Celebrating two years of running with a book giveaway

I’m weird.

This is not news to those of you who know me.

I can be one of those people who needs to start a book series at book 1, or I can be a total free spirit-often in the same sentence. My inner wild child came out on Tuesday when I decided to celebrate my two-year running anniversary five days early. That isn’t the non-sequitur it appears,I’m celebrating my running anniversary with a book giveaway. See details below.

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We had a campaign in 2009 called 9 in ’09 tied in with a new book that was out. For some reason I remembered that and was planning a variation on that to mark 2019. January 1 dawned sunny and beautiful with temperatures in the mid 50s so I headed to Central Park. I actually missed the Park as I hadn’t run there since early December’s 15K as I was avoiding hills when I was actually running locally. It was so wonderfully crowded for January given the weather.

About two-three miles into the run, I was thinking about how I wanted to mark Sunday’s anniversary. I knew the weather wasn’t supposed to be as good and the odds of my going long on a treadmill aren’t always good. (Last year’s 7.77 on the treadmill is probably still a length record.) I wanted to go long to mark the growth in the last two years, so I began to think about just moving the anniversary run, while still running Sunday.

At about 45 minutes into the run I wondered if I had the focus to go two hours. It’s long but not that long compared to my 15K/10M times. Turtle Power! It was beautiful, and I thought I did. I also realized that while I’ve done 15Kish a few times solo, I’ve never done a double digit run outside a race. I had my goals.

When I finished one lap of Central Park just north of the Met where I always enter, I turned around and ran the direction I only run during the Women’s Mini. This had the benefit of not doing Cat Hill twice, which I thought was smart with niggling aches. And yes, the run down to the bottom of the park feels much longer than the distance I’d just run north.

checking in with Fred


At the bottom of the park, I turned onto the Bridle Path to give my feet a break. I realized the run would come in between ten and eleven miles depending on whether I ran all the way home or ended it in the Park. When I turned south at the top of the reservoir, I realized I knew my ending point: Lebow. And I knew what distance I’d finish on. Thanks to some cold, fat fingers I hit 2:00:20 instead of ’19 but it was a great run. The 12s don’t bother me, I was getting tired and didn’t fuel beyond coffee and cheerios before going out. But this run told me I’ll be able to finish Lebow, despite being undertrained, which I knew.

This was most definitely a celebration of all I’ve achieved since that day two years ago when I hadn’t run a step since high school and it took me 12m to run/walk .61 mile. As a colleague in our office run group frequently says, movement is a privilege.

I just stumbled on a collection of running routes on NYRR’s page and can’t wait to explore more of these.

In honor of my two-year running anniversary, I’m giving away a signed copy of one of the books about running I’ve enjoyed the most, Mark Atkinson’s Run Like Duck. To enter, leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner next Sunday. It was perfect timing how many of you had “read more” as a 2019 goal.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Weekly Wrap with Wendy and Holly: at 19.25 miles, a solid start to the year

  • Monday: oh hi weird Monday in the middle of the holidays, some attendant time off. I’ve really come to appreciate the value of a Monday workout setting the tone so amid some procrastinating, don’t wanna and other issues I finally dragged myself out for a mile and a half to close out 2018. I did not do the NYRR Midnight Run as it was pouring and nope. Never registered so this wasn’t a DNS.
  • Tuesday: the anniversary run detailed above, 10.32 miles
  • Wednesday: stretch and roll. My lower legs were a little sore from Tuesday’s run and the gym foam roller is bigger than mine. I also did a short kettlebell circuit and some planking. Alas, no plankie this time.
  • Thursday: office run group took December off due to schedules, vacation, and a soaking wet day. We returned in earnest the first Thursday in January and this run was harder than I expected. Definitely our slowest. I don’t think my legs were fully rested after Tuesday’s miles and while it was warm for December, it was dry and the lack of humidity made breathing harder. I so rarely run with others, that it’s not always easy to tell what a conversational pace is. I guess I could call this a tempo run? One of the many reasons I love this group is the pacing. I no doubt would have backed off left to my own devices, but after Cat Hill killed me as it always does, we rebounded with a mile that was a minute faster.
  • Friday: off. Stretch and roll at the gym
Nyack’s Resolution Run
  • Saturday: was supposed to be an off day with a day trip up to Albany but earlier this week Mom & Bob mentioned a fundraiser in Nyack. They were more interested in the hot cocoa bar, but oh twist my arm to go for a run before spending two hours in a car and then two and a half on a train coming back. I could get used to suburban runs. Get dropped off, sign waiver & wait inside church hall where it’s warm & dry (although capris and a windbreaker in January is nothing to complain about!). When I looked online Friday night there were 88 registered participants and I’d say about half of that turned up to run. The rain kept some away and others I think just wrote a check to support vs. planning to run. Net result, more cops watching the intersections than runners. We headed out of the church hall to the banner across a street and were off. Untimed and the road open but there really isn’t much traffic in this area especially not on a rainy January morning.
  • There was a lot of puddle hopping and moving between sidewalk and side of road but it was a fun run that was an out and back to the Hook. At the turnaround at about mile 2 (this race was billed at 3M, 4M, and 4K – Garmin eventually said 3.81) there was a water tent-I was so happy for the volunteers to have a tent as it was pouring down at this point. I got to talking to two people who had been just ahead of me who of course knew mom. Small town, for the win. We ran the last half together, which made it go a lot faster. Approaching two people is way easier than a group. I ducked into the church hall to get some paper towel to drip dry a little before heading out to meet mom and head to Albany. Whether I needed a shower before heading out was a valid question. This old Kohl’s windbreaker is what got me through Brooklyn and other than the top where I wasn’t fully zipped, my shirts were dry. My legs and feet on the other hand. Splish Splash! So fun though.
why do we do this? Oh yeah, that medal
  • Sunday: happy runniversary to me! Although the weather dawned much better than I expected, I decided to go with my plan of celebrating running by literally running errands. This was also assisted by a late start-I was tired after a busy couple of weeks. Most of the runs were untimed as there were lights and stops, but two important ones were timed:
January 6, 2019
  • Why that distance? It’s so random!
My first run, January 6, 2017
  • That .61 miles went just a little more quickly this time. I followed that up with a run commute home from the gym for twelve minutes. No Runkeeper photo since the GPS rounding had it off, but here’s one from Strava which is off but less so
Glow bug!
  • Yep, twelve minutes took me almost twice as far even without the enforced consistency of the treadmill. It’s impossible to tell, but the  base layer shirt is from 2017 Frozen Penguin, dig your roots!

Thank you, running, for introducing me to a stronger me. Here’s to the next two or twenty years and beyond.

2019 Spring Half Marathon Training Mileage:80.62

2019 Race Calendar:

as much for my own planning as anything else

GoTheDist 2018 closeout

all the data

I knew December was going to be tight. It was last year too. When I got home mid-day on New Years’ Eve after a weekend away, I entered my steps to realize I was a hair more than 12K away from 400K for December. What’s my daily step goal? 12K. So it’s a two year streak of 400K and a solid year.

Gym Visits: 8 in December, 38 for September-February Cycle

50 thoughts on “Celebrating two years of running with a book giveaway”

  • Amazing work my friend! Happy running anniversary!
    I cant wait for the day I visit America, on my bucket list is a run with you in central park!

    • that would be awesome. I wish I had been a runner when I was in Australia. Still love that you are so close to my favorite restaurant. xx

  • Happy running anniversary! I used to better at reading more myself. I did read 2 books while away over vacation though-does that count? I have not heard of your book but would be up for it!

  • Congrats on your runnning anniversary! Yes, running makes us stronger inside and out! I love what running has done for me. I was a voracious reader before running–in fact, even as a child, you’d always find me with my nose in a book! I hadn’t heard of this book so I’m in!

    • Oh yes! Our library had a summer reading game and a friend and I were always battling between top and runner up spots. Running is such a good habit – don’t know too many childhood readers who gave it up, and I know a lot of adults who find it hard to start. It’s a fun one, based on what you’ve reviewed, I think you’ll enjoy. Author is a hoot on twitter too – @montythemole

  • Happy “RUN”iversary! I wish I had written down the date of my first run – I would love to celebrate that milestone every year.

    You have some great races on your schedule for the winter! I was thinking of doing the Gridiron race again if I’m in town that weekend. I did it once and it was so much fun!

  • Happy Runniversary. And obviously as I told you about the book myself I won’t be entering but it is a great one and the author seems lovely himself and i hope the winner enjoys it!

    • Thank you!
      I’m still so glad you linked me to the Runners’ Bookshelf when I started running So many good new to me authors

  • Congrats on your runniversary! There’s no turning back now — you are a runner. 🙂 LOL on “running errands” that’s my least favorite type of running, but very necessary. You have some great event lined up for 2019 already.

    • Thanks! I see it as a faster version of my usual walking errands. It is, in some ways, more efficient too than weekend bus/train service. Basically a way to exercise and get some things done before my football couch date.

  • Happy blog-anniversary! How fun!

    Lots of fun events lined up for this year too- can’t wait to hear more!

    Thanks for the link to the running quotes too, perfect motivation before my upcoming marathon!

  • Running routes! I read that too quickly 🙂 BUT I will be in New York in the spring for work and will definitely look at some of these routes too 🙂

  • Congrats on your runaversary.

    You certainly had an interesting and busy week.

    I am reading Deena Kastor’s book now. I loved Run the world.

    I never heard of your book so I’d love to win it.

  • I have no freakin’ clue when, exactly, I started to run. I know I started a little when I was still living in Austin. And that’s almost 10 years ago.

    And I can’t believe you’ve never done a double digit run outside of a race! Wow. I do them all the time! Well, not all the time, but I’ve done many, many of them.

    • I’m so glad I decided to blog it — because there are other moments that I wish I knew when they were or how I felt.

      Yeah that somewhat surprised me too when I realized it. I think a lot of it had to do with being injured so much of January and February when I was training for/running my first two Halfs. I got back up to 15K ahead of Brooklyn Half, but never crossed ten. Not for a good reason either beyond I know the 15K loop really well.

  • Happy New Year! We had a Resolution Run, too, although it was sunny with tons of cold wind (or at least, cold for Florida). There was a huge turnout, because it was mostly perfect running weather.

    That’s awesome that you did that 10.32 without a race. Some of the double digit long runs can be hard without the extra motivation, but you got it done!

    Happy runniversary! So great to have you along in this awesome running community!

  • congratulations on your running anniversary! time flies and things change when you start to run, don’t you think? I’m coming up on 10 years though I don’t actually know the exact date I started C25K! well done on your 10.32 miles + all the other running. and hey, 0.61 is not so random, it’s a kilometer 🙂 Amazing step streak too by the way!!

    • ooh! I always wondered why I stopped at .61. I bet that was it to justify bailing before 15M when I thought I could do more than 10M. I’m normally a round numbers person so it was bugging me. Thank you for accidentally solving the mystery

  • Congrats on the two year running anniversary! I love what your co-worker said about movement. My sister says something very similar after several knee surgeries. Although running those massive races can be fun, small town races are my favorite. The logistics so easy. Thanks for linking!

    • Yes, I can see why they’d be a favorite. Just something so simple about it.
      We may not feel up to a run or choose not to for other life reasons, but it’s so wonderful to be able to go for a walk/run/ride if we’re in the mood

    • It came up out of a conversation about challenges around the subway station near our office. Is needing to cross the street annoying? Yes. But we’re lucky enough to be able bodied and the reason for the construction is to make it wheel chair accessible so it was absolutely a check your privilige moment. It then spread to the run group. It’s a a helpful frame.
      So glad to have met you

    • Oh yes. His are so good. Have you read his second one?
      And I love that your Rafflecopter worked way better than this attempt. LOL

    • I LOVE Shel Silverstein. Can still do some of his by heart
      Mrs. McTwitter the Babysitter

      “When the light turns green, you go. When the light turns red, you stop. But what do you do when the light turns blue and orange with lavender spots?”
      He was a legend

  • Happy running anniversary !!! Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory by Deena Kastor and Michelle Hamilton.

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