacamole. Nice cup of cinnamon tea and will likely have a smoothie before bed.

Will be nicely under LoseIt’s weekly budget and on track for DietBet. Life is good